How To Make Sweet Tamales At Home

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This recipe is one of my favorite recipes and it is a very famous Mexican cuisine. I am talking about the Sweet Tamales. This recipe is made using the corn husks that we usually throw away without knowing that it can be utilized.

Sweet Tamales

I came to know about this recipe when one of my friends invited me to a party. I tasted these Tamales for the first time and they were quite impressive.

I have never had anything like this before in my entire life. And after searching about this recipe online and also by taking the help of my friend, I tried to make this recipe at home. And it tasted really great. So, I thought why not share this recipe with you guys. So let’s start this recipe without wasting any time further.

If you don’t have masa harina, there’s nothing to worry. Here is a list of masa harina substitutes that you can use.

This recipe takes a little bit of time, so you have to wait for a while for this recipe to get completed. And with that said let’s move towards the ingredients as they are the first step of any recipe. But here are some other amazing recipes that you should definitely try.

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Ingredients For Sweet Tamales

Corn husks25 pc
Raisins1 ½ cups
Masa harina4 ½ cups
Baking powder1 ½ cups
Ground cinnamon1 tsp
Table salt½ tsp
Canola oil¾ cups + 2 tsp
Warm water3 cups

So these were the ingredients and you can get them at any nearby grocery store or supermarket.

How Much Time It Will Take?

As I said earlier, this recipe takes quite a time to get done. You have to wait for quite some time to taste this amazing recipe.

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
1 hour1.5 hour2.5 hour

Now is the main part of what we’ve been waiting for. Yes! Let’s start cooking Sweet Tamales

Sweet Tamales Recipe

Sweet Tamales recipe
  1. In a large pot, put corn husks.
  2. Put enough hot water in the pot such that corn husks can completely get covered. With aluminum foil, cover the bowl and let it soak for 1 hour until it gets soft.
  3. Take a microwave-safe bowl and fill it completely with water, now add raisins into it so that the raisins are completely covered.
  4. Microwave it for 3 minutes on high temperature with stirring after every 2 minutes.
  5. Take them out and let it rest for 15 minutes by covering it with aluminum foil. Strain the water and keep the raisins aside.
  6. Take a large bowl and add masa harina, ground cinnamon, sugar, and salt and baking powder. Mix together to continue.
  7. Now start making the dough, add some oil and mix it with your hands. The dough should be soft and stretchy.
  8. Add those wet raisins and also add warm water and mix it well.
  9. Remove the excess water from those husks and keep them completely dry. Put them on a baking sheet for your convenience.
  10. Take a corn husk and keep its rough side on your palm, now on the smoother surface put this sweet tamale dough that you made with a spoon and close it.
  11. Now fold the edges of the corn husk like a notebook and fold it again. Fold the husks such that they are completely covered and no filling can spill out of them.
  12. Fill the steam pot with water and cover the steamer inside.
  13. Set the sweet tamales into the steamer keeping the open end facing upwards and make sure they are lean towards the side of the pot so that they don’t fall down.
  14. Cover the lid of the steamer tightly and cook over a medium-high flame.
  15. Bring the water to a roaring boil and then reduce the heat.
  16. Keep them into the steam for 1-1 ½ hours until the masa is cooked entirely. When it’s done you can check it by looking at the masa, if it’s easily separating from the corn husks then it’s cooked completely.
  17. Take the tamales out of the steamer and serve.

So we are finally done with the cooking and now you can enjoy this above-mentioned recipe of Sweet Tamales with your family and friends.

Nutritional Facts Of Sweet Tamales

This recipe is a healthy one but there are many health conscious people like me who always want the exact nutritional breakdown of food items. So here is the list

Fat9 gm
Cholesterol0 mg
Carbohydrates37 gm
Protein2 gm
Calcium180 mg
Iron0.5 mg
Sodium31 mg

How To Make Sweet Tamales at Home | Video

If you are trying this recipe for first time at your home then I would like to recommend this video for you. This will help you to know the recipe in a more precise way and make this even better.

Video by Claudia Regalado

I hope you like this Sweet Tamales recipe and will definitely make it at your home. Please let us know your valuable comments and reviews about this recipe in the comment box below.

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