Tips To Help You Party When There’s Nowhere To Go Outside

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Many people around the world are self-isolating due to the outbreak of COVID-19; some voluntarily and others because the law binds them. Even for those willing and allowed to leave the house, many countries have forcibly shut down places like bars, clubs, and restaurants until the rise of the outbreak is curbed. For some, they may simply prefer staying at home to partying outdoors, whether at a venue or otherwise. 

Tips To Help You Party When There's Nowhere To Go Outside

Many of us find ourselves craving some good ol’ fashioned fun partying with our loved ones during these strange times. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Here are some tips & tricks to help you throw a party when leaving the house isn’t an option;

Start On A High Note!

How you welcome people into your home is a very important aspect that can be easily overlooked. Providing a warm, upbeat welcome is key to setting the atmosphere for your party. The good idea is to make sure you have taken care of all necessary preparations, then plant yourself close to the entrance(s) to be sure that you can personally greet people upon their arrival. 

As the host, it’s generally your responsibility to ensure that your guests feel welcome and even more so feel ready and eager to have a good time. This will surely help get your party started and hopefully carry the good vibes through to the end as well!

Make It Interesting! 

While the right crowd, right atmosphere, right food, and drink are bound to satisfy most party-goers, going the extra mile to make things interesting can help elevate your party to the next level!

If you’re willing to get crafty and creative, a good theme and some group activities can greatly enhance the fun-having atmosphere. This is especially the case for partying at home, where it usually lacks the lights, big crowds, and aesthetics of dedicated venues. The internet is flooded with easily accessible lists and walk-throughs for party themes and activities, start there and let your imagination go wild with the resources you have at your disposal. 

Make It Interesting!

Keep The Food and Drinks Flowing! 

Even if you’re having an absolute blast, thirst and hunger can always take over and alter your mood. The same obviously applies to your guests, it’s essential to ensure that you keep the food and drinks flowing! A good rule of thumb to follow is always over-prepared rather than finding yourself in desperate need of food and drink whilst your party is still going strong. 

While it’s normally quite easy to go grab more supplies if your party starts to run dry, this can be especially difficult if you are unable to leave the house or if physical stores are closed. Using these delivery services can usually ensure that you receive your much-needed food or drink right to your door, without the need to even leave the couch, let alone leaving the house!

Try Your Best To Accommodate Everybody! 

Keep The Food and Drinks Flowing!

As fun as any party may be, we are all different. Some may enjoy going strong all night long, whilst others may enjoy the option of chilling out for the majority of their time at a party. Some may prefer that music never stops, whilst others may really value some occasional peace. Try your best to utilize your space, a great way to ensure that everybody is comfortable at your party is by creating dedicated ‘zones’.

If you have a room where the music is pumping all night, try to provide a quieter area such as a garden or patio for example, where people can relax a little. You could also have a dedicated area for those willing to engage in group activities or games away from the main socializing space. If you are providing alcoholic drinks, be sure to also provide soft drinks for those who’d prefer to have some sober fun! 

Ultimately, don’t fret when it comes to satisfying all your party-goers. Ensuring that you’re comfortable will usually help all the others around you feel the same way. Your positive vibrations will be just as important as any other aspect of your party; you are after all, the host; all eyes are on you!

These are trying times, if you can responsibly party abiding by the rules, be sure to go for it and enjoy it to the fullest. As long as everything is done in accordance with all necessary precautions, good times are essential, especially when facing such a mentally daunting pandemic!

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