The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Menu With Prices

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf serve some of the best coffees and teas. If you’re here for their latest menu, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I will share their latest menu.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf menu includes brewed coffee, iced coffee, espresso, iced espresso, cold brew tea, ice blended drink, hot tea, iced tea, hot tea latte, iced tea latte, cocoas, baked goods, breakfast, lunch, snacks & treats, bottled beverages, coffee, tea and powders.

I hope you got an idea about their menu but this was just an overview of their detailed menu. The complete menu is mentioned below. I have included some other useful information such as franchise details, contact information and nutritional breakdown. Before jumping to their menu, let’s have a quick glimpse of history.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is an American-style Coffee brand founded by Herbert Hyman with his wife Mona Hyman in September 1963 and they have more than 1200 outlets in more than 32 countries. They opened their first store in Los Angeles.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Menu Prices

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Menu

For coffee lovers, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf menu have got some good news. They have a large variety of coffees such as Brewed Coffee, Iced Coffee, Espresso, Iced Espresso and Ice Blended® drink which include Café Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Iced Coffee, White Chocolate Latte, Vanilla Iced Americano, White Chocolate Ice Blended® drink and so much more.

If you don’t like coffee, don’t worry you can order their teas such as Cold Brew Tea, Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Hot Tea Latte, Iced Tea Latte which include Lemonade Cold Brew Tea, Earl Grey, Orchard Peach Iced Tea, Chai Tea Latte and much more.

If you want to eat something with your drinks, then they have got some good options for you such as Cheese Jalapeño Bagel, Vegan Banana Walnut Loaf, Chocolate Croissant, Bacon Egg Cheese English Muffin, Tasty Tuna Sandwich and more.

They also have catering options and sell coffee & tea powders.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Menu Prices are affordable when compared to other coffee brands and lie between $1 to $6. So, without waiting let’s check the prices of The Coffee and The Leaf.

Coffee | Brewed Coffee

Coffee|Brewed CoffeeRegularLarge
Brewed Coffee$2.85$3.20
Café Au Lait$3.75$4.10
Café Caramel$4.70$5.05
Café Dark Chocolate$4.70$5.05
Café Hazelnut$4.70$5.05
Café Mocha$4.70$5.05
Café Vanilla$4.70$5.05
Café White Chocolate$4.70$5.05

Coffee | Iced Coffee

Coffee|Iced CoffeeRegularLarge32-Oz.
Iced Coffees|Iced Coffee$3.40$3.90$4.30
Iced Coffees|Hazelnut Iced Coffee$4.35$4.80$5.20
Iced Coffees|Vanilla Iced Coffee$4.35$4.80$5.20

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Coffee | Espresso

Flat White|Classic Flat White$4.90$5.50
Lattes|Café Latte$4.80$5.35
Lattes|Caramel Latte$5.70$6.30
Lattes|Hazelnut Latte$5.70$6.30
Lattes|Mocha Latte$5.70$6.30
Lattes|Vanilla Latte$5.70$6.30
Lattes|White Chocolate Latte$5.70$6.30
Americanos|Mocha Americano$4.55$5.05

Coffee | Iced Espresso

Coffee|Iced EspressoRegularLarge32-Oz.
Iced Lattes|Iced Latte$4.80$5.35$5.75
Iced Lattes|Caramel Iced Latte$5.70$6.30$6.70
Iced Lattes|Hazelnut Iced Latte$5.70$6.30$6.70
Iced Lattes|Mocha Iced Latte$5.70$6.30$6.70
Iced Lattes|Vanilla Iced Latte$5.70$6.30$6.70
Iced Americanos|Iced Americano$3.65$4.10$4.40
Iced Americanos|Vanilla Iced Americano$4.55$5.05$5.30

Cold Brew | Cold Brew Tea

Cold Brew|Cold Brew TeaRegularLarge32-Oz.
Cold Brew|Lemonade Cold Brew Tea$4.35$5.05$5.70
Cold Brew|Mango Cold Brew Tea$4.35$5.05$5.70
Cold Brew|Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Tea$4.35$5.05$5.70

Ice Blended® drink | Coffee Based

Ice Blended® drink|Coffee BasedRegularLarge32-Oz.
Caramel Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50
Cookies and Cream Ice Blended® drink$5.70$6.50$7.95
Hazelnut Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50
Mocha Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50
Vanilla Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50
White Chocolate Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50

Ice Blended® drink | Kid Friendly

Ice Blended® drink|Kid FriendlyRegularLarge32-Oz.
Malibu Dream Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50
Pure Chocolate Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50
Pure Cookies and Cream Ice Blended® drink$5.70$6.50$7.95

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Ice Blended® drink | Tea Based

Ice Blended® drink|Tea BasedRegularLarge32-Oz.
Matcha Green Tea Ice Blended® drink$5.60$6.20$7.50

Tea | Hot Tea

Black|English Breakfast$2.85
Flavored|Earl Grey$2.85
Wellness Blend Tea$2.85
Flavored|Moroccan Mint$2.85
Green|Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl$2.85
Herbal Infusion|Ginseng Peppermint$2.85
Herbal Infusion|Lemon Chamomile$2.85

Tea | Iced Tea

Tea|Iced TeaRegularLarge32-Oz.
Flavored|Orchard Peach Iced Tea$2.95$3.40$3.90
Flavored|Tropical Passion Iced Tea$2.95$3.40$3.90
Herbal Infusion|Swedish Berries Iced Tea$2.95$3.40$3.90

Tea | Hot Tea Latte

Tea|Hot Tea LatteSmallRegularLarge
Black|Chai Tea LatteN/A$4.90$5.25
Black|Dirty Chai Tea LatteN/A$5.70$6.20
Flavored|Dark Chocolate Chai Tea Latte$4.90$5.60$6.20
Flavored|Winter Dream Tea Latte$4.90$5.60$6.20
Green|Matcha Green Tea LatteN/A$4.90$5.25

Tea | Iced Tea Latte

Tea|Iced Tea LatteSmallRegularLarge32-Oz.
Black|Chai Iced Tea LatteN/A$4.90$5.25$5.60
Flavored|Winter Dream Iced Tea Latte$4.90$5.60$6.20$7.15
Flavored|Dark Chocolate Chai Iced Tea Latte$4.90$5.60$6.20$7.15
Green|Matcha Iced Tea LatteN/A$4.90$5.25$5.60

Cocoas | Cocoas

Hot Chocolate$3.80$4.15

Food | Baked Goods

Bagels & Spreads|Cheese Jalapeño Bagel$2.80
Bagels & Spreads|Everything Bagel$2.45
Bagels & Spreads|Plain Bagel$2.05
Coffee Cakes & Loaves|Coffee Crumble Cake$3.05
Coffee Cakes & Loaves|Lemon Loaf$3.05
Coffee Cakes & Loaves|Vegan Banana Walnut Loaf$3.40
Coffee Cakes & Loaves|Vegan Chocolate Brownie$3.40
Croissants|Almond Croissant$3.35
Croissants|Butter Croissant$3.05
Croissants|Chocolate Croissant$3.35
Croissants|Jalapeno Cheddar Croissant$4.05
Cookies, Brownies & Bars|S’mores Bar$3.60
Muffins & Scones|Blueberry Muffin$2.85
Muffins & Scones|Blueberry Scone$3.05
Muffins & Scones|Double Chocolate Muffin$2.85
Pastries|Cheese Danish$3.20
Pastries|Cinnamon Roll$3.05
Pastries|Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.45

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Food | Breakfast

Sandwiches & Wraps|Bacon Egg Cheese English Muffin$6.35
Sandwiches & Wraps|Ham Egg and Cheese Brioche$6.85
Sandwiches & Wraps|Breakfast Burrito$6.85
Sandwiches & Wraps|Egg White Pesto Wrap$8.00
Oatmeal & Cereal|Overnight Oats$6.85
Oatmeal & Cereal|Modern Oats Apple Walnut$4.55
Oatmeal & Cereal|Modern Oats 5 Berry$4.55

Food | Lunch

Sandwiches & Wraps|Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap$7.50
Sandwiches & Wraps|Caprese Sandwich$7.80
Sandwiches & Wraps|Tasty Tuna Sandwich$7.80
Picnic Boxes|Protein Picnic Box$7.50
Picnic Boxes|Mixed Fruit Snack Pot$5.70
Sides (Chips, Popcorn & Cookies)|Kettle Chips – Backyard BBQ$2.25
Sides (Chips, Popcorn & Cookies)|Kettle Chips – Sea Salt and Vinegar$2.25

Food | Snacks & Treats

Cakes & Cake Pops|New York Style Cheesecake$4.05
Sweet Treats|Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds$3.00

Bottled Beverages | Bottled Beverages

Martinelli’s Apple Juice$2.25
Organic Valley Chocolate Lowfat Milk$2.10
Smartwater (20oz)$2.85
Pressed Juicery|Sweet Greens w/ Ginger$6.90
Uncle Matt’s|Organic Pulp Free Orange Juice$5.20
Vive Organic Wellness Shot$4.75

Catering | Java To Go

Java To Go – Coffee$20.65
Java To Go – Tea$20.65
Java To Go – Hot Chocolate$20.65

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Retail | Coffee, Tea and Powders

Powder|Chocolate Powder$14.95
Powder|Chocolate Powder – No Sugar Added$18.40
Powder|Vanilla Powder$14.95
Powder|Vanilla Powder – No Sugar Added$18.40
Powder|Hazelnut Powder$14.95
Retail Coffee|Bali Blue Moon$17.25
Retail Coffee|Colombia Narino Medium Roast$16.10
Retail Coffee|Colombia Narino Dark Roast$17.25
Retail Coffee|Espresso Roast$17.25
Retail Coffee|French Roast$17.25
Retail Coffee|House Blend Coffee$13.80
Retail Coffee|Decaf House Blend Coffee$18.40
Retail Coffee|Viennese Dark Roast$17.25
Retail Coffee|Single Serve Cup House Blend – 16 ct$13.75
Retail Coffee|Single Serve Cup Costa Rica – 16 ct$13.75
Retail Coffee|Single Serve Cup French Roast – 16 ct$13.75
Retail Coffee|CBTL Espresso Premium Capsules$6.90
Retail Coffee|CBTL Espresso Italian Capsules$6.90
Retail Tea|Chai T-Bag Tin$10.15
Retail Tea|Genmaicha Green T-Bag Tin$12.45
Retail Tea|Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl T-Bag Tin$23.95
Retail Tea|Tropical Passion T-Bag Tin$10.15
Retail Tea|Wellness Blend T-Bag Tin$10.15

Nutritional Information


To check the nutritional information of the items present on The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Franchise Details

Outlet of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Franchise

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf have over 1200 in different countries in the world. But most of their stores are in the United States. Some of their stores are franchised and some are self-owned. So if you want to open a The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store, then this is how much it will cost you.

Name of FeeCost
Initial Franchise FeeFrom $15,000 to $25,000
Lease for StoreFrom $2,000 to $12,000
Design & PlansFrom $20,000 to $40,000
Leasehold ImprovementsFrom $7,000 to $150,000
SignageFrom $2,000 to $20,000
Furniture, Fixtures and EquipmentFrom $75,000 to $175,000
Point-of-Sale (POS) SystemFrom $15,000 to $35,000
Initial InventoryFrom $2,500 to $32,000
Grand Opening PromotionFrom $0 to $10,000
Permits and Security DepositsFrom $750 to $6,500
InsuranceFrom $1,000 to $10,000
Professional FeesFrom $1,000 to $15,000
Training ExpensesFrom $12,000 to $25,000
Additional Funds – three month periodFrom $30,000 to $60,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL*From $183,250 to $615,500

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The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Contact Information

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Corporate Office Address: 5700 Wilshire BoulevardSuite 120Los Angeles, CA 90036USA

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Corporate Phone Number: (310) 237-2326

You can also contact the team of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf by using the contact form on their website.

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