Subway’s New Italian Sub Range

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Subway always keeps room for improvement and creativity. With regular transformations to its menu, the brand keeps its customers engaged and in love with them. 

Subway's Two New Sandwiches

Now, you might be wondering, why am I suddenly all praise for Subway? This is because Subway just released some exciting news!

As Subway’s slogan goes, “Make it what you want!”, Subway is making our day! Last year, in July, the brand made headlines by giving its menu a whole new makeover. Subway made history for its brand by making the biggest menu change in July 2021.

Now, almost a whole year later, Subway is back on the menu revamping scene! The brand is reported to be introducing three new sandwiches to its menu! According to a press release, these sandwiches have been inspired by Italian flavors and will be available nationwide.

This new range of sandwiches includes two subs inspired by Italian flavors and another one created with the help of Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers star quarterback. 

The first in this range is the “Mozza sub.” This sub will include capicola with a pairing of BelGioioso fresh mozzarella and black forest ham.

Subway’s MVP parmesan vinaigrette, tomatoes, spinach, red onions, and banana peppers are told to be the toppings of this sub. All of this would be served on two slices of artisan Italian bread.

The second one in this range is the “Supreme Meats sub.” This is made using capicola, Genoa salami, black forest ham, and pepperoni. These four kinds of pork will be served on Italian bread with lettuce, provolone, tomatoes, banana peppers, parmesan vinaigrette, and red onions.

The last and the most exciting one in this range is Jimmy Garoppolo’s Benissimo sandwich. This sandwich features the NFL player Jimmy Garoppolo.

This sandwich is made by using rotisserie chicken, provolone, and pepperoni. It’s finally topped with spinach, peppercorn ranch, tomatoes, Italian herbs and is served on cheese bread.

Although all three of these sandwiches are available on the menu, you can order them via Subway’s website or their mobile app featuring their online menu, “The Vault.”

This new range introduced by Subway is guaranteed to be delicious and can even be your favorite! So, try these new Subway subs and make your day!

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