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The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Menu Prices

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Are you looking for a cafe that serves the best and delicious chocolate food items? Today, I have mentioned The Chocolate Room Brooklyn, best for chocolate drinks and eatables.

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Store

Chocolate Room Brooklyn cafe gives you the pleasure of eating dishes such as black bottom butterscotch, milkshake, not hot, affogato, caramel latte, chocolate chip almond cake, chocolate syrup and chocolate chip cookie. You can have a great drink with snacks under $10.00.

This article covers all the important information such as menu prices as well as the contact details of The Chocolate Room Brooklyn. Let us first start with a brief history lesson.

Jon Payson and Naomi Josepher moved to New York and started The Chocolate Room Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s coffee cafe chain, in the year 2003. Their first cafe was in Park Slope, Brooklyn and they have two cafes in New York and headquarters of The Chocolate Room Brooklyn is in Brooklyn.

People love to go to this cafe because it is the best destination for the best chocolate desserts in New York. The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Menu has a myriad variety of lucrative food items.

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Menu

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Menu

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Menu also has delightful and sumptuous desserts with myriad variety like signature dishes, cakes, homemade ice cream, shakes, and floats.

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Menu also has appetizing drinks with delicious flavors and their drinks which are full of divine tastes, are chocolate drinks, specialty drinks, coffee and espresso, tea, soda.

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Menu also includes appealing and energetic wine and beer with different variations, which include reds, whites, bubbles, beer, dessert wines, and ports. They also have special cakes which they made only on pre-orders.

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn has an incredible staff with a welcoming community and they have created a place where you can go and relax from the chaotic world and they always feel happy when people are enjoying themselves in their cafes.

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn prices are affordable where you can go after dinner, after a movie, or relaxing with friends over an exceptional dessert and their prices are between $1 to $150. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest The Chocolate Room Brooklyn menu prices.


The Chocolate Room Pudding$7.00
Black Bottom Butterscotch$9.50
Chocolate Mousse$10.00
Banana Split$15.00
Chocolate Pudding$7.00
Brownie Sundae$11.00
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich$9.00

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Shakes and Floats

Chocolate Egg Cream$5.00
Hot Chocolate Float$8.00
Chocolate Ice Cream Soda$8.00

Drinking Chocolate

Classic Hot Chocolate$5.50
Dark Hot Chocolate$5.50
Cafe Torino $5.50
Not Hot $8.00
Chili Spiced Hot Chocolate$5.50

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Specialty Drinks

Chocolate Milk$3.50

Coffee, Espresso and Tea

Cold Brew Ice Coffee$3.50
Cafe Au Lait$3.00
Organic Teas$3.00
Iced Tea$3.00
Caffeine Free Teas$3.00
Specialty Teas$3.50
Matcha Latte with Honey $5.00
Matcha Latte without Honey$5.00
Caramel Latte$5.00

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Chocolate Layer Cake $9.00
Ricotta Cheesecake$9.00
Flourless Chocolate Cake$10.00
Chocolate Chip Almond Cake$11.00
6″ Chocolate Layer Cake$52.00
Flourless Cake 8″$48.00


Hot Fudge$10.00
Classic Hot Chocolate Tin$20.00
Dark Hot Chocolate Tin$20.00
Chili Spiced Hot Chocolate Tin$20.00
Chocolate Syrup$10.00

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Baked Goods

Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.50
Chocolate Cupcake$4.00

Ice Cream Scoops

Double Scoop$7.50

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The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Contact Information

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Corporate Office Address: 269 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY 1123

The Chocolate Room Brooklyn Corporate Office Phone Number: 718.246.2600 

To contact the team of The Chocolate Room Brooklyn for other queries you can fill the contact form mentioned on their website.

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