Thanksgiving Lobster Recipes | Why and How You Should Eat Lobster This Thanksgiving

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I say Thanksgiving and you tell me what comes to your mind? It is most probably an image of a big, juicy, roasted turkey. I am not going to lie; that’s what comes to my mind as well. Turkey is the official flag-bearer fowl of Thanksgiving, so much so that some people, actually many people, call it ‘Turkey Day’. But if you like keeping up with traditions instead of turkey, you should be eating lobster this Thanksgiving. 

Cooked Lobster

I know I might have triggered something. After all, you’ll all be waiting to dig in a big turkey drumstick. But just hear me out. The actual first feast of Thanksgiving in 1621 didn’t have this giant fowl on the table. What it did have was lobster. Moreover, it had wildfowl, venison, and some more seafood. If you ask me, it sounds like a pretty darn good meal. The fresh seafood included lobsters, clams, oysters, and mussels. 

The reason behind this is that lobsters were abundant in the year of the first Thanksgiving. You don’t understand how easy it was to get a lobster back then. You could just reach into the ocean and grab one. So, it was kind of given to include such an easily-accessible food into a feast. Thus, a lobster becomes a must for an authentic Thanksgiving meal.

I am not being a joy-killer and telling you to skip the big bird altogether. I am just saying you can treat the lobster as an alternative or a good addition to your Thanksgiving entree. To bring back this old New England tradition, I have made a small list of Thanksgiving lobster recipes for you.

I am not really pushing this. I am just gently nudging you in the direction of my opinion. I mean, don’t we all do that. But let’s not focus on my existentialism. Let’s focus on some amazing lobster recipes that you can have besides your serving of turkey drumstick (more turkey mister Chandlerrr!).

1. Stuffed Lobster Tails

Stuffed Lobster Tails

Who doesn’t love a meal that’s just extra? Well, I definitely do and if you do too, then you should make these stuffed lobster tails. The lobster tails go through a lot in this recipe. They are seasoned with melted butter mixed with spices, herbs, and seasonings. 

Then, they are stuffed with a mixture of crabmeat, shrimps, and breadcrumbs that have been flavored with all sorts of seasonings and condiments. They are then baked at a high temperature, all that to give you delicious and mind-blowing stuffed lobster tails. This is the reason you should give the stuffed lobster tail recipe a definite try. 

2. Lobster Tail

Lobster Tails

Gone are the days when you needed hours of preparation and more hours of cooking for a simply cooked lobster. Now is the time for quick-make dishes. The butterflied lobster tail recipe is one such example of that. The butterflied lobster tail (I love saying that) is covered with a herby and garlicky butter and then broiled in a broiler (duh!)

Once it has cooked, take the tail out and pour some more buttery goodness over it. That is all, really! This simple recipe tastes delicious and looks amazing as well. Just try to make this lobster tail for Thanksgiving and I am sure it will give you butterflies (*jokes* tee hee).

3. Lobster Dip

Lobster dip

Do you want to incorporate lobster in your Thanksgiving dinner but in a way that’s a bit out of the box? Make a dip out of it. The lobster dip is made with a combination of different flavors that, somehow, go unexpectedly great together.

For instance, you have cream cheese along with horseradish in the dip. There is also butter, onion, and lemon juice aside from the obvious lobster meat. You don’t expect these flavors to blend, but they do, and how! The lemon juice gives a freshness to the dip. I mean, it’s no secret that lemon juice paired with seafood is a good idea. But the sharp notes of onion and horseradish are mellowed with the smooth notes of butter and cream cheese. This makes the dip the right balance of creamy and peppery. You can also taste the chunks of lobsters.

You can pair it with crackers or anything you like. Try the lobster dip recipe yourself and see how great of a dip this is. 

4. Bourbon Lobster

Bourbon lobster

The bourbon lobster is not your run-of-the-mill pan-roasted lobster. It has a lot more poise and drama. The lobster is cooked with shallots and garlic to make it sweet and aromatic. Then, you pour in the bourbon and boom! You set it on fire. The flambee lobster is cooked until the flames die down. It is cooked in little white wine soon after to make it tender where it matters, on the inside.

But this is not the end of this saga. The lobster is served with a butter sauce that is flavored with herbs and seasoning. Pour this sauce over the lobster and watch it glisten with pure beauty. The best part, you can make this bougie meal all alone, provided you know how to crack claws. Try the recipe for bourbon lobster and watch everyone praise your self-proclaimed chef skills. 

5. Dairy-Free Lobster Bisque

Dairy-Free Lobster Bisque

If you want to make a bisque this Thanksgiving, then why not try a lobster bisque. If you are dairy-intolerant, then it’s especially good for you as it is a dairy-free bisque. You just make a smooth blend of vegetables, spices, herbs, broth, and cream and drop a lobster in it. The bisque, which is a type of highly seasoned French soup, is a great choice for the Thanksgiving food ensemble. The soup is spicy and creamy. The spices go well with the lobster, while the cream (dairy-free, of course!) and broth make the whole thing flavorful and just easy to go down the throat. 

Top the bisque with some herbs and serve it. It feels like a warm and spicy hug. You can check the recipe for dairy-free lobster bisque. 


So, this was all about the Thanksgiving lobster recipes that I believe are worth a try. There’s really no harm in making any or all of these. You’ll get a delicious meal and you’ll also be keeping up with the true tradition of Thanksgiving. If you do make any of these recipes, don’t forget to thank me in the comments. Also, with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thank you for coming all the way down here. Eat good food and Happy Lobster Thanksgiving to you!

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