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TikTok User Reports Link Between Regular Drinking And Brain Shrinkage

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TikTok has literally taught us so much more than school ever could, and we’re here for it! From kitchen hacks to daily news, the videos cover many topics from various categories. 


Not only that but several doctors and practitioners have their accounts made on TikTok. They post videos about what they know, have researched, or specialize in.

Recently, a certain doctor, Dr. Dawn Bantel, posted a TikTok regarding the effects that alcohol has on people’s brains. He did a study about the same, published in Nature magazine.

Alcohol does less good and more harm. It deteriorates the condition of several of your organs like the heart, the pancreas, and majorly the liver over a long period. 

Keeping in mind the same, Dr. Bantel, in his TikTok, shared that alcohol consumption can lead to the shrinkage of your brain. His study reports that people who consume a small amount of alcohol regularly are more prone to brain shrinkage.

But how much alcohol is considered to be a small amount? Well, regularly, this small amount would be considered as one drink per day or seven drinks per week.

This isn’t the first time brain shrinkage has been linked to alcohol consumption. It has been done in the past, but the cause has often been rounded up to heavy drinking and not drinking in small amounts regularly. 

An Oxford study done from 1985 to 2017 reported that people consuming four or more drinks daily suffered from six times more brain shrinkage in the areas that handle memory and reasoning. This was in comparison to people who don’t drink at all.

The comment section of the video posted by Dr. Bantel consisted of people questioning whether seven drinks per week is a small amount or not. The Portland Clinic reports the data for the same.

The Portland Clinic says that seven drinks or more per week are between the moderate and heavy drinking range for females, whereas 14 drinks per week for males.

Many TikTok users were left disappointed, surprised, and unhappy after knowing about Dr. Bantel’s study. Some people said they’d continue with the amount they drink regularly, while others thanked Dr. Bantel for sharing his study with them.

One user even commented, “This is good timing because I’ve been trying to quit and needed some more motivation.” We wish this user and anybody who’s on the journey to lose their alcohol addiction, good luck!

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