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The Pancake Parlour is an Australian family-owned pancake restaurant chain which serves myriad types of pancake with locations in Victoria. The first Pancake restaurant was opened in Adelaide on 15th May 1965 and at that time the name of the restaurant was ‘The Pancake Kitchen’ and now the name of this restaurant is ‘The Original Pancake Kitchen’.

It is famous for its Pancakes and they have many more options also, are you looking for a place to go with your family and you end up with going to Pancake Parlour then you’ve come to the right place to know about the Pancake Parlour menu prices.

So in this article, I will take you the Pancake Parlour menu. And apart from the menu, I will also tell you the franchising details, contact information and nutritional breakdown of every item on the Pancake Parlour menu.

The Pancake Parlour Menu Prices

Pancake Parlour menu

In Pancake Parlour menu, you will find different types of pancakes but instead of pancake’s, you will find fish, chicken, salads and savoury crepes as well as a variety of breakfast dishes.

Their Pancakes come in dozens of flavours. This includes Alice’s Wonderland Surprise, Blueberry Pancake with Bacon and Eggs, The Bishop’s Bacon and Egg, and many more things.

The Pancake Parlour menu prices are also very much reasonable as their cupcakes cost between $5 and $25. So let’s check out the Pancake Parlour Menu Prices.

Breakfast Menu

Traditional Bacon and Eggs$18.9
Eggs Benedict$19.9
Blueberry Pancake with Bacon and Eggs$17.9
Farmers Breakfast$18.5
The Vegetarian Breakfast$18.95
Country Breakfast$21.9
Eggs Florentine$19.9
Vegan Moroccan Plantcrepe$19.9
Cheese Kransky & Eggs$19.9
French Toast Pancake$17.9
Design Your Own Breakfast$13.5


Two Free-range Eggs$5.8
2 Whole Rashers of Bacon$6.5
A Cheese Kransky$5
Grilled Banana$4
House-made Hash Browns$5.9
Grilled Tomato$2.9
Garlic-buttered Mushrooms$4.9
Warm House-made Hollandaise$4
Pure Organic Maple Syrup$5.8
Sautéed Spinach$4
Sour Cream$3.5

Kids Menu


The Cheshire Cat’s Chicken Tenders$10.90
The King’s Fish and Chips$10.90
The Bishop’s Bacon and Egg$10.90


Banana-Berry Kick + With house-made hot chocolate fudge. $12.90
Strawberry Duchess$12.90
Alice’s Wonderland Surprise$10.90
Caterpillar’s Plantcrepe$10.90

Light Bite

Kid’s Fries $5.5
Kid’s Fries + Add sour cream$7.5
Kid’s Fries + Add cheese$8.5
The Ball$4.9


Apple or Pineapple Juice$4.90
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice$5.9
Kids Iced Chocolate$4.5
Kids Milk$3.8
Fizzy Drinks$3.8
Rocky Mountain Malt$7.5
Unicorn Shake$6.9
Creamy Ice-Cream Soda$6.9


Fresh Strawberries$11.90
Bavarian Apple$11.90
Tiramisu Pancakes$11.90
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$11.90
Jamaican Banana$11.90
Hot Buttered Walnuts$11.90
Lemon Berry Pancakes$11.90
Raspberry and Rhubarb$11.90
Salted Caramel Crunch$11.90

Plus, add a NEW T2 tea for 4.5 hot and 5.5 chilled when paired with any hotcake choice.

Vegan Menu

Lemon & Sugar Plantcakes$17.5
Chocnana Crunch Plantcakes$21.9
Fresh Strawberries Plantcakes$21.9
Bavarian Apple Plantcakes$21.9
Jamaican Banana Plantcakes$21.9
Blueberry Plantcakes$21.9


Superfood Salary$18.9
Vegan Cottage Fries Share$14.9
Vegan Cottage Fries Side$7.9
Moroccan Plantcakes$20.9
Cheese and Potato Plantcakes$25.9

You can add extra toppings which lies between $3 to $5.


Berry Power Smoothie$9.5
Super Green Power Smoothie$9.5
Swiss Mountain Malt$11.2
Nice Cream Soda$7.5 / 9.5

Low Gluten Breakfast

Traditional Bacon and Eggs$20.9 
Farmers Breakfast (till 5 pm)$20.9
Eggs Benedict (till 5 pm)$21.9
The Vegetarian Breakfast (veg)$20.9
Blueberry Pancake with Bacon & Eggs$19.9
Country Breakfast$23.9
Eggs Florentine (till 5 pm)$21.9

Low Gluten Savoury

Cottage Fries Side $7.9
Cottage Fries Share$13.9
Deluxe Fries$18.9
Cheese Kransky$21.9
Cheese & Potato Pancake$25.9
Mediterranean Cheese Pancake$28.9

Pancakes Stacks

Short Stack$15.5
Regular Stack$18.5

You can add extra toppings which lies between $2 to $6.

Low Gluten Sweet

Fresh Strawberries$21.9
Bavarian Apple$21.9
Jamaican Banana$21.9
Salted Caramel Crunch$21.9
Alice’s Wonderland Surprise$19.9
Original Lemon & Sugar$17.5
Lemon Berry$21.9
The IT$21.9

Meal Choice

Traditional Bacon and Eggs$17.50
Spinach and Feta Crepe$17.50
Barramundi with Salad$17.50
Barramundi with Fries$17.50
Tabriz Crepe$17.50
Deluxe Fries$17.50
Moroccan Plantcrepe (VG)$17.50
Cheese and Potato Pancake$17.50
Mexican Chicken Crepe$17.50
Mexican Beef Crepe$17.50
Alice’s Wonderland Surprise$17.50
Salted Caramel Crunch$17.50

Ice Cream Parlour

The Hot Ball$13.5
Hot Fudge Sundae$15.9
Banana Split$17.9

Bar Menu

Sparkling Wine

Louis Perdrier Brut Piccolo (200ml)$13.5

White Wine

Toorak Estate Semillon / Sauv Blanc$8.5 150ml | $33 750m
Collavini Pinot Grigio$10 150ml | $ 45 750ml
Upside Down Sauv Blanc$8.9 150ml |$ 38 750ml
Sticks Chardonnay$9.5 150ml |$ 40 750ml
Angove Long Row Moscato (Sweet)$8.9 150ml |$ 10 187ml | $38 750ml
McGuigan Black Label Sauvignon Blanc$10 187ml

Red Wine

Rothbury Estate Shiraz/Cab$8.5 150ml |$33 750ml
Reschke Bull Trader Shiraz$9.5 150ml |$ 40 750ml
Wynns The Gable Cab Sav$9.5 150ml | $40 750ml
Sticks Pinot Noir$9.5 150ml | $40 750ml
Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon$10 187ml
Mount Langi Shiraz$11 187ml


Little Creatures Bright Ale$9.9
Cascade Light$8.6
Victoria Bitter$8.9
Pure Blonde$8.9
Crown Lager$9.9
Mountain Goat Organic$9.9

Cider and Ginger Beer

Ginger Kid Ginger Beer330ml $9.9
Rekorderlig Passionfruit500ml $15.6
Rekorderlig Strawberry500ml $15.6
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime330ml $9.9


Long Island Iced Tea$16.9
Raging Red Bull$16.9
Strawberry & Basil Mojito$16.9
Tropical Breeze$16.9
Pina Colada$16.9
Jim Beam Maple Liqueur Mountain Malt$16.9


Caesar Salad$17.9
Cajun Chicken Salad$24.9
Superfood Salad$18.9

The Pancake Parlour Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional facts of The Pancake Parlour menu. Click on the link, I’ve mentioned above.

The Pancake Parlour Franchising Information

Pancake Parlour franchise

It is a family-owned business and no one from outside can buy the franchise right now, maybe after some time they will think of this and at that time I will let you know about this.

Right now The Pancake Parlour has 11 stores in Australia and this brand does not have any franchise outside the Australia.

The Pancake Parlour Contact Information

The Pancake Parlour Head Office Address: 152 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, 3000

The Pancake Parlour Head Office Phone Number: +61 3 9663 4511

You can also contact the team of The Pancake Parlour by using the contact form on the website.

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