How To Make Tequila Sunset At Home

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Can we imagine a world without Tequila? No, we can’t. Tequila cocktails are go-getters for every party or occasion. In fact, a party is incomplete without Tequila Sunset cocktail. Isn’t that true? Tequila Sunset is my favourite cocktail and I love to have it almost every day.

Tequila Sunset

Tequila Sunset is an energising and pleasant drink which is quite easy to make. Three ingredients: tequila, fruit juice and grenadine combine to give a perfect and amazing Tequila Sunset Cocktail.

In the parties that I host at my home, Tequila Sunset is the cynosure and it adds more delight and fun to the ambience. Some people remark that I have inherited this talent from my grandpa who was dubbed as the best party host ever in my town. And no one could say no when he offered Tequila Sunset made at his home!

Out of grenadine to make your cocktail? Here is a list of grenadine substitutes that you can use instead. Give them a read!

Would you ever say no to Tequila? Of course not! Keeping in view that you would like to serve Tequila Sunset in your next party at home, let’s learn about how to make Tequila Sunset at home. But there are many other drink recipes that we’ve covered in our blog. You should definitely check them as well.

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2. Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail This is a rare cocktail with some exceptional and irresistible taste. As the name suggests, this recipe or as I must say cocktail contains shrimps that are the key ingredients for this recipe.

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4. Black ManhattanThis drink got its name after it was invented by a bartender known as Black in the city of Manhattan in the late ’80s. This drink is a fusion of various other famous types of alcoholic brands that makes it a perfect blend for any occasion or gathering.

Ingredients Required for Tequila Sunset Recipe

Ice 1 cup
Tequila1 1/2 oz
Orange or Grapefruit Juice4 oz
Grenadine1/2 oz

Note : Maraschino cherry or mandarin are to be used for garnishing.

How much time will it take?

Preparation timeTotal time
5 minutes5 minutes

Tequila Sunset Recipe

Tequila Sunset Recipe
  1. Take a serving glass.
  2. Put ice, tequila and juice into it.
  3. Now, add grenadine.
  4. Use mandarin or cheese to garnish it.
  5. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Information of Tequila Sunset Recipe

Calories126.02 kcal
Calories from fats 27 kcal
Total fats 3 g
Sodium150.57 mg
Potassium113.4 mg
Sugars49.54 g
Total carbohydrates16.17 g
Proteins0.57 g
Vitamin C 28.4 mg
Calcium6.2 mg

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