Tim Hortons Releases New Irish Cream Iced Latte

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Tim Hortons is heaven-on-earth for all coffee lovers! With several food brands offering deals in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Tim Hortons decided to do the exact same thing!

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has already released its St. Patrick’s Day themed donuts. They’re now offering their customers special St. Patrick’s Day themed drinks to sip on while chomping on some donuts.

Several food brands released “Irish cream” drinks for St. Patrick’s day. Hopping onto the trend, Tim Hortons released the new Irish Cream Iced Latte, along with putting Irish Cream Cold Brew with Cold Foam back on the menu for St. Patrick’s Day.

Tim Hortons’ Irish Cream Cold Brew with Cold Foam came out in 2021. In an advertisement, it was described as “cold foam perfection.” The drink contains Tim Hortons’ Irish cream syrup mixed in cold brew coffee. It is topped off with cold foam.

This year’s Irish Cream Iced Latte by Tim Hortons is made using the same Irish syrup but in a latte form instead of a cold brew. You can either get it made hot or cold, as per your needs.

Although these are limited-time offer drinks, they will be available for customers to buy and enjoy even after St. Patrick’s Day is over. The drinks are here to stay on the menu till June 5, 2022.

So grab your car keys and head to your nearest Tim Hortons to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day delight!

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