Taco Bell Breakfast Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

The Taco Bell Breakfast menu and prices may slightly vary according to your nearest location. I’ve provided the breakfast menu of Taco Bell with prices from the Toledo, Ohio. The menu is updated on 1st of July 2024.

Taco Bell Restaurant

For the accurate prices, you might have to look for the breakfast menu of your nearest Taco Bell from its official website, or android app or iOS app, or any other food delivery app.

Taco Bell Breakfast menu with prices includes a Bell Breakfast box, hot Cinnabon delights coffee, cheesy toasted breakfast burrito sausage, and many more. This menu also includes Cinnabon delights, iced coffee, and breakfast crunchwrap bacon. A hearty breakfast meal at Taco Bell costs around $10.

Taco Bell is not only famous for tacos but also for many other Mexican comfies. Read the menu tables with prices below in this article. But before that, let me give you an insight into Taco Bell’s history.

Taco Bell is an American fast-food chain famous for Tex-Mex food. It was founded by Glen Bell in 1962 in California, US.

This restaurant brand has more than 7000 branches worldwide. More than 93% of the total Taco Bell restaurants are owned by the company, while others are franchised. 

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu With Prices

Taco Bell Food

Breakfast at Taco Bell is filled with the delight of Mexican flavors! If you wanna go for a full-packed breakfast meal at Taco Bell, then you should try the Bell breakfast box.

This boxed breakfast meal has grande toasted breakfast burrito sausage, hash brown, Cinnabon delights (2 pieces), and a medium fountain drink. The Bell breakfast meal box costs around $5.

Other than the breakfast box, Taco Bell’s breakfast menu has cheesy toasted breakfast burrito bacon, hash brown toasted breakfast burrito steak, grande toasted breakfast burrito steak, and many more.

Breakfast crunchwrap bacon has bacon, egg, cheese, hashbrown, and creamy Jalapeno sauce. This dish can be enjoyed with any condiment and costs around $2.99.

Taco Bell Breakfast menu prices are comparatively affordable, and breakfast burritos are its most famous breakfast dish. You can have a hearty breakfast combo meal at Taco Bell for just $4.99.

It’s a hash brown toasted breakfast burrito combo. It has golden crispy hash browns, a hash brown toasted breakfast burrito bacon and a fountain drink.

You can customize this hash brown burrito or swap it with other breakfast burritos offered at Taco Bell. 

The grande toasted breakfast burrito combo is priced slightly higher than the hash brown toasted breakfast burrito combo. The grande toasted breakfast burrito combo is available at Taco Bell for $5.69.

This combo meal has a grande toasted breakfast burrito sausage with two pieces of hash brown and a medium-sized fountain drink. 

The grande toasted breakfast burrito sausage has a three-cheese blend, egg, sausage crumbles, tomatoes, and potatoes, all mixed with creamy jalapeno sauce, sour cream, and guacamole.

You can choose to add more cheese, bacon, steak, and sauces to this burrito. Extra sauces might cost you around $0.85.

The breakfast salsa at Taco Bell is served for free with the meal. You can pair up your breakfast meal at Taco Bell with drinks like fountain drinks, hot coffee, iced coffee, and many more.

Iced Cinnabon Delights premium-roast coffee has premium-roast coffee having Cinnabon Delights flavor and vanilla creamer. The price of this drink is $2.19.

To have a citrusy freshness to your breakfast, add Mountain Dew Kickstart orange citrus at Taco Bell!

This drink has a refreshing taste with a citrusy punch of orange flavor and is priced at $2.19 on the Taco Bell Breakfast menu.

There are three different flavors sizes – small, medium, and large, available for the drinks at Taco Bell. 

That’s not all about Taco Bell’s breakfast menu with prices! Read the menu tables below to have the updates about this restaurant’s breakfast menu.

You’ll also find Taco Bell’s franchising details, the nutritional value of its breakfast menu items, and other important links in this article. 


Bell Breakfast Box$6.00
Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon$1.49
Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Sausage$1.29
Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Potato$1.29
Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Steak$3.99
Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Sausage$3.29
Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Bacon$6.29
Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito Combo$5.69
Breakfast Quesadilla Sausage$2.89
Breakfast Quesadilla Bacon$2.89
Breakfast Quesadilla Steak$3.29
Breakfast Quesadilla Combo$4.99
Breakfast Crunchwrap Bacon$3.29
Breakfast Crunchwrap Sausage$3.29
Hash Brown$1.00
Cinnabon Delights – 2 Pack$1.99
Cinnabon Delights – 12 Pack$6.69
Regular Iced Coffee$1.99
Premium Hot Coffee $1.99
Hot Cinnamon Delights Coffee$2.29
Iced Cinnabon Delights Coffee$2.29
Breakfast Salsa$0.00


Cinnamon Twists$1.22
Cinnabon Delights 2 Pack$2.43
Cinnabon Delights 12 Pack$7.31


Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes$2.79
Mild Sauce Packet$0.00
Hot Sauce Packet$0.00
Fire Sauce Packet$0.00
Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce$2.79
Diablo Sauce Packet$0.00
Cinnabon Delights 2 Pack$2.43
Cinnabon Delights 12 Pack$7.31
Cinnamon Twists$1.22
Nacho Cheese Sauce$1.04
Spicy Ranch$0.61
Reduced-Fat Sour Cream$0.92
Creamy Jalapeno Sauce$0.49
Pintos N Cheese$2.79
Avocado Ranch Sauce$0.61
Chipotle Sauce$0.49
Black Beans And Rice$2.06
Black Beans$2.06
Lava Sauce$1.22


MTN Dew Baja Blast$2.31
Blue Raspberry Breeze Freeze$4.01
MTN Dew Baja Blast Freeze$4.01
Dole Lemonade Strawberry Squeeze$2.31
Diet Pepsi$2.31
Blue Raspberry Freeze$4.01
MTN Dew Baja Blast Zero Sugar$2.18
Cherry Pepsi$2.31
MTN Dew$2.31
Brisk Mango Fiesta$2.31
Pepsi Zero Sugar$2.31
Drinks Party Pack$4.88
G2 Gatorade Fruit Punch$2.31
Mug Root Beer$2.31
Brisk Dragon Paradise Sparkling Iced Tea$2.31
Lipton Unsweetened Iced Tea$2.31
MTN Dew Zero$2.31

How To Order Taco Bell Breakfast Online?

Want to enjoy your Taco Bell favorites but don’t feel like going out and visiting the restaurant? Don’t worry! I have a great option for you. You can order Taco Bell food online from its official website. You can also use its android app or iOS app to order Taco Bells food online. The delivery services of this restaurant are really impressive and hassle-free. 

If you don’t have Taco Bell’s app downloaded on your phone, you can use other food delivery platforms like Doordash, Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates, or Seamless to order food online from Taco Bell. Now, read further to have a detailed view of how to check out the updated menu of your nearest Taco Bell outlet.

Finding The Latest Taco Bell Breakfast Menu With Prices Of Your Nearest Location

  1. Visit the homepage of Taco Bell. Then, click on the “Locations” to find your nearest Taco Bell outlet.
Taco Bell Menu 1
  1. Now, enter your location in the search box and search the Taco Bell restaurant in your location. Choose the Taco Bell restaurant nearest to you and click the “order online” option.
How To Order From Taco Bell Online?
  1. Choose the option between “In-Store” and “Drive-Thru,” and then you’ll be directed to the menu of the restaurant. 
How To Order From Taco Bell Online?
  1. Start adding the breakfast menu items to your cart. 
How To Order From Taco bell Online
  1. Click on the “Cart” and review the list of menu items you want to order. Click on the “Check out” to proceed for payment options. Enter your contact details and your payment information and confirm your order. 
Taco Bell Menu 6


As we conclude, why not spice up your morning routine and give Taco Bell breakfast a try? Make sure you share you delightful experience with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Taco Bell Breakfast [FAQs]

What is Taco Bell famous for?

Taco Bell is wildly famous for Mexican and Tex-Mex food. Its most popular dishes are soft tacos, bean burritos, quesarito, quesadillas, and many more. 

Does Taco Bell offer breakfast dishes?

Yes, Taco Bell offers delicious Mexican-styled breakfast dishes. Some of its famous breakfast dishes are Bell breakfast box, cheesy toasted breakfast burrito potato, hash brown toasted breakfast burrito steak, and breakfast crunchwrap combo are its famous breakfast items.

What are the breakfast hours of Taco Bell?

Breakfast at Taco Bell is served between 7 A.M. to 10 A.M. Some of the outlets of Taco Bell serve breakfast till 11 A.M. 

Can we order breakfast from Taco Bell online?

Yes, Taco Bell accepts online orders from its official website and its android or iOS app. You can also order Taco Bell’s breakfast dishes from other food delivery platforms like Doordash, GrubHub, etc. 

Does Taco Bell offer any traditional American breakfast dishes?

No, Taco Bell does not offer traditional American breakfast dishes, but it offers Mexican traditional breakfast dishes. You’ll find many delicious breakfast burritos and other dishes on the breakfast menu of Taco Bell.

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