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6 Things That Shouldn’t Put In Your Air Fryer

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People sometimes do things on auto-pilot due to exhaustion, laziness, or lack of experience. Using household appliances requires careful handling since even those that seem the least complicated can become dangerous. Some things don’t go together, like metal and microwaves, because they can become hazardous. You might have an air fryer lying around your house, which you might use now and then without knowing that certain things should never be put inside it. 

Things to not put in air fryer

1. Paper and Other Flammables

They are used to clean up spills, wipe off surfaces, and blot grease from stovetops. However, when it comes to putting paper towels in the air fryer, the answer is no! Paper towels absorb oil which can cause them to catch fire. It’s best not to put paper towels in the air fryer at all. It can either dry out the food you are preparing or (worst-case scenario) cause a small ignition that can be a potential fire hazard if unattended.

2. Clothing and Other Fabric Items

Air fryers have a temperature of around 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit, so any clothing or fabric will catch on fire if placed inside the machine. The movement from the air within the machine can cause fabric items to lash out and cause a flame. That’s why it’s best not to put any clothing or fabric inside the air fryer. Someone can get hurt if a piece of fabric lashes out and burns them, so we advise you to be careful and pay close attention so that no one gets hurt while using your new air fryer.

3. Loose Coins

It is rare for a quarter to end up in one. However, there are those unlikely situations people make really bad decisions. Drunk cooking or doing anything under the influence of alcohol or other substances is not a good idea. Not only does it affect your judgment, but the simple movement of the air fryer could cause loose change or any other metal to lash out and hit you. It’s best not to put anything in your air fryer that may harm you if something were to go wrong, so we recommend leaving most things with a metallic surface out of your air fryer.

4. Frozen Items

Putting frozen items right into the air fryer isn’t a good idea because it could pose a fire hazard. Frozen foods can be extremely dangerous if you decide to place them inside an air fryer and they begin to thaw and melt within the machine. Using water from a frozen item can cause the air fryer to malfunction, and if it leaks out, there will be electrical currents running throughout the machine. This could cause a fire or electrocution once an electrical current is exposed to water. Because of this, make sure to check you only put the frozen food without the ice in the fryer. Adding just the ingredients will prepare any frozen food better, as it will be steemed from the melted water and still fried with the hot air.

5. Food Batter

Ranny, or any batter that has more liquid to it, like waffle batter or pancake mix, poses a threat when placed inside an air fryer. If these items are exposed to the high heat of the machine, they will begin to rise and overflow out of whatever container you may have put them in. This can cause burns if someone puts their hands on the edges of the container and also cause other objects to get burned. Any batter that was not previously fried and then frozen will lose its shape, make a mess, and probably go ways you don’t want them to go.

6. Never Put Too Many Items Together

Just as you wouldn’t load a backpack with too much weight on one side, it’s best to distribute the weight of your food evenly in an air fryer. The machine needs to rotate all around the food so that every single piece gets cooked perfectly. If any pieces have too much weight or are just not balanced enough, they will not get fried properly and might burn instead. This is why people need to make sure their foods are well-balanced before putting them inside an air fryer, so nothing burns or, even worse, catches fire.

Many people don’t realize about air frying how quickly things can go wrong if they’re not careful enough. It’s important always to keep your air fryer away from any children and only use the machine when you’re around. Never leave it unattended because while we’ve heard of no cases where someone has been seriously injured, there is always that possibility that something could happen if people aren’t careful enough. 

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