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The Tastiest and Most Popular Sandwiches in the World that you Must Try

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Ah! Sandwiches, the most convenient and versatile meal on the planet. While sandwiches are typical food, this dish with bread also happens to be the ultimate comfort food as well as the way to Friends’ Joey Tribbiani’s heart. Any filling you can put between bread automatically offers a nostalgic purpose as the sandwich reminds us of our carefree childhoods and our mama’s meals made with love. So, to bring a little joy to your life, let’s slice up the tastiest and most popular sandwiches in the world that everyone should try.


The Best Of The Best Sandwiches


Check out some of the most exquisite sandwiches in this article all over the world that you must try at least once in your life.

The Vietnamese Banh Mi

Vietnam’s baguette originated on the streets of Saigon and is one of the first things you should try in the country. Banh Mi sandwich is filled with various flavorful and savory ingredients and protein. You can get this meal with sardines, fatty pate, or sweet minced pork. The Banh Mi sandwich is often combined with sour pickled daikon and carrots, cucumber, and spicy chilis.

The Greek Gyro

Greece’s gyro is one of the most famous sandwiches worldwide. This dish includes meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, much like shawarma and other sandwiches on this list. The Greek gyro typically involves chicken or pork, but beef and lamb are common proteins to include. The protein is seasoned generously with spices, herbs, and salt and can be served in a sandwich or wrapped in pita bread.

The Icelandic Classic Street Dogs

Iceland’s hot dogs, also known as Pylsa or Pulsa, are so popular that they became known as the national dish. What makes Pylsa so good is that they’re made with Icelandic lamb, pork, and beef which is organic, free-range, hormone-free, and grass-fed. With the addition of cooked and raw onions, sweet brown mustard, ketchup, a traditional mayo sauce, capers, and herbs, this delightful dish will be your favorite hot dog in the world.

New Yorkers and Chicago citizens who have their own popular version of street dogs may be surprised, but the idea of the delicious hot dog actually came from Europe. When you take the time to read more about the history of hot dogs, you’ll know that it’s quite complex as many countries have claimed their own version. Ultimately, each country has experimented with the classic and made love for hot dogs even greater.

The Middle Eastern Shawarma

Shawarma is made of thin slices of meat, combined and roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Aside from the fact that this dish is so delicious that almost every country in the Middle East has various versions, shawarma is also a healthy meal! The grilled meat comes with freshly sliced vegetables and can be served with seafood, beef, chicken, or falafel and maintains an authentic taste.

Egypt’s Falafel

Speaking of falafel, also known as Ta’ameya, you can’t try a shawarma sandwich before trying Egypt’s falafel first. Many sources suggest the origins of the falafel sandwich came from Egypt; however, as mentioned above, many Middle Eastern countries have adopted this recipe as their own. You’ll also find various versions in India and other countries that have added their own authentic touches with the falafels’ unique flavors. Falafel’s key ingredient is dry fava beans. Chickpeas, peeled and split beans are also commonly found in this sandwich. This healthy dish is packed with herbs like parsley and cilantro and offers an array of spices from cumin and coriander to salt and pepper.

Australia’s Prawn Roll

This sandwich is well worth a trip down under to taste Australia’s exquisite prawn roll. The prawn roll sandwich uses a soft white roll that’s about 15cm long and is stuffed with peeled prawns, lettuce, and remoulade. These are then topped with a cocktail style or thousand island sauce. The prawn fishing industry is big in Australia, making this savory snack easy to get your hands on.

The Spanish Bocadillo

Spain’s bocadillo, also known as bocata, is made with traditional Spanish bread called a tubular barra de pan, similar to a baguette. This sandwich was once the country’s humble food but is now an iconic treat for locals and tourists alike. You can get a taste of this Spanish cuisine at tapas bars and cafes. Spanish bocadillo is a simple snack that can be filled with either pork, cured ham, squid, cheese, tuna, or tomato and will satiate your taste buds.

No matter where you are in the world, there is a sandwich that embodies the comfort the local community can’t live without. So, relish in the joys of various cuisines by tasting each nation’s sandwich which provides the essence of great flavors in an easy on-the-go way. After all, the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and these to-die-for sandwiches will offer you unique tastes that somehow all feel close to home.

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