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Tips For Choosing The Right Wine Dispenser

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Whether you drink it alone or with your loved ones, there’s no denying wine is incredible. However, these expensive drinks can be hard to store as they can easily be ruined with just a little air exposure. And with its price, it sure is frustrating to dump them out once they lose their flavor. But, fret not as wine dispensers can help you store them better and longer.

glasses of wine

For starters, wine dispensers are made to preserve and serve wines. They help keep wines’ flavor for a longer period, so you won’t need to worry about dumping your wines after exposure to air.

However, the market is filled with so many wine dispensers, making it hard for any first-timer to choose. If you’re one who’s also lost in finding the right wine dispenser, here are some tips.

1) Cost

One of the first things you should take a look at is a wine dispenser’s cost, especially if you’re on a limited budget. Wine dispensers come with various features and their price depends on them too.

So, before you make a decision, see if a wine dispenser’s cost is suited for your budget. Make sure that you also compare prices and check as many shops as you can to find the best deals for your needs. This will help you not to regret your choices after and will help you save more money.

2) Features

Wine dispensers aren’t all created equal. According to wine connoisseurs from Wine Emotion, they don’t just come in various sizes and colors but also each of them in the market has different features to cater to different needs and lifestyles.

Some come with automatic pouring features that will make sure that you get the right amount of wine per serving. Others, on the other hand, come with an integrated refrigeration system, some dispense wine through taps, and more.

Each feature will benefit you depending on your needs and lifestyle. Thus, one of the things you need to do first when shopping for a wine dispenser is to take a closer look at its features.

However, do note that some features may affect a wine dispenser’s price, making it more expensive. Even so, if they make it more convenient for you, then it surely is worth its price.

3) Lifestyle

When buying a wine dispenser, don’t forget to think of how you will use it too. This is because wine dispensers come in different types. Some can only fill a glass one a time, others can fill four, and some can fill five glasses at a time.

So, if you’re the type of person who always drinks wine alone, then, a single-bottle wine dispenser will do. But, if you often throw parties and gatherings in your home or if you plan to use it in your restaurant, a multi-bottle system suits you better, so you can easily accommodate multiple guests at a time.

But then again, they can affect their price too. And if you buy the wrong size or features for your needs, you’re likely to pay more for more than what you need.

4) Location

Believe it or not, but you might also need to consider your location too. This is because wines require a certain temperature to preserve their aroma and flavor. The general rule of thumb is to keep wines stored between 52 and 57°F.

And if you live somewhere too hot for storing wines, the weather might affect your wines if not stored properly. Thus, you need something that will help you store your wines at the right temperature while letting you enjoy other features instead of relying solely on your fridge to do the work.

5) Reviews

Of course, no matter what device or item you’re shopping for, never forget to see what others have to say too. This will help you decide better as you’ll be able to see if the brand is true to its promise and if it lasts long, especially when used frequently.

Seeing feedback on the wine dispenser you’re eyeing will also help you see how well it performs compared to other brands, plus get a closer look at their features, thanks to those who have tried it. While doing this might take some time, this will save you from purchases you will eventually regret.

Wines are unparalleled. But, they easily lose their flavor when stored incorrectly. To make sure that they stay fresh even after opening, the right wine dispenser will make a huge difference in storing your wine.

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