Taco Bueno Menu With Prices [Updated June 2024]

The Taco Bueno menu with prices may vary slightly according to your nearest location. I’ve provided Taco Bueno outlet’s menu from Texas, U.S. The menu is updated on 1st June 2024.

Taco Bueno Restaurant

For accurate prices, look for the menu of the nearest Taco Bueno menu from its official website, or any other food delivery app.

Taco Bueno menu with prices is all about Mexican food. Their menu includes tacos, muchacos, burritos, nachos, salads, platters, combos, fresh chips, etc. Most of their food items are below $10.

Before jumping to the menu, let’s have a quick look at the history.

Taco Bueno is an American-based restaurant that specializes in Mexican-style cuisine. It was founded in 1967. The first Taco Bueno restaurant was opened in Abilene, Texas, United States.

Taco Bueno Menu With Prices

Food from Taco Bueno

If you love Tex-Mex, then Taco Bueno has got a lot of options for you such as tacos, muchacos, burritos, quesadillas, fresh chips, and much more.

In salad and bowl section you can enjoy items like chicken taco salad, chicken nacho salad, beef nacho salad, etc on the menu.

Grilled beef taco is one of the most popular food from the menu of Taco Bueno. They also have combos and platters on their menu for large gatherings.

In tacos section items are like beef bft, soft chicken taco, chicken muchaco, crispy beef taco, etc, at a reasonable price.

Hence, it is strongly advocated that you should go through their menu for planning a get-together with friends and family.

At last, don’t forget to order sweets and drinks. So, let’s check out the latest Taco Bueno menu with prices.


Beef Quesadilla$6.39
Big Freak’n Quesadilla$7.59
Chicken Quesadilla$6.69
Cheese Quesadilla$5.19

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Salad And Bowls

Beef Taco Salad$7.19
Chicken Taco Salad$7.49
Beef Nacho Salad$5.29
Chicken Nacho Salad$5.49

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Nachos And Chips

Mexi Dips And Chips$5.29
Beef Mucho Nachos$6.89
Chicken Mucho Nachos$6.99
Mucho Tostada$3.79
Chips And Guacamole$2.29
Big Freak’N Nachos$7.29
Chips And Queso$2.19

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Been Burrito$2.09
Beef Burrito$4.19
Combo Burrito$4.19
Beef Bueno Burrito$4.29
Chicken Bueno Burrito$4.29
Beef BOB Big Freak’N$5.19
Chicken Bob$5.49
Beef Potato Burrito$3.49
Chicken Potato Burrito$3.49

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Crispy Beef Taco$2.09
Crispy Chicken Taco$2.19
Soft Beef Taco$2.19
Soft Chicken Taco$2.49
Beef BFT$4.19
Chicken BFT$4.49
Beef Muchaco$4.19
Chicken Muchaco$4.49

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Tex Mex Platters

Beef Bueno Chilada Platter$7.49
Beef Taco Platter$6.79
Chicken Bueno Chilada Platter$7.59
Beef Wholotta Platter$9.99
Chicken Wholotta Platter$10.49
Chicken Taco Platter$7.19
Beef Muchaco And Taco Platter$7.19
Chicken Muchaco And Taco Platter$7.19
Cheesy Chilada Platter$7.99

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How To Order Online From Taco Bueno?

Want to enjoy your favorites from Taco Bueno at home? Well! Now, you can have such a delightful experience. Wanna know how? Try ordering food from Taco Bueno by referring to their official website, or any other food delivery app.

To order food from Taco Bueno, you can refer to some leading food delivery service apps like Doordash, Grubhub, Seamless, Postmates, and UberEats. We have shared detailed screenshots that show how to order food online from Taco Bueno.

Finding The Latest Taco Bueno Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

1. Open the restaurant’s official website and place the order online.

Taco Bueno page

2. Add the location of any nearest outlet of Taco Bueno.

Taco Bueno location

3. Once you add the location, the complete menu will be displayed.

Taco Bueno menu


Now that you have reached the end of this article, you are well-versed with the details about Taco Bueno latest menu items and their prices. From delicious menu items to restaurant details and how to order online sections you have it all!

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Taco Bueno [FAQs]

How many total locations does Taco Bueno have in the U.S.?

Taco Bueno has total of 142 locations in the U.S.

Does Taco Bueno provide gift cards?

Yes, Taco Bueno provides gift cards. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

Which are the most famous food items at Taco Bueno?

The most famous food items at Taco Bueno are party taco, original crispy beef taco, unsweet tea, queso, original salsa, etc.

Does Taco Bueno have good food?

Yes, they have good food. It is the place to try out tasty flavors, mouthwatering salads, burritos or nachos.

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