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Why You Should Make the Switch From Instant Coffee To Real Coffee Beans

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Is your morning cup of coffee the thing that gets your day started off right? Whether you enjoy a cup at home, en route, or at the office, it could be the high point of your morning. If you’re drinking instant coffee, it might not be the high point you think it is. 

Instant Coffee And Coffee Beans

Instant coffee may seem like the cheaper, faster, easier way to meet your caffeine needs, but it’s not the best choice for several reasons. We’ve got five solid reasons why you should make the switch from instant coffee to real beans now. 

6 Reasons To Switch From Instant Coffee To Real Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

While instant coffee might sound like a pleasant treat to you after an exhausting day, nothing beats the taste of coffee made from real coffee beans. The taste, the mouthfeel, almost everything is better when it comes to coffee made from real coffee beans.

While there are many people backing the same opinion, you might want to know for yourself as to why you should switch from instant coffee to coffee made from real coffee beans. Given below are the 6 reasons why you should replace your daily cup of coffee with one made using real coffee beans. Take a look!

1. Flavor

Coffee Beans

Most people don’t down that glorious bean water for the caffeine content, and that means flavor matters. Instant coffee all tastes similar because most of the flavor breaks down during processing. A strange, burnt flavor lingers after every sip, no matter what instant coffee you choose.

That’s not the case with real coffee beans. Roasters use high-quality beans and different roasting processes to retain maximum flavor. Each roaster puts a unique spin on their coffee blends to create almost endless flavor combinations. Consequently, you have numerous flavorful options when you buy coffee beans from reputable providers, like Mystic Monk Coffee

2. Quality

Coffee Beans

Instant coffee is cheap because it typically comes from the Robusta beans that have three things in common, a bitter flavor, high acidity, and high caffeine content. Robusta beans are readily available and cheap to grow, making them ideal for instant coffees. Unfortunately, the coffee farmers pay the price of your savings.

Conversely, most beans are Arabica which has sweeter flavor notes, less caffeine, and overall smoother quality. They are harder to grow and more expensive, but that’s why you get a wide variety of flavors. 

Discerning coffee drinkers might be fortunate enough to try Liberica or Excelsa beans, the rarest coffees on the market. They have unique, complex flavors without bitterness. You’ll never experience one of these rare beans as instant coffee!

3. For Your Health

Coffee And Coffee Beans

Instant coffee is made by spray drying or freeze-drying the beans, meaning they are heavily processed to become instant. These roasting processes for instant coffee also produce more chemicals than you get with beans.

Additionally, companies often add things to the instant blends. While it might improve the flavor, it’s a lot of additives and extras that may not be the best for your health or your taste buds. You could add dessert-inspired coffee creamers, but they add more than flavor to your instant brew by packing on the calories and fat content.

On the other hand, coffee beans endure less processing to retain and enhance their natural flavors. Not only do you get better flavors from the beans, but you also get a more complete bean with antioxidants. 

Coffee beans are cleaner and better for your health, and if it tastes better, you’re more apt to drink it black. Drinking black coffee has several potential health benefits that give it a leg up on instant coffee.

4. Clean Caffeine


While instant coffees pack a caffeine punch, it’s generally a hard and fast high compared to the more balanced buzz you get from brewing beans. Instant coffee typically contains less caffeine than beans, so even though you get a quick jolt of caffeine, it often requires more cups to deliver the same content.

Don’t count brewed coffee out when it comes to caffeine content, either. There are several ways to adjust the caffeine content from beans, including brew time. You don’t even need a luxury coffee brewer to get the most out of your beans. Leaving the coffee in the water longer, like with a French press or pour-over, can yield a higher caffeine content without the bitter notes. 

5. Flexibility

Coffee Beans

There’s not much wiggle room with instant coffee. You pour the directed amount into a cup and add water. If you want more, you need to have another serving. What if you want less? It’s not as easy or straightforward to portion out a reduced serving.

With coffee beans, it’s easy to create a custom brew by adjusting the water-to-coffee ratio. You can brew as many or as few cups as you need to get through the morning.

6. Eco-Friendly


It seems odd that your coffee drinking habits could impact the environment, but it’s true. Think about how instant coffee arrives in individual pouches or a large plastic container. That waste goes into landfills and, ultimately, the oceans. 

Switching to coffee beans reduces waste and can help the environment. Coffee grounds make excellent fertilizer for gardens. If you don’t have a home garden, you could hand over your grounds to neighbors. Plus, many coffee roasters use recyclable and biodegradable packaging to do their part.

Before You Go

Instant coffee has a time and place for many drinkers, but it’s not the best choice if you desire a quality cup of coffee. You’ll get a better all-around experience with quality beans and the brew method of your choice.

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