The Flame Broiler Menu and Prices

The Flame Broiler Menu and Prices

The Flame Broiler is a fast food eatery promoted as a sound sustenance and speedy specialist co-op. As you could envision, The Flame Broiler menu prices are somewhat higher, which is typically the normal trademark among the more advantageous fast food eateries. Try ‘The Flame Broiler location near me’ to taste Flame Broiler special.

The eatery’s fundamental offerings incorporate dishes which are either veggie or have meats in it, for example, hamburger or chicken. Dishes comprise of your decision of meat poured over white or dark colored rice, and steamed veggies. Notwithstanding bowls, they additionally offer plates which are comparative with the exception of they incorporate products of the soil as an afterthought.

The following are the most recent Flame Broiler menu prices.


The Flame Broiler Bowls

Chicken White Meat Substitute for $1.25

Chicken Bowl $6.65
Angus Beef Bowl $7.65
Chicken Veggie Bowl $6.65
Angus Beef Veggie Bowl $7.65
Half & Half Bowl $7.25
The Works Bowl $7.25

The Flame Broiler Plates

Chicken Plate $8.50
Chicken Plate (White Meat) $10.40
Angus Beef Plate $9.95
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate $9.50
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate (White Meat) $10.75
Angus Rib Plate $10.50
The Works Plate $9.50
The Works Plate (White Meat) $10.75

The Flame Broiler Mini Bowls

Chicken Mini Bowl $5.05
Beef Mini Bowl $5.50
Half & Half Mini Bowl $5.25

The Flame Broiler Extras

Only One Extra per Bowl or Plate

Extra Angus Rib $4.00
Extra Chicken $2.75
Extra Angus Beef $3.25
Extra White Meat Chicken $3.25

The Flame Broiler Sides

Side Angus Rib $4.75
Side Angus Beef $4.85
Side Chicken $4.00
Side White Meat Chicken $4.50
Side Rice (White or Brown) $3.45
Side Veggies $3.45

The Flame Broiler Beverages

Fountain Drink Regular $1.85
Fountain Drink Large $2.10
Water Bottle $1.50

The Flame Broiler was established in 1995 by Young Lee, who saw that there were very few solid fast food decisions and the eateries were not all that simple to discover. Today, the organization has more than 170 areas in the United States.

In spite of the fact that you may be utilized to fast food, you most likely have not attempted The Flame Broiler yet. That is on account of the eatery isn’t that outstanding yet, be that as it may, it is developing at a fast pace.

Their nourishment offerings are easy to comprehend and simple to eat. Rice, meats, and steamed veggies is about all you get from that point. They have some extra choices, however you won’t locate an unpredictable menu here. The Flame Broiler menu prices are somewhat higher than you may will to pay, however a great many people believe it’s well justified, despite all the trouble, so you should try it out.

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