12 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Chef

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Do you want to build a dizzying career as a chef and become famous around the world? There’s no doubt that all talented chefs are different in the multifaceted world of cooking in one way or another. But at the same time, they share similar traits that help them gain a foothold and grow in the profession by perfecting their skills.

12 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Chef (1)

Working as a cook requires a serious level of knowledge, stamina, and concentration. So you should not assume that mastering this profession and working in the specialty will be easy. However, if a beginner is not intimidated by the basic requirements for representatives of this profession, it is worth learning because this craft is always in high demand.

Since this is a highly competitive environment, you must be aware of some of the nuances in the chef profession to achieve recognition in an uphill battle.

1. You Will Always Work Long Hours, Regardless Of Your Line Of Work

When you first start working, you often don’t get home until midnight or even later. If you think that something will change dramatically – leave these dreams. Whether you’re just a casual chef, a brand chef, or a restaurant owner, you’ll still be working long hours. The kitchen requires a lot of effort, patience, and knowledge and a lot of time!

2. You Will Never Finish Studying

Like other industries, cooking is constantly evolving. And whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, your knowledge base needs to be constantly updated. Cooking methods are constantly changing, so you’ll always be learning new techniques. Develop yourself and you’ll be happy!

3. Your Career Goals Will Be Constantly Changing

Everyone has their goal with which they go into the kitchen. For some, it’s money; for others, it’s a pleasure. And some dream of opening their own restaurant and are eager to learn this whole kitchen from the inside. Maybe once you get started, your goals will change. You will change your mind about opening your own restaurant, or conversely, after coming into the kitchen just for fun, you will realize that you want more. A chef’s ambitions are in flux, so you need to strike some kind of balance, find your strengths, and use them to your advantage.

4. Sick Days And Weekends Will Be An Area Of Fantasy For You

Especially in the beginning. Know that even if you are sick – no one will cancel your working weekdays. Unless you have something really serious.

5. Satisfy The Wishes Of Visitors, But Have Your Own Personality

If the client expresses dissatisfaction about the preparation of any dish, the chef should always fix it. But don’t rely on customers’ tastes all the time. Form your menu yourself, taking into account visitors’ wishes, but do not lose your personality. Otherwise, how will your restaurant differ from the usual eateries, which dictate their menus according to people’s desires? That’s your job – to introduce something new and to surprise.

6. Most People Underestimate The Whole Process Of Preparing A Meal

You cook all day long, but people don’t consider that you spend many more hours getting everything ready for tomorrow. Surely most people think it’s so easy to get something ready; it’s a five-minute affair. Yes, five minutes of work and a few hours of preparation.

7. You May Have Ambitious Goals That Don’t Include Wanting To Be A Chef

Many people want to become a chef. But most want to become just the person, with no desire to do the chef job. If you fall into this category – then television is more suited for you.

8. People Assume That Your Life Is Like The Chefs They See On TV

The lives of TV chefs are drastically different from those of restaurant chefs. There, everything is embellished and prepared. Television portrays this as a pretty intense job, but it’s not. This is very hard work, which requires a good appearance and culinary skills and a lot of patience and unreal speed.

9. The Kitchen Is A Place For Men

No matter how you look at it, the kitchen is still dominated by men. There are very few female chefs because it is a very difficult job, requiring good physical and mental preparation. Not all women can withstand the nerves. Sometimes even men go crazy. So if you are a woman working in the kitchen, then you deserve boundless respect.

10. Personal Life Fades Into The Background

If you have a significant half, he or she must have angelic patience and incredible understanding. Most cooks are so wrapped up in their work that they have no time at all for their personal life. It’s a pretty selfish industry. You have to remember that even having a family should not interfere with your work.

11. You Will Have Very Little Free Time

Appreciate every minute of your free time, because there won’t be much of it. Going for a walk around town and having a cup of coffee will be a luxury for you. But that’s the beauty of it.

12. Being A Good Chef Is About Much More Than Just Cooking

It’s about menu creation, staffing, constant development, and the culinary arts innovations promise us. You have to be a cook and a creator, a logician, a psychologist, and even a chemist. The versatility of this profession simply has no boundaries. So when you choose a kitchen, you choose a whole world to explore and conquer.

Summing Up

So, any entrant can try to realize his potential in cooking. This specialty has always been and will always be in demand. It is worth understanding that all chefs must periodically take refresher courses for and improve their work.

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