How to Make Stracciatella Cheese at Home

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Something which is very tasty and healthy is what everyone wishes for. Do you know the cheese that you eat is not only tasty but healthy too? Well, I am not sure about the other cheeses that are available in the market but the one which I am going to tell you is definitely the most delicious and healthy cheese ever.

Stracciatella Cheese

This cheese is made from the milk of Italian buffalo and is very high in calcium and proteins. This cheese is made by mixing the shredded mozzarella with sweet cream. You will love this cheese and you can make it at home. 

You will love this cheese and you can make it at home. That sounds great. Now, what is this cheese called? So, today we are going to make stracciatella cheese at home. Yes! At home, you heard it correct. This is the best cheese recipe you will come across. This recipe takes not much of your time. It is an easy one and will not confuse and trouble you.

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Ingredients for Stracciatella Cheese

Kosher salt1 tsp
Mozzarella curd1 pound
Heavy cream1 cup
Baguette (sliced)1 pc
Olive oil½ cup
Garlic2 cloves
Black pepper½ tsp

So these are the ingredients that you will need and no need to worry, you can easily get them at your nearest grocery or supermarket store.

This recipe will take an adequate amount of time but it will be really great if you allow it to take its own time and cook smoothly. Here is a time reference that will help you out to know the actual cooking duration details.

 How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
20 minutes1 hour 5 minutes1 hour 25 minutes

Now comes the most favorite part of everyone. I usually don’t like to wait for the recipe while it is cooking but you don’t have to wait much because here are the complete directions of this stracciatella cheese. Let’s start making.

Stracciatella Cheese Recipe

Stracciatella Cheese recipe
  1. Take a large pot full of water and bring it to a boil and add kosher salt to it. Let it cool after it has boiled.
  2. Now put mozzarella curd into a large mixing bowl and add the water which you boiled in the above step.
  3. Stir this mixture using a wooden spoon and allow the cheese to stretch.
  4. Take half of the whey water and allow it to cool. Meanwhile, knead the remaining cheese and make sure no lumps are formed.
  5. After the cheese has been formed take it out and cut off a section of cheese and put it in the whey water that you have cooled. 
  6. Now take the sections of the mozzarella from the cool water into a mixing bowl and put heavy cream to it.
  7. Mix them well and you will get the perfect Stracciatella cheese.

So you are finally done with the cooking and can now enjoy this creamy and stretchy stracciatella cheese with anything you want. I would prefer you to have it with the Tacos or Sambosa at your home.

Nutritional Facts Of Stracciatella Cheese

Well, this Stracciatella Cheese is full of nutrition but if you would like to have a complete nutritional breakdown, then please check the table below.

Fat7 gm
Protein5 gm
Sugar 0 gm
Carbohydrates0 gm
Dietary fiber0 gm

How To Make Stracciatella Cheese at Home | Video

If you are new to the kitchen and trying this recipe for the first time, then I would recommend you to watch this video, which will guide you while making it.

Video by vito iacopelli

I hope you will like this recipe and will definitely try this at home. Enjoy this with your family and friends and tell us about your reviews and experiences. Till then stay tuned for more such recipes.

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