How to Make Tembleque at Home

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Desserts are one of those things without which a meal feels incomplete. And today, I will tell you about a very simple yet delightful dessert with which you will fall in love. I am talking about Tembleque, which is also known as Puerto Rican Coconut Pudding.

I learned this recipe from the internet one day while I was craving for something different made from coconuts. So I searched over the internet regarding What I can Make from Coconut at Home? And then, I came to know about this dessert.

After I found that there is Coconut Milk used in this recipe, I instantly decided to try it because Coconut Milk has a variety of health benefits like-

  1. It helps in lowering Blood Pressure.
  2. It acts as a fat burner in the body.
  3. It helps in improving the digestive system.
  4. For muscle building, coconut milk helps as well.

This combination of Coconut Milk, Sugar and Cornstarch topped with Cinnamon and Toasted Coconuts is a special treat that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Now, without waiting more, let’s check out the Tembleque recipe.

Let’s gather all the ingredients that are required to make this coconut pudding at home.

Ingredient for Tembleque

Coconut Milk2 cans (14 oz.)
Sugar¾ cup
Cornstarch½ cup
Salt¼ tsp
Toasted CoconutsFor Garnish 
Ground CinnamonFor Garnish

You can get all these ingredients from the nearest supermarket. To make this dessert at home, you have to be a little bit patient. It takes around 3 hours for the refrigeration process of this custard. But still, let’s check out how much time is required to make Tembleque at home.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeRefrigeration TimeTotal Time
5 Minutes10 Minutes3 Hours3 Hours 15 Minutes

I know after hearing all the praise about this dish, you must be very excited to know the directions to prepare the coconut pudding. So let’s check it out.

 Tembleque Recipe

  1. Heat a saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Add sugar, salt, cornstarch and coconut milk and stir everything to combine. 
  3. Stir everything until the mixture becomes thick.
  4. Take 4 oz. molds and put the mixture into it.
  5. Now cover the molds with the plastic wraps and refrigerate for around 3 hours.
  6. After 3 hours, unmold it using a knife and put the refrigerated mixture on a plate.
  7. Sprinkle cinnamon and top with toasted coconuts.
  8. Serve.

Your Tembleque (Puerto Rican Coconut Pudding) is ready. I know this pudding is looking like jelly but I bet that after trying it, you’ll even forget your favorite jelly.

Nutritional Breakdown of Tembleque

As I’ve told above that Coconut Milk has a variety of health benefits. So to back that statement, I’ve mentioned the nutritional breakdown of this Tembleque dessert.

Protein3.2 g
Carbohydrates37 g
Fat27.3 g
Sodium98 mg

How to Make Tembleque at Home | Video

I know this recipe is very easy to make. But still, I’ve added a recipe video below. This video will really help you in understanding all the directions.

Video by Baking Savvy

I hope you’ve liked this recipe of this easy to make dessert. I highly recommend you to try this dessert at your home and share your valuable reviews in the comments below. 

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