24 Best Taleggio Cheese Substitutes To Try!

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Taleggio cheese has a smooth texture, you can use it as a spread or melt it. It is also known for its pungent smell and is pretty expensive too. That could be why you may look for some good Taleggio substitutes. Worry not, as I have got your problem fixed. 


Cheddar, comte cheese, Fontina, Brie, and even goat cheese are some of the best taleggio cheese substitutes. You can add them to your dish as they all have some other things in common.

Taleggio cheese has a creamy texture that lies inside a rugged exterior. It is mostly paired with dishes that require a sweet note, as the flavor of Taleggio is mild, with hints of sweetness and tanginess.

So let’s begin a cheesy conversation and learn more about the cheese world. Please stick with me, as we will see how you can substitute them in place of taleggio cheese. 

24 Best Taleggio Cheese Substitutes

Here are the best taleggio cheese substitutes that you can choose when you are out of it.

1. Cheddar


Cheddar cheese is one of the most commonly known cheeses, and if we have to talk about taleggio cheese, we shall start with cheddar. 

Cheddar cheese is known for its mellow color made with cow’s milk. It has a delicious flavor with hints of hazelnut or brown melted butter. That is why we can think of substituting Taleggio cheese with some cheddar. 

Simply spread the thinly grated cheddar cheese over any dish or item, and you can enjoy its rich and creamy texture. When cooked in the oven, cheddar cheese turns golden and crispy. 

Go with your instinct and add as much cheddar as you want to the recipe. 

Make sure that you don’t go extra crazy and eat only cheese (although I love that idea).

2. Comte Cheese


With fruity yet savory flavors, comte cheese will make your dish a five-star. 

If you are looking for Taleggio cheese substitutes with the same sweet note, then comte cheese is the right choice. 

The surprising thing about comte cheese is its salty and sweet flavors that burst out from the inside and enhance the dish’s overall flavor.

One can say that it has the best quality and is rich in flavors. If using Comte cheese instead of Taleggio cheese, go for an equal quantity. Like taleggio cheese, comte cheese is also made with cow’s milk. 

3. Emmentaler


Like Taleggio, Emmentaler is a semi-hard cheese with a sweet and tangy flavor. You will have the same hazelnut taste as cheddar cheese but may miss the acidic features. 

Emmentaler is famous among all ages, and it should be, as it has so much depth in flavors and is creamy that no one can resist.

An interesting fact about Emmentaler is that it is not pasteurized like other cheeses. You can go for a ratio of 1:1 while substituting taleggio cheese with Emmentaler. 

4. Gouda


Made with cow’s milk, gouda is a semi-hard cheese that can be a great alternative to taleggio cheese. Gouda is known for its caramelized flavor, and it also has a great aroma that makes everyone fall for it every time. 

You can find wide varieties of gouda, but all are almost the same, with slight variations. 

Go for the same amount or maybe more than as of taleggio cheese because extra gouda has not harmed anyone. 

5. Manchego Cheese

manchego cheese

Direct from the center of Spain, manchego cheese is another great option to add if your dish of Taleggio is missing from your pantry. 

Unlike most cheese, manchego is not derived from cow’s milk but instead from Manchega sheep. That is how it got its name! Talking about manchego has sweet and savory flavors with fruity and nutty notes.

An interesting fact about manchego is that the woven mold of grass induces it, making the interior of manchego herbal and robust in flavor. 

Add ½ cup of manchego cheese and then may increase the quantity as per your taste.

6. Provolone


Found in different shapes, provolone is a unique type of cheese that can be obviously used as a taleggio cheese substitute. 

It has different flavors, like sweet, salty, and nutty, with a smooth texture. One can enjoy it cold or in melted form. I go with the latter because that is the best way. 

Derived from fresh Friesian cow’s milk, you can use provolone in the same quantity as taleggio cheese. 

7. Edam Cheese

edam cheese

Derived from both cows and goats, edam cheese originated from the northern regions of the Netherlands. Edam cheese has a creamy texture and mild flavor and can be used as a taleggio cheese substitute. 

The texture gets crumbly and drier if Adam’s cheese is left for a while. Pair edam cheese fruits as a starter and see the magic happen in your mouth. You are going to fall in love with the depths of Edam cheese. 

Start with ⅓ rd quantity of taleggio cheese and gradually increase. You can go for the same amount if you want to, as there is no rule book for cheese. 

8. Fontina


Fontina is the closest and best taleggio substitute that one can try. As fontina melts real quick, it is often used in recipes. The aromatic flavors of fontina are what people are generally fond of. 

Have you seen the little holes in the fontina? These holes make the texture of fontina a little rough, whereas taleggio cheese is soft and creamy, but don’t worry, as fontina is best if you want meltable cheese. 

It originates from Italy and has a nutty and savory flavor that enhances your dish. Pair it with meat-based dishes, and you will be surprised by the results. 

As fontina shares the same aromatic characteristics as Taleggio, you can go for an equal amount in your recipe. 

9. Brie


Brie is made with cow’s milk with a very strong smell. The best thing about brie is that it is easily spreadable. So you can substitute it for taleggio cheese wherever you need to spread it. 

The most common thing about brie and taleggio cheese is that both are hard on the outside and equally creamy and soft on the inside. People also say brie is slightly cheaper, so go for it anytime you are out of Taleggio. 

You can for the same amount of brie as taleggio cheese and gradually add more cheese as you desire. 

10. Havarti

havarti cheese slices

As havarti does not have an exterior rind, it is the creamiest and softest cheese one can have. Its mild flavors suit the taste buds of those who dislike strong and aromatic cheese flavors. 

So go for havarti whenever you are looking for milder flavors of taleggio cheese. It also has a springy texture and a hint of sweetness.

 One can use havarti for grilling or roasting purposes. As there is no rule for cheese, go for the same amount of Havarti as Taleggio cheese and enjoy the delicious cheese flavors. 

11. Gruyere


As taleggio cheese has a fruity note, Gruyere makes a great alternative. Gruyere has a fruit flavor with a hint of saltiness that is very noticeable, unlike other cheeses. 

Gruyere is creamy and soft and melts really well. If you look at the color of Gruyere, it is decent, but the flavor is a little intense and pungent. 

Gruyere might be expensive, but it is worth the try if you are a cheese lover. Go for half the amount of taleggio cheese, as you won’t want the strong smell to overpower your entire dish. 

12. Robiola


Robiola is basically made from cow’s milk but can also have sheep’s or goat’s milk. Why can it be used in place of Taleggio cheese? Simply because it is easily spreadable and has a milder and tangy flavor. 

The appearance and texture may differ, but there is no doubt that robiola is creamy inside out. You can go for the same amount of robiola as Taleggio cheese. Robiola is great to use as a spreader on slices of bread or crackles. 

13. Bel Paese Cheese

bel paese cheese

Bel paese cheese is from the same place as Taleggio cheese. That means they are kind of cousins to each other. And this is why bel paese cheese can be an excellent taleggio cheese substitute. 

Another common thing between these two kinds of cheese is that they have the same melting quality, so you don’t have to worry much while substituting. Now, one thing you will miss in bel paese cheese is the strong and pungent smell of taleggio cheese. 

That can be good news for those who want to eliminate the Taleggio cheese smell. I would suggest you intentionally substitute bel paese cheese so that you can have a slight variation in your dish.

Go for the same amount of bel paese cheese as Taleggio cheese, and you are good. 

14. Camembert


Circular in shape, camembert is from France with so many flavors and versatility. This cheese is made with cow’s milk because it is soft, creamy, and has the right flavors. I could call this an idle cheese. 

When substituting camembert for Taleggio, one thing that should be remembered is that camembert melts really fast. So use it in recipes that do not ask you to cook your cheese for long.

Like taleggio cheese, camembert also has an aromatic and strong smell. You can use it as a spreader on bread and crackers or maybe add it to your pizza. I recommend starting with a small quantity and gradually adjusting the quantity. 

15. Chevre


Chevre is made with sheep’s milk that is on top when it comes to versatility. Chevre is really soft and creamy, so you can use it instead of Taleggio cheese. Another reason why Chevre can be a good substitute is its milder flavors and smell.

Chevre can be soft and crumble at the same time. It is great to add to salads or use it as a spreader. Want some cheese on pizza? Chevre can be a great option. 

You can start with equal quantities of chevre in place of taleggio and obviously throw in more if you wish to.

16. Roquefort


Roquefort may look a little gross because of the blue spots that are because of the mold Penicillium roqueforti. This is the main reason why Roquefort is one of the most unique and delicious cheeses.

Basically, Roquefort is made with sheep’s milk and is left for aging in limestone caves. 

When it comes to taste and flavor, Roquefort is stronger than taleggio cheese. The texture of Roquefort can range from creamy to crumbly. That is why it is fit to add in almost all the different types of dishes.

I would suggest starting with smaller quantities and then adjusting as the strong flavor of the Roquefort may overpower the dish’s overall flavor. 

17. Gorgonzola


Gorgonzola is made with cow’s milk, like most cheeses available in the market. What is the one thing that sets gorgonzola apart from other cow milk-based cheeses?

 Let me tell you this. Gorgonzola is a blue cheese meaning you can find blue color splashed on the surface. 

The blue spots or veins on the cheese are because of the presence of molds, as it is left for around three months in the process of aging. 

Now we know you might find it a little weird, but gorgonzola has a great and strong flavor that will make any cheese lover go crazy.

Start with a small quantity, and you will be satisfied with the overall flavors and taste of the dish. You can use gorgonzola wherever you wish or if the recipe calls for Taleggio. 

18. Feta


We all have consumed feta cheese and are really fond of it. Feta cheese comes from sheep’s milk, sometimes a sheep and goat milk blend. 

Feta is loved because of its salty yet tangy flavor that teases your taste buds in a good way.

Simply crumble the pieces of feta cheese on salads or pasta and enjoy the creamy yet crumbly cheese. Using feta cheese in place of Taleggio will add depth to the dish.

 One can enjoy the creamy and tangy flavors of feta. Go for the same amount or reduce it by 10% for the starters and gradually keep adding. 

19. Ricotta


Ricotta cheese is not made with milk but from the whey of cow, sheep, or goat. When it comes to the texture of ricotta, it is very soft and creamy. You may feel little grains. However, they are very light.

Ricotta can be a great taleggio cheese substitute, especially in sweet and savory dishes that require mild flavored cheese. Top it on pizza or add pasta; ricotta cheese will fit in every possible dish that calls for a block of good cheese. 

Go for the same amount of ricotta as Taleggio cheese and may add in more because more is always better when it comes to cheese.

20. Reblochon


Made with raw cow milk, reblochon is another great taleggio cheese substitute. Reblochon is a great option if you are looking for some acidic flavor in the dish. It is creamy and soft in texture. 

The best thing about this fantastic French cheese is that it can be substituted for taleggio cheese in almost every dish. It brings nutty flavors as well. 

Overall, reblochon has an intense flavor. It may be milder and less pungent than taleggio cheese, but it is advised to use less reblochon while substituting it for taleggio cheese.

21. Urgelia Cheese


Directly from Spain, Urgelia cheese is something that one must try in their life. With a very creamy and soft texture like an idle cheese should, Urgelia cheese is salty, buttery, and delicious. 

It is semi-soft like taleggio cheese, but if we talk about flavors that are a little distinct from taleggio cheese. If you are looking for something more fun and delicious than taleggio cheese, then Urgelia cheese is the right choice.

Start with half an amount of Urgelia cheese, which is more flavorful than taleggio cheese. 

22. Limburger


Looking for something more pungent than Taleggio? Limburger is the one and only cheese that is tagged as one of the smelliest cheeses. And another great thing about Limburger is that the strong smell matches the strong taste, unlike Taleggio. 

Go for a Limburger only if you are ready for the pungent taste and smell. Some dishes actually pair great with Limburger. If substituting with taleggio cheese, Limburger should be used in small quantities. 

The common thing between both kinds of cheese is their process of making. One might not get comfortable with a Limburger for the first time, but it is a great and flavorful cheese that will stay in your mouth for a long time. 

23. Pont-l’Eveque


Pont-I’Eveque may sound fancy, but it is less or more like taleggio cheese simply because both are part of the washed-rind family that gives the pungent smell. 

You can simply use Pont-L’Eveque in all the recipes that call for taleggio cheese. It is one of the most popular and traditional cheeses in France. The texture and taste are very similar to taleggio cheese. 

All the features of this traditional French cheese are similar to taleggio cheese, so go for the same amount while substituting.

24. Goat Cheese

goat cheese

So far, we have discussed many different kinds of cheese, many of which are made with goat’s milk. This is why goat cheese is a great and readily available option if you are looking for a taleggio cheese substitute. 

Goat cheese is creamy and soft with a hint of salt and tanginess. The texture may not be similar to taleggio cheese, but you can add little water to attain the required consistency. 

Start with a smaller quantity, as goat cheese may have a milder flavor but is too salty compared to taleggio cheese.

Short Recap Of The Best Substitutes For Taleggio Cheese

Below is a short recap of the best substitute options for Taleggio Cheese.

Best Taleggio Cheese Substitutes In Terms Of Flavor – 

  • Fontina
  • Brie
  • Bel Paese Cheese

Best Taleggio Cheese Substitutes That Are Easily Available-

  • cheddar cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Feta cheese

Taleggio Cheese Substitutes That Should Be Least Considered-

  • Roquefort
  • Limburger

How To Use Taleggio Cheese Substitutes In A Recipe


24 Best Taleggio Cheese Substitute To try

Cheddar, comte cheese, Fontina, Brie, and even goat cheese are some of the best taleggio cheese substitutes. You can add them to your dish as they all have some other things in common.
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  • Cheddar
  • Comte Cheese
  • Emmentaler
  • Gouda
  • Manchego Cheese
  • Provolone
  • Edam Cheese
  • Fontina
  • Brie
  • Havarti
  • Gruyere
  • Robiola
  • Bel Paese Cheese
  • Camembert
  • Chevre
  • Roquefort
  • Gorgonzola
  • Feta
  • Ricotta
  • Reblochon
  • Urgelia Cheese
  • Limburger
  • Pont-l’Eveque
  • Goat Cheese


  • Go through the substitutes and see which one seems fit for the recipe.
  • Collect your ingredients and use your preferred substitute.
  • Use the substitute in the required amount and make the dish according to the recipe.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Finally, we are at the end of such a cheesy conversation. Without any doubt, taleggio cheese is a great option to add to your salads, pasta, pizza, or sauces.

If you want a little change or out of your favorite Taleggio cheese, I have helped you with all the best possible substitutes. Nonetheless, whatever you try, cheese can never go wrong. I hope this piece of cheese was helpful. I will be back soon.

Until then, eat some cheese and smile. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is taleggio cheese?

Taleggio cheese is known for its creamy texture that lies inside of a hard exterior. The combination of these gives a smooth texture, and one can enjoy it by spreading or melting it.

Can we use feta cheese in place of taleggio cheese?

Yes, feta cheese can be used in place of taleggio cheese. Feta cheese is also known for adding depth and flavors to the dish.

What should not be used in place of taleggio cheese?

Any type of cheese can be substituted, but if you don’t like the extra pungent smell and taste, then staying away from Limburger cheese is a great option. 

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