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Taco Bueno is an American-based restaurant that specializes in Mexican style cuisine. It was founded in 1967. The first Taco Bueno restaurant was opened in Abilene, Texas, United States.

Although there are many Mexican based restaurants that serve Tex-Mex food in America, Taco Bueno is still able to stand-out from its competitors by offering a wide variety of the menu and customizable options. This allows a customer to adjust and customize a food item according to his/her type.

So in this article, I will tell you the Taco Bueno menu prices. And apart from the menu, I will also tell you the Franchise Information, Contact Details and Nutritional Breakdown of all the items present on the Taco Bueno menu.

Taco Bueno Menu with Prices

Taco Bueno menu

Taco Bueno menu includes items such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. The food items are available in a wide variety such as beef soft taco, steak soft taco, party taco, bean burrito, steak quesadilla, beef quesadilla, cheese quesadilla, party burrito and more. The items are always prepared with fresh ingredients.

The main attraction of the Taco Bueno menu is its 12-inch flour tortilla that is stuffed with a bunch of ingredients like meat, chili sauce, chips, cheddar cheese and more. Similar to other brands like Taco Cabana, the chain has made a huge impact on the market with its quality of food that brings a sense of joy to your taste buds and with its well-known customer service from its staff.

So let’s check out the latest Taco Bueno menu with prices.


Hatch Chile Chicken Taco$1.99
Beef Crispy Taco$1.49
Beef Soft Taco$1.59
Beef Crispy BFT$2.89
Beef Soft BFT$2.99
Chicken Crispy Taco$1.89
Chicken Crispy BFT$3.49
Chicken Soft Taco$1.99
Steak Soft Taco$2.79
Beef Muchaco$2.69
Chicken Muchaco$2.99
Party Taco$1.09

Burritos & Quesadillas

Beef Bueno Burrito$2.99
Chicken Bueno Burrito$2.99
Beef B O B$3.99
Chicken B O B$4.49
Hatch Chile Quesadilla$4.99
Beef Quesadilla$3.89
Chicken Quesadilla$4.79
Cheese Quesadilla$3.59
Party Quesadilla$0.99

Bueno Values

Party Taco$1.09
Party Burrito$1.09
Beef Taco Rollup$0.99
Chicken Taco Rollup$1.39
Bean Burrito$1.49
Beef Potato Burrito$1.99
Chicken Potato Burrito$2.29
Mucho Tostada$2.49
Taco Burger$1.99
Party Quesadilla$0.99

Combo Meals

2 Hatch Chile Chicken Tacos & Fountain Drink (Limited Time)$5.00
Beef Muchaco, Crispy Beef Taco, Bean Burrito & Fountain Drink$6.59
2 Grilled Chicken Fajita Tacos, Small Chips & Queso & Fountain Drink$6.89
Three Crispy Beef Tacos & Fountain Drink$5.69
Beef Bueno Burrito, Crispy Beef Taco & Fountain Drink$5.39
Beef BOB, Small Chips & Queso & Fountain Drink$6.59
Chicken Quesadilla, Crispy Beef Taco & Fountain Drink$6.99
Beef Mucho Nachos, Soft Beef Taco & Fountain Drink$7.29
Beef Nacho Salad, Crispy Beef Taco & Fountain Drink$6.59
MexiDips & Chips, Beef Muchaco & Fountain Drink$6.99
2 Beef Crispy BFT’s, Bean Burrito & Fountain Drink$7.49
Beef Mucho Nachos & Fountain Drink (Limited Time)$5.00


Grande Beef Taco Platter$6.39
Grande Chicken Taco Platter$7.09
Beef Wholotta Platter$7.99
Chicken Wholotta Platter$8.39
Beef Taco Platter$4.99
Chicken Taco Platter$5.29
Beef Muchaco Platter$5.29
Chicken Muchaco Platter$5.59
Beef Chilada/Taco Platter$5.69
Chicken Chilada/Taco Platter$5.99
Beef Chilada Platter$5.99
Chicken Chilada Platter$6.19
Sour Cream Chicken Chilada Platter$6.59

Soups & Salads

Chicken Tortilla Soup (Cup)$2.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup (Bowl) $3.99
Big Freak’n Nachos$5.99
Beef Mucho Nachos$4.99
Chicken Mucho Nachos$4.99
Beef Nacho Salad$3.99
Chicken Nacho Salad$4.19
Beef Taco Salad$5.69
Chicken Taco Salad$5.99

Fresh Chips

Mega MexiDips$9.99
MexiDips & Chips$3.89
Chips & Guacamole (Regular)$2.69
Chips & Queso (Regular)$2.69
Chips & Queso (Small)$1.79
Chips (Bag)$0.89
Chips & Guacamole (Small)$1.79

Fajitas and Bowls

Chicken Fajitas (Single)$7.49
Combo Fajitas (Single)$8.49
Chicken Fajitas (Double)$10.99
Veggie Rice Bowl$4.49
Chicken Rice Bowl$5.49
Veggie Salad Bowl$4.49
Chicken Salad Bowl$5.49

Kids Meals

Kids Taco$3.99
Kids Burrito$3.99
Kids Quesadilla$3.99
Kids Chicken Taco Rollup$3.99


Party Beans$0.99
Mexican or White Rice$0.99
Sour Cream$0.99
Black Beans$1.39
Jalapeno Ranch$0.99
Cheddar Cheese$0.99
Chili Sauce$0.49
Queso (Large)$2.99
Taco Meat$1.19
Flour Tortilla (6 in.)$0.29


Cheesecake Chimichanga (Single)$1.49
Cheesecake Chimichanga (2 Pc.)$2.69
Cinnamon Chips$0.99
Cinnamon Bun$2.39


Fountain Drink (Small)$1.69
Fountain Drink (Medium)$1.89
Fountain Drink (Large)$2.19
Aquafina Water (Bottle)$1.59
Soft Drink (Bottle)$1.79
Kickstart (Can)$1.99
Gatorade (Bottle)$1.99
Tropicana Apple or Orange Juice (Bottle)$1.79
Frozen Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade (Small)$1.99
Frozen Lemonade or Strawberry Lemonade (Large)$2.49

Catering Sides

Guacamole (15.5 oz.)$6.99
Queso (16 oz.)$6.99
Grilled Peppers/Onions (8 oz.)$2.59
Chicken (1 Pound)$13.99
Diced Chicken (1 Pound)$10.99
Taco Meat (1 Pound)$10.19
Salsa Bar$9.95
Mexican Rice (Gallon)$19.95
Refried Beans (Gallon)$19.95

Minimum Order $125.

Catering Desserts

Cheesecake Chimichangas (12Pc.)$12.99

Catering Beverages

Sweetened or Unsweetened Tea (Gallon)$5.99

Catering Trays

Nacho Appetizer Tray$29.99

Serves 10.

Catering Fajita Taco Bar

Chicken Fajita Party Pack (Delivery)$7.99
Chicken Fajita Party Pack (Basic)$8.99
Chicken Fajita Party Pack (Full)$9.99

Minimum Order $125.

Catering Soft or Crispy Taco Bar

Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Ground Beef (Delivery)$5.69
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Ground Beef (Basic)$6.49
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Ground Beef (Full)$7.29
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Chicken (Delivery)$5.99
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Chicken (Basic)$6.79
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Chicken (Full)$7.59
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Combination (Delivery)$5.89
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Combination (Basic)$6.69
Soft or Crispy Taco Bar Combination (Full)$7.49

Minimum Order $125.

Catering Bueno Chilada Bar

Beef Bueno Chilada Bar (Delivery)$6.49
Beef Bueno Chilada Bar (Basic)$7.19
Beef Bueno Chilada Bar (Full)$7.89
Chicken Bueno Chilada Bar (Delivery)$7.09
Chicken Bueno Chilada Bar (Basic)$7.79
Chicken Bueno Chilada Bar (Full)$8.49
Combo Bueno Chilada Bar (Delivery)$6.99
Combo Bueno Chilada Bar (Basic)$7.59
Combo Bueno Chilada Bar (Full)$8.39

Minimum Order $125.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationhttps://www.tacobueno.com/assets/food/NutritionalGuide

Taco Bueno Franchise Information

Taco Bueno Franchise

Taco Bueno has 160 restaurants all over America. It has stores in states like Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama and Texas.  And if you want to open a Taco Bueno restaurant, then this is how much it will cost you.

Liquid Capital Required$750,000
Franchise Fee$1,000,000
Net Worth Required$35,000
Total Investment$1,100,000

Important Links

Official Websitetacobueno.com/
Online Orderingbuenoonthego.com/onlineorder

Taco Bueno Contact Information

Taco Bueno Corporate Office Address- Park West 1, 1605 LBJ Freeway, Suite 800, Farmer’s Branch, TX  75234

Taco Bueno Corporate Phone Numer- 1-972-919-4800

You can also contact the team of Taco Bueno by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/buenoheadquarters

Instagram Account- instagram.com/tacobueno/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/tacobueno

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