A List Of 4 Things Every Cook Should Have in Their Kitchen

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Every cook should know all the tools in the kitchen and how to use them. That means they should know what every kitchen needs. But what are the things that every cook should have in their kitchen?

These should be beside the stove, which is crucial to the kitchen as much as they cook. Cooking is an art and requires a bit of finesse to do well. And some of these things are what make the kitchen run smoothly for the cook. 

Here are the four must-haves in the kitchen for any cook:

1. Chef Knives

The first thing you need in the kitchen as a cook is knives. Knives play various roles in the kitchen, with the obvious one being cutting. For example, you can use knives to cut vegetables and meat. 

Knives are also handy when it comes to slicing herbs and slicing pieces of bread. Some other knives are used for cleaving meat bones. The cook will need to first understand the type of knives in the kitchen before using any. 

And they need to have a whole host of variety when it comes to knives. One knife that can’t be missed in any kitchen is the chef knife. This one can be used for a wide array of tasks in the kitchen. 

For the chef knife, it can be around 6 -14 inches and used for

  • Dicing veggies
  • Chopping nuts
  • Disjointing cuts
  • Meat cutting
  • Slicing herbs

2. Cookware

Any cook will tell you that the right cookware can determine the food’s taste. That’s why most of them choose to use ceramic cookware over any other. Liferejoice has written a great guide about the best non-stick pans without teflon, you should definitely check it out. However, when it comes to these, there are some choices from which you can choose.

Today, several non-stick pans can be found in the market. But not all are quality when it comes to cooking. For example, when you pick a non-stick with Teflon, you may lose the plot. 

Any cook who looks for the right cookware considers the following first

  • Coating

When cooking, you need to be able to flip something like a pancake quite quickly. This can only happen if the pan has an effective coating. It will also allow you to use less oil.

  • Longevity

Every cook wants a pan they can use for a long time. With the right non-stick, it will last longer than the standard pans. 

  • Ease of use

When it comes to cleaning, a non-stick is easy to clean and hence easy to use. It also should be one that can easily carry all ingredients. 

3. Measuring Cups and Spoons

When cooking, at some point, you may have gone overboard on sugar or any other ingredient. In addition, you may have rued not having the suitable measuring material. That’s why cooks do not miss measuring cups and spoons in their kitchen. 

When it comes to getting the measuring cups and spoons, you may be conflicted between getting plastic ones or steel. Therefore, you need to take into consideration a few things before making that purchase. 

First, steel will last longer than plastic ones. The plastic ones tend to bend in the drawers. The steel ones come expensive but can provide better value for money than the plastic ones. 

Cutting Board

4. Cutting Board

There are several uses for a chopping board in the kitchen – most of it is about cutting. It isn’t about getting any board for kitchen use. For a cook, they will look at something that gives value. It should be top-notch and one that doesn’t break easily. 

Most cutting boards today are full of plastic and fall apart easily, making them unsafe for the kitchen. Instead, you can go for a bamboo cutting board for the ultimate cutting experience. 

What you’re looking for, in this case, is an organic board. It can also come in as unique craftsmanship. It should be safe and also look good in the kitchen. The board should also be easy to clean. 

When a board isn’t easily cleanable, it can put out a smell from the previous chops. So a cook will always go for a board that can easily wash with soap and water. 

  • After washing, apply mineral oil before the subsequent use. 

A kitchen can miss several things, but there are bound to be some mistakes when they miss the above items. Any cook that wants good food coming out of their kitchen should have all four of the above items in the kitchen at all times. They provide safety and can almost assure good food from the kitchen. 

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