5 Tips For Perfectly Grilled Brats

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Brats or bratwurst is a famous sausage that originated from Germany. It’s one of the stars of the famous festival all over the world, The Oktoberfest, together with a big glass of beer. During this festival, locals and tourists enjoy the savory goodness of different kinds of sausages, grilled or fried, in the streets. 

5 Tips For Perfectly Grilled Brats

Here are other German sausages you’d like to know and try as well:

  • Weisswurst: Pronounced as vice-voorsht, which also means white sausage.
  • Leberwurst: From the Anglican term Leber, which means liver.
  • Teewurst: A sausage made with tea.
  • Knackwurst: A thick smoked sausage.
  • Blutwurst: A sausage made with cows or pork blood.

Bratwurst may mean two things, from the Old German term ‘Brat’ which means ‘chopped meat,’ and from the more contemporary verb ‘Braten’ which means ‘fried or grilled’ and ‘wurst,’ which means sausage. Although it means both, bratwursts are made with ground meat and are typically cooked by frying or grilling over a hot pan or flaming grill.

How Are Bratwurst Made?

Bratwurst may be the most well-known German sausage across the world. It is made with ground pork, ground veal, and sometimes beef. It is mixed with a blend of aromatic and flavorful spices such as marjoram, garlic, salt, white pepper, caraway seed, or lemon peel.

How To Grill Brats To Perfection?

Follow these simple tips and tricks, so you can enjoy your brats the way you want them.

  1. Buy From Your Local Butcher

Ditch the packaged and ultra-processed meat sausage from your favorite grocery and go to your local butcher’s shop instead. You’ll be able to distinguish the difference between the two. Locally handmade bratwurst is more delicious and aromatic compared to processed sausages in the supermarket. Also, you’ll be able to help your local butcher earn more while having great food.

If you can’t find seriously good sausages, visit gotzinger and other websites for more information about brats.

  1. Parboil Your Brats

Parboiling means pre-cooking your brats. In this way, your brats will be able to retain most of their flavorful juices during grilling. You may do so by using your stove or cast-iron pan in the grill. Then, place your brats on the pan and add a cold liquid but not completely submerge them. You may use chicken broth or water with bouillon for extra flavor. Lastly, slowly simmer the brats until the internal temperature reaches 150 degrees Fahrenheit using an instant-read thermometer.

  1. Sear Your Brats 

As you parboil your brats, prepare and heat the charcoal you’ll be using later for the grill. If your brats have reached the intended internal temperature, remove them from the simmering liquid. You may then put them on the direct heat side of the grill. This way you’ll be able to let your brats get their amazingly appetizing grill marks. Direct heat grilling will also give your brats a perfect and snapping taste. 

Furthermore, let your brats on the grill for not more than five minutes or until the grill marks are already set. You want to see a deep-brown finish and not a charred brat.

  1. Never Poke Holes On Your Brats

This is the step you should never do to your brats if you want to retain its magically flavorful juices and all the flavors in it. By poking holes on your brats, you are letting those great juices out, leaving your brats with less flavor intensity. Also, by letting all those juices out, you’ll be left with a sausage that is completely dry and overcooked inside. 

Indeed, you don’t want that to happen, so let your brats cook on the grill with minimal movements. Only move them if you need to flip them on the other side for an equal grill mark. Otherwise, just let them do their thing. 

  1. Cook Them Over Medium Heat

Another tip is to cook your brats over medium heat and not high heat. It’s because you want to avoid overcooking but rather keep them evenly cooked. If you cook them direct heat over a high temperature, you’ll likely get a sausage cooked on the outside and raw on the inside. 

With medium-heat cooking, you allow your brats to cook slowly until all parts of it, especially the insides, are perfectly and thoroughly cooked. Also, medium heat allows you to caramelize the sausage for an extra flavor profile, resulting in seriously good brats.

Final Words

Sausages like brats are one of the everyday household food staples you’ll mostly find on everyone’s fridge. They’re easy to cook and prepare, thus they’re perfect if you crave late-night snacks and a movie marathon. If you want to have an out-of-this-world sausage experience, be sure to follow these tips. Also, don’t forget to pair them with sauerkraut, your favorite condiments, and of course a tall glass of beer.

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