How To Use A TDEE Calculator Like A Pro For Effective Weight Loss

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In today’s diet-conscious world, it has become necessary to keep your daily consumption of calories in check. Now, cutting out a big chunk of those calories can lead to you lacking energy for everyday tasks. To know your needed number of calories per day in accordance with the energy you need, use a TDEE calculator.

TDEE Calculator

Consuming lesser amount of calories than required will cause you to lose weight or become malnourished. It will also result in you running out of energy or, in some cases, becoming a hangry zombie. Similarly, consuming more than the required amount of calories, will lead you to gain weight or, at times, become real life, physical version of Peter Griffin.

Your calorie intake and the energy you require or spend throughout the day are directly proportional to each other. That is why it is important to keep in mind the energy you’ll be needing while consuming calories. Now, how would you know the exact amount of energy your body requires?

To solve all your weight problems, you need to use a special calculator called the TDEE calculator. This calculator helps you determine when your calorie intake is too high, and the amount of calories you’re burning is too low. While training, this helps you to know whether the energy you burn is up to the expected ratio to keep your body toned.

If you want to maintain and regulate a healthy weight to energy ratio, you must keep the amounts of calories you get from food in balance with the calories you burn every day. It is vital to consume the drinks and food that provide your body with the necessary nutrients according to the acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges (AMDRs).

All of this might be a little complicated for you to understand at once. That is why in this article, I’ll break it down for you bit by bit. This article will familiarize you with all that there is to a TDEE calculator and, most importantly, how you can use a TDEE calculator like a pro for effective weight loss.

So, come on, and let’s get right to it!

What Is A TDEE Calculator?

How To Use A TDEE Calculator Like A Pro For Effective Weight Loss

TDEE is what fairy godmothers should prescribe in fairytales for princesses to use. Eat your share of food, Cinderella! In all seriousness, though, TDEE stands for Total Daily Energy Expenditure. It is basically an estimation of your total calorie usage per day. This includes calories burnt by performing physical exercises and doing other daily activities. 

Your body, just like any other machine, requires a source of energy, which you get from calories and other nutrients. Every bodily function requires a certain part of the energy your body has stored. Summing up all the calories you burn throughout the day; you can determine the total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).

It is important for you to understand how a TDEE calculator works before you determine its accuracy. Its major function is to help you determine how many calories you should burn per day. It calculates macronutrients, basal metabolic rate (BMR), body mass index (BMI), and other important information about your body as well.

TDEE is calculated from the output aspect of energy, but it’s also crucial to know its input. Depending upon the type of activities you engage in your daily life, the TDEE value of your body might keep on changing. The TDEE calculator value is based on factors like how old you are, your height, weight, and your activity levels.

Genetics, behavioral or psychological influences, nutrients, and the number of fat tissues influence how much energy you consume in the form of food. When you are observant of your total food consumption, it will help you understand the right value of TDEE, which is required to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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Why Do You Need To Use A TDEE Calculator?

It has become crucial in today’s time to figure out where the energy your body uses comes from and how it is used by your body daily. Yeah, calculus in school was simpler than this, wasn’t it? 

When you consume food, it can be said that you are providing your body with fuel (Even though it makes most of us want to go to sleep, sadly). In the form of calories, this energy is burned during the day for the proper functioning of your body.

By comparing the amount of energy consumed and spent, the TDEE calculator may help you figure out the underlying reasons you are losing or gaming weight. There are a lot of apps available online to make your weight balancing journey fun and easy.

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Factors Related To Total Daily Energy Expenditure


Your total daily energy expenditure depends on a lot of factors. The three major factors are discussed below for you to get a deeper understanding of this process.

1. The Thermic Effect Of Food

It might sound weird, but eating is actually a form of exercise, and it helps the body lose weight and burn calories. The energy you need to digest food varies depending upon the type of food you choose to consume. 

2. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Basal Metabolic Rate refers to the rate at which energy is used for basic body functions when the body is at rest. Several factors, such as age, weight, and height, influence this rate. Due to gender differences, the results of the TDEE calculator for females will be different from those of males.

3. Physical Activity And Their Intensity

This refers to the combination of the energy a person uses at work and during training sessions. The energy expenditure rate of these factors is evaluated at 70% for basal metabolic rate, 20% for physical activities, and 10% for the thermic effect of food. In this way, it turns out that even if you are resting, you’re still consuming energy.

TDEE Calculator For Weight Loss

weight loss

As I mentioned earlier, your weight is determined by many factors, including the total energy you spend throughout the day. It is necessary to get more calories daily if a person is trying to gain more weight. Similarly, if you want to lose a bit of weight, try consuming a lesser amount of calories per day.

If your goal is to trim off a few unwanted pounds, you can go about it in these weighs. (Get it?) As I told you earlier, the first one is to consume smaller amounts of calories than needed for you to perform daily activities. The second one is to increase both the amount and the intensity of the activities you perform in your daily routine.

If you want to lose weight or peel off a few unwanted inches, you need to cut around 3,500-7000 calories per week. For a better understanding of the process, assuming your daily requirement is 2,500 calories, your total calorie requirement per week will be about 17,500 calories.

Understanding that you are gaining more weight than you are comfortable with, you may have to subtract between 3,500 and 7,000 calories from the 17,500 weekly calorie requirement. This will leave you with a total weekly calorie amount of about 10,500 to 14,000 calories (1500 – 2000 calories per day).

Losing weight with the help of a TDEE calculator seems easy but might be a bit difficult for you to get accustomed to. Restricting your calorie consumption and putting it into practice sounds easier than done. That is why you need to maintain your determination and dedication towards your goal. 


The TDEE calorie calculator is a convenient tool often used by people to lose or gain weight. It helps you in paying close attention to your weight. It also helps you understand the effects and consequences of your activity levels and the food you consume. 

This calculator will help you regulate the amount and types of food you choose while meal planning and the types of workouts you should engage in. It is a great tool to use while planning to lose or gain weight. 


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