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Are you a coffee lover and looking for a coffee cafe which serves the best coffee with some eatables? Now you are at my blog where I will tell you the name of the cafe and the name is The Coffee Club?

In the coming lines, I will provide you with information regarding The Coffee Club menu prices, contact information, franchise details, and nutritional breakdown of the items present on The Coffee Club menu. Apart from this, let’s see the history first so that we will come to know how it is started.

The Coffee Club is an Australian based coffee chain that was founded by the duo of friends names Emmanuel Kokoris and Emmanuel when both the friends failed in search of a late-night cup of coffee. Due to this unsuccessful attempt, they both decided to open their own coffee chain and they named it The Coffee Club.

They both opened their first coffee store in Brisbane on 2 November 1989. And since then, the brand has managed to expand in more than 10 counties with over 420 coffee shops.

The Coffee Club Menu Prices

The Coffee Club menu

As you can guess from the name, The Coffee Club Menu is popular for its variety of hot and cold coffee drink. Besides coffee drinks, you will also find smoothies, frappes, iced tea, milkshakes and many other drinks on The Coffee Club menu.

But if you are not in the mood of having any drink, then you can order from their breakfast section that includes Eggs, Bacon, Brunch Bowls, Omelette Bar, Pancakes and many other items.

During the lunchtime, you will get Bacon Strips, Burgers, Sandwiches, Nachos, Salads, and there is also separate kids category on The Coffee Club menu as well. Most of the people love to The Coffee Club because they are open at mid-night also.

The Coffee Club is the only restaurant with the concept of full table service c with expanded menus and their staff is more likely college students and are very gentle and humble. The infrastructure of their cafes are very unique which will attract you to sit there.

The Coffee Club Menu Prices are comparable to other coffee shops as well. Most of their prices lie between $1 to $20. So, without waiting more, let’s check the latest menu prices of The Coffee Club.

Fruit Smoothies

Chocolate & Banana w/ Almond milk$6.50$7.50
Mixed Berry & Chia Seeds w/ Greek yoghurt, banana$6.50$7.50
Mango, Passionfruit & Banana w/ Greek yogurt$6.50$7.50

Handcrafted Sodas

Yuzu Citrus$5.50$6.50
Strawberry & Peach$5.50$6.50
Mango & Passionfruit$5.50$6.50

Fruit Frappes

Strawberry Lemonade$5.90$6.90
Juice (Orange, apple, pineapple)$5.90$6.90

Bottled Drinks

Still Spring Water$3.50
Sparkling Water$4.20
Soft Drinks$4.20
Bundaberg Ginger Beer$4.90
Bundaberg Lemon, Lime & Bitters$4.90

Iced Teas

Lemon & Lime$4.20$5.20
Peach & Lemon$4.20$5.20

Bottled Drinks

Still Spring Water$3.50
Mount Franklin Sparkling Water (Natural, lemon, lime)$4.20
Soft Drinks$4.20
Ginger Beer$4.20
Lemon, Lime & Bitters$5.00

Hot Coffee

Long Black$4.00
Flat White$4.20

Cold Coffee On Ice

Iced Latte$5.50$6.50
Iced French Vanilla Latte$5.50$6.50
Iced Caramel Latte$5.50$6.50
Iced Dirty Chai$5.50$6.50
Iced Long Black$5.50$6.50

Hot Drinks

Belgian Style Hot Chocolate$4.50
Chai Latte$4.50
Dirty Chai$5.00
Ceylon Spiced Chai Tea$4.20
Premium Tea Selection$4.20


Cookies & Cream$5.90$6.90
Salted Caramel Espresso$5.90$6.90
Double Chocolate$5.90$6.90


Iced Coffee$5.90$6.90
Iced Drinks$5.90$6.90

All-Day Breakfast

Toast or Croissant w/ Condiments $6.00
Banana Bread w/ Greek Yogurt Topping$8.90
Toasted Muesli Bowl w/ Caramelized Apple $10.90
Eggs, Tomato & Toast $11.90
Bacon, Eggs, Tomato & Toast $15.90
Cheesy Scrambled Eggs $13.90
Basil Pesto & Haloumi on Sourdough $14.00
Basil Pesto & Haloumi on Sourdough + POACHED EGG$16.00
Basil Pesto & Haloumi on Sourdough +SAUTÉED MUSHROOMS$18.00

Smashed Avo

Smashed Avo & Feta$9.90$14.90
Smashed Avo & Feta W/ BACON$12.90$17.90

Brunch Bowls

Roasted Sweet Potato Brunch Bowl $18.00
Brown Rice & Quinoa Green Bowl $18.00
The Big Breakfast $23.90
Handmade Potato Rosti W/ BACON$19.00
Handmade Potato Rosti W/ CHORIZO$19.00
Handmade Potato Rosti W/ SMOKED SALMON$21.00
Corn & Zucchini Fritters W/ halloumi$18.00
Corn & Zucchini Fritters W/ BACON$18.00
Corn & Zucchini Fritters W/ SMOKED SALMON$21.00

Eggs Benedict

Items Prices
Served w/ two poached eggs, sourdough, hollandaise w/ Bacon or Ham$18.90
Served w/ two poached eggs, sourdough, hollandaise w/ Smoked Salmon & Spinach$18.90
Served w/ two poached eggs, sourdough, hollandaise w/ Haloumi & Sriracha Hollandaise$18.90
Served w/ two poached eggs, sourdough, hollandaise/ Spicy Buffalo Chicken, Smashed Avo & Sriracha Hollandaise$19.90

Omelette Bar

Ham, Cheese & Tomato (Tomato relish, sourdough)$16.90
Mushroom, Spinach & Feta (Tomato relish, sourdough)$16.90

Sweet Indulgence

Buttermilk Pancake Stack $14.90
Chocolate Brownie Waffle $14.90
French Toast w/ Chocolate Hazelnut Spread $14.90

All-Day Lunch

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Strips & Chips$19.90
Chicken Parmigiana & Chips $19.90
Beer-Battered Fish & Chips $18.90
Lemon Pepper Calamari & Chips$18.90

Burgers and Sandwiches

Classic Cheeseburger $17.90
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burger $17.90
Buttermilk Chicken Caesar Burger $18.90
B.L.T Ciabatta$14.90
Pulled Beef Ciabatta $14.90
Chicken & Bacon Club $18.90

Nourishing Bowls

Breakfast Bowl w/ Sweet Potato $16.90
Breakfast Bowl w/ Bacon$18.90
Sweet Potato & Chicken Salad $14.90

Flat Grill

Bacon & Egg $6.90$12.90
Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pesto $6.90$12.90
BBQ Pulled Beef & Bacon $6.90$12.90
Roasted Vegetable & Feta $6.90$12.90

To Share

Spicy Chicken Strips & Chips (Spicy mayo)$19.90
Beer Battered Whiting & Chips (Tartare)$18.90
Lemon Pepper Calamari & Chips (Tartare)$18.90
Chicken Parmigiana & Chips$19.90
Seasoned Potato Wedges W/ SOUR CREAM & SWEET CHILLI$12.90
Seasoned Potato Wedges W/ CHEESE & BACON$15.90
Seasoned Chips$5.00

On The Go

Bacon & Egg $12.90
Eggs Bene Ciabatta Roll$14.90
Brunch Toastie $9.90
Brekkie Burger + Holladaise$2.00
Brekkie Burger + Cheese$2.00
Haloumi & Pesto Bagel $11.90
Brekkie Steak & Egg Burger $14.90
Toast, Bagel or Croissant w/ condiments$6.00

Freshly Salads

Caesar Salad $13.90
Caesar Salad W/ GRILLED CHICKEN$16.90
Avo & Orange Salad $14.90
Asian Calamari Salad $16.90
Sweet Potato & Chicken Salad $14.90
Sweet Potato & Chicken Salad with Haloumi$17.00
Sweet Potato & Chicken Salad with Lemon Pepper Calamari$19.00
Sweet Potato & Chicken Salad with Spicy Buffalo Chicken $2.00


Egg on Toast Hash brown$8.90
Chicken Nuggets Chips or salad$9.90
Ham & Cheese $8.90
VEGEMITE & Cheese$6.90
Fish ‘n’ Chips Chips or salad$9.90
Pizza Fritters Ham & cheese$10.90
Kid’s Juice w/ any kids’ meal$3.50
Kid’s Milkshake$5.00

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on The Coffee Club, click on the link mentioned above.

The Coffee Club Franchise Details

The Coffee Club franchise

The Coffee Club has its presence in more than 10 counties. Some of the countries are Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, UAE, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Seychelles, Maldives, and Cambodia.

So, if you want to open a The Coffee Club store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Initial Investment$450,000
Initial Investment + GST $750,000
Royalty Fee6% of Gross Sales
Advertisement Fee3%

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The Coffee Club Contact Information

The Coffee Club Corporate Office Address: Level 13, 199 Grey Street, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101 PO Box 5786, West End, Queensland 4101.

The Coffee Club Corporate Office Phone Number: +61 7 3010 3000

The Coffee Club Corporate Office Fax Number: +61 7 3844 2551

You can also contact the team of The Coffee Club by using the contact form on their website.

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