Three New Whopper Melt Sandwich Additions To The Burger King’s Menu

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Burger King has just added three new sandwiches to its menu, and we’re absolutely here for it! Their promise to take the menu up a notch is thoroughly being kept. So, what’s new with Burger King and its menu?

Burger King Whopper Melt

In recent developments, Burger King took several of its menu items off the menu. With this heartbreaking news came an exciting one. Burger King is now all set to jazz up its menu with several new and upgraded additions.

Customers can now expect a more creative and refreshing menu with the whopper being its main focus. Building upon those expectations, Burger King released three new sandwiches, or as I like to call it, “the three musketeers”.

These three sandwiches are to be released under the lineup of the “Whopper Melt” sandwiches. These sandwiches are Burger King’s twist on their OG Whopper burger.

The “Whopper Melts” are hand-sized sandwiches served on nicely toasted bread and are more compact than the original Whopper. Each one of these comes at a price of just $4.29 and is served with “flame-grilled beef patties” from Burger King.

These three sandwiches in the “Whopper Melts” lineup are namely – the Whopper Melt, the Spicy Whopper Melt, and the Bacon Whopper Melt. All of these sandwiches are served with two Whopper Jr. Patties layered on top of each other along with melted American cheese, caramelized onions, and Stacker sauce.

What makes the “Spicy Whopper Melt” special is the addition of jalapeños and creamy, spicy sauce. The “Bacon Whopper Melt” also differs from the other two because of the addition of crispy bacon.

According to a press release made by Burger King, the all-new “Whopper Melts” are “a new way to Whopper”. They further added that the introduction of these new sandwiches are just a few initial steps to a whole new and a better menu of Burger King. 

To promote these new sandwiches, Burger King is offering the new mighty “Whopper Melts” in a combo meal at the price of only $6 to its Royal Members. These sandwiches will also be accessible via or the Burger King mobile app from March 10.

Burger King has taken their new year’s resolution seriously. Their “new year, new me” is proving to be beneficial to not only them but the customers as well. So, grab your car keys and go grab the all-new “Whopper Melt” from your nearest Burger King location!

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