Tasty Paleo Recipes That You Might Want to Try

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Have you or someone you know recently become more interested in the new paleo diet that many people have been talking about? Maybe you have tried lots of different diets, but you can’t seem to find one that works well with your lifestyle? Perhaps you have never really considered dieting before, but you think that the paleo diet might be something you could use to help you feel and look better? If any of these situations sound familiar, then keep reading to learn some more helpful info. This article will tackle a few interesting paleo foods that you can use to create some tasty paleo recipes that you might want to try. Many people find that they have increased energy and feel much less tired after meals when using the paleo diet. 

Paleo Recipes

1. Fried Fish

When early humans were exploring the terrain of the ancient world, one of the easiest ways to get around was to use waterways as a means of transportation. Rivers and shorelines are much easier to traverse than dense vegetation, so it was extremely common for settlements to occur on waterways. As a result, a large part of the diet for paleo humans consisted of fish and fish products. This means some excellent recipes include fish, which you can include in your cooking practices. A great classic is an herbed salmon, which uses dill weed, oil, salmon, salt, and pepper. You can cook this in a pan, on the grill, or even in the oven. The salmon will be ready to eat when it can easily be flaked with a knife or fork. 

2. Salads

Leafy greens are another food source that paleo humans would have eaten to get their vitamins and fiber while hunting and gathering in the wilderness. Common plants like lettuce, spinach, and various herbs would have been used to create salads or pastes that the tribe or family would then consume. If you are trying to subsist on the paleo diet, you will need to eat lots of salads to balance the meats and fats you consume. You can also try to incorporate things like fruits, nuts, and meats into your salad. This is a great way to add lots of flavors and some extra protein. 

3. Cured Meats

It was extremely common for our ancient ancestors to eat meat to survive and get enough calories to complete their daily tasks. The high protein content of meats allowed ancient humans to grow strong and thrive within their natural environment. Cured meats, in particular, were helpful, since they could last longer than fresh meat and could be easily transported. These tribal people would use every part of the animal and nothing would go to waste. If you are looking for some ideas to include paleo-friendly meats in your cooking, then consider organic paleo beef sausage, homemade beef jerky, or smoked meats as a starting point. Just because you are on a diet does not mean that you cannot eat delicious food. 

4. Nuts

Nuts are another staple of the paleo diet. Early humans would have collected different types of nuts as they traveled around to provide a consistent source of protein and sustenance. There are lots of different ways that you can work nuts into your paleo recipes. An easy example that many people like to use is a sunflower seed salad. This uses some garden greens of your choice along with sunflower seeds. If you have never tried seeds in your salad, you will be amazed by the nice texture and delicious flavor to add to any salad. 

After exploring some of the different ideas listed above, the hope is that you have discovered some tasty paleo-friendly foods that you can incorporate into some recipes to try in the future. There is nothing worse than eating the same boring meals day after day. By incorporating new resources and information into your cooking practices, you can quickly begin seeing results. You deserve to look forward to your meals and eat when you want without imposing limitations. The paleo diet has been championed as optimal for our bodies since it is what our ancestors ate when they were evolving as a species. A paleo diet is also accessible for people anywhere globally since it does not require a specific climate to grow the types of foods that you should be eating on the diet. Be sure to keep experimenting with the paleo diet until you find a healthy balance between your meat, nuts, veggie, and fruit intakes.

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