Starbucks Launches New Borrow-a-Cup Program

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Starbucks is famous for two reasons – The coffee it serves and the cups it serves the coffee in! The Instagram-worthy Starbucks coffee cup that people are diehard fans of is getting a makeover! (It is probably getting hot-cup summer!)

Starbucks Coffee

The Starbucks cups have undergone major changes throughout the years. Be it the red holiday cheer cups or the tumblers designed for Valentine’s Day, each one of them is just as iconic as the last one!

You must be aware of the amount of plastic and non-biodegradable materials used for food packaging. In recent years, several brands have combatted plastic and paper packaging usage by completely eliminating them from their packaging.

Following the same action plan, Starbucks has announced the eventual elimination of the usage of plastic and paper cups for their drinks. They intend to do so by providing a more sustainable replacement.

Starbucks has been reported to use about 7 billion disposable single-use cups every year. Keeping in mind the same, Starbucks will be testing about 20 different methods in several of its locations to eliminate plastic packaging plans.

Starbucks has always been criticized for the amount of waste they produce every year. Having a large waste footprint, this plan would surely bring about positive changes for both the brand and the environment.

Starbucks has now launched a 100% reusable cup program in its Seattle, Washington Headquarters. Starbucks employees who order a drink from inside the headquarters will be served in reusable cups or the employees’ container.

This borrow-a-cup program is currently being tested at several locations, including London, Japan, Singapore, etc. Under this program, customers can also get a 10 cent discount if they bring their reusable cups.

This program will be implemented on both hot and cold drinks and will come in all three Starbucks’ original cup sizes. These reusable cups are made from 100% recyclable materials.

After consuming their beverage, customers can return their cup at one of the several kiosks located across the company’s headquarters. These cups are then properly washed along with getting sanitized later so that they can be reused. 

We appreciate the steps taken by Starbucks to lessen its waste production and help the environment. We wish them good luck in this endeavor!

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