Vital Things You Need To Know About Sunbasket And Home Chef Before Making A Choice

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Have you been trying to decide on a meal plan service for your family? There are a lot of meal kit delivery services available to choose from. And two of the most popular services are Sunbasket and Home Chef. However, these two companies have their strengths and weaknesses. In this article, you’ll learn some vital things about sunbasket vs home chef

Sunbasket And Home Chef

1. Popular Meals

The meals in the Sunbasket plan are inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The company is committed to using organic, sustainable, and local ingredients whenever possible. They focus on simple recipes that require minimal prep work or cooking time but still taste delicious.

SunBasket states they use 15-20% of the world’s water every year for their business, with no plans to change this policy anytime soon. So, it would be best to keep that in mind when considering whether their services are a good option.

On the other hand, Home Chef meals are typically easier to customize. You can add chicken, steak, or shrimp for a little extra cost if you are a vegetarian. The downside of Home Chef is that their menu does not change much, and they don’t have quite the variety as Sunbasket on every type of food (though it still offers plenty).

2. Packaging

Sunbasket and Home Chef both offer their meals in glass containers with accompanying reusable plastic lids. They are similar, but not the same: Sunbasket’s lid is tear-resistant Styrofoam used to microwave or oven cook the food. In contrast, Home Chef uses a more conventional heat-resistant plastic cover for microwaving purposes only. 

The main difference between these two companies is how they package their dishes: SunBasket packages four of its six meal selections per box according to dietary needs (vegetarian/gluten-free), whereas HomeChef does so for all twelve entrées offered.

3. Price Difference

Sunbasket’s pricing is more expensive than Home Chef, but the cost of shipping is included in its subscription price.

The delivery fee for SunBasket ranges from $69.00 to $79.00 depending on your location and time slot selected, which means meals are purchased at a price higher than if you were to buy them online or in-store yourself (approximately). 

They offer two plans: one that provides three meals per week with deliveries every other day ($129/week), and another that includes six lunches each week with deliveries made daily ($179/week). 

Home Chef has four different meal plan options ranging from fresh food delivered monthly to frozen food shipped weekly, though they do not include the fees in the packages. 

Sunbasket offers three types of plans: a home cooking kit that includes two recipes and 12 ingredients with new recipes each month, and at-home tasting subscription which delivers one formula and five organic ingredients per week, or a pantry box that features six preselected items such as pasta sauce, olive oil, and nuts for $69/month (or less if you subscribe quarterly).

4. Delivery And Cancellation Policies

Sunbasket offers a variety of meal delivery packages. The Classic Meal Plan ($89) includes three meals and two snacks per week, while the Basic Meal Plan ($59) offers one to five meals with corresponding ingredients each week.

Home Chef allows you to customize your order according to how many people are in your household for weekly and biweekly orders (ranging from $18-$32). With Home Chef’s flexible cancellation policy, customers can cancel at any time by logging into their account on or calling customer service without incurring additional charges. 

Sunbasket does not offer canceled deliveries unless they have been prearranged with the company due to extenuating circumstances like illness or vacation plans.

Home Chef offers a cancellation fee. If you cancel your order after it has been prepared, Home Chef will refund the amount of food that was not used and charge for any meals already delivered to customers.

The customer service is excellent with both companies, but what sets Sunbasket apart from other meal delivery services is their long-term success rate. They have successfully helped over 100 thousand people lose weight. They also offer vegetarian options, which are lacking in similar home cooking services. The cost of each plan is approximately $600 per month, making this one of the most expensive diet programs out there. 

The Verdict

These are some of the most important things you need to consider before choosing one of these delivery services. Sunbasket is perfect for people who want various healthy recipes with organic ingredients delivered right to their doorstep.

On the other hand, Home Chef is ideal for people who love the idea of a pre-made meal with everything they need in one box delivered right to their door, like pasta and sauce or chicken tenders and fries.

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