How to Make Strawberry Vinaigrette at Home

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Julbi Pandoh
Julbi is a Punjab native who enjoys nothing better than making something special from a bunch of ingredients for her husband and daughter. This is what she loves to do and no one can deny the fact how much a Punjabi loves food. And we can see that in Julbi’s enthusiasm for food.

I was on a business lunch where I was served Strawberry Vinaigrette as a salad dressing. It was quite tasty and sweet. I absolutely loved it. Since the meeting went quite well, I resolved to make it.

I was surprised to know how easy it was to make Strawberry Vinaigrette recipe as I thought it would be quite difficult. I served it to my family as well and they were delighted. I was then instructed to make it very often. I was thrilled to hear this since this little effort brought smiles to the faces of my loved ones.

Strawberry is surely one of the most delicious fruits which makes your mouth watery with its taste. Vinaigrette is made by mixing an oil with vinegar or lemon juice. It is commonly used as salad dressing or sometimes as a marinade as well. It is diminutive form of the French word “vinaigre” meaning vinegar. In the 19th century, it was commonly known as “French Dressing” .

Strawberry Vinaigrette is surprisingly quite effortless and easy to make dish. I have brought the Strawberry Vinaigrette Recipe for you to make it at your home. I am sure it would bring a smile on your face.

Ingredients required for Strawberry Vinaigrette Recipe

Honey2 tablespoons
Apple cider vinegar2 tablespoons
Frozen Strawberries8 ounces
Olive oil2 tablespoons
Salt1/4 tablespoon
Ground black pepper1/4 teaspoon

How much time will it take?

Preparation timeTotal time
10 minutes10 minutes

Strawberry Vinaigrette Recipe

Strawberry Vinaigrette recipe
  1. Take a blender.
  2. Blend strawberries, honey, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt and black pepper together.
  3. Serve when the ingredients get smooth.

Nutritional information of Strawberry Vinaigrette Recipe

Total fats3 gm
Sodium66 mg
Potassium42 mg
Total carbohydrates6.2 gm
Dietary fiber0.5 gm
Proteins0.1 gm
Sugars5 gm
Vitamin A 11 IU
Vitamin C10 mg
Calcium5 mg
Magnesium3 mg

How to Make Strawberry Vinaigrette at Home | Video

Video by Tommy – Raw Blend

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