Starbucks Holiday 2022 Lineup – Cup, Tumblers, Mug, And More

The holiday season is the best time of the year to spread joy and cheer. But it’s even more so for die-hard Starbucks fans with special surprises waiting for them. 

starbucks holiday cups 2022

Starbucks holiday drinks are always the highlight of the season. But it’s hard to resist the gorgeous holiday lineup of attractive Starbucks merchandise and grocery products.

Like every year, Starbucks’ Holiday 2022 lineup is up for sale. Let me warn you that it is bigger and better in many ways. Moreover, it comes with a spectacular and expansive selection of designs. 

The list of Starbucks holiday drinks is on point. You will get to know more about it in the sections below. But if you haven’t checked out Starbucks merchandise and grocery products lineup yet, you have landed at the right place.

The much-awaited Starbucks holiday 2022 lineup includes tumblers, mugs, and cups that are great to buy for yourself and make for an awesome gifting option. Believe me; you will be spoiled for choices.

Furthermore, you can also collect at-home coffee and grocery products that come in bright and eye-catchy packaging. Needless to say, they hold a delectable variety of coffee flavors. 

Are you excited to check out the Starbucks holiday 2022 lineup? Take a look!

Starbucks Holiday 2022 Lineup 

Here are all the exciting products in the 2022 holiday lineup for Starbucks. 

1. The Drinks

starbucks Christmas menu

Starbucks launched its holiday drinks menu on November 3rd, available this month and in December. The list includes six official drinks, including three hot and three cold drinks.

The three hot drinks include peppermint mocha, caramel Brulee latte, toasted white chocolate mocha, and chestnut praline latte. 

Two cold drinks to relish include Irish cream cold brew and an iced sugar cookie almond milk latte. The peppermint mocha is also available in a cold version. 

You can customize some of these drinks and try out Starbucks’ secret menu items. To find out more about these drinks, check out the Starbucks Christmas menu with prices here.

2. The Food

Starbucks Christmas Menu

Why stick to just drinks when you can pair them with delicious bakery goods? Starbucks has introduced five delectable holiday food items this season.

These include Christmas-themed traditional cookies and pops like snowman cookies, sugar plum cheese Danish, cranberry bliss bar, and a reindeer cake pop.

The popular brand has also introduced a new holiday item: the chocolate pistachio swirl. All these food items bring holiday flavors to the table and match the Christmas vibe. 

3. Cups, Mugs, Tumblers, And More 

Starbucks Holiday cups

Coming to the best part, the Starbucks holiday 2022 lineup features colorful cups, tumblers, and mugs. 

Starting with the cups, Starbucks has introduced four new holiday cups that have a gift-like appearance. To bring the true Christmas vibe in the palm of your hand, these cups come in the classic seasonal color palette of red, white, and mint green.

They also feature holiday motifs like snowflakes, sparkles, and ornaments.

Christmas is also about the idea of gifting and spreading joy. Therefore, the Starbucks cups also feature ribbons and tape motifs to create joy.

One unique element of the cup design is the addition of gift tags on the backside of the side. Here you can add personalized notes.

Apart from these in-store cups, the holiday lineup includes gradient bling cups and matching bling ornaments, glitter bubble cups, glitter floral cups with straws (pack of 5), bling cups, jeweled cups, and color-changing hot cup set of 6 that can be purchased and used for the whole year. 

Check out the list of these cups, mugs, and tumblers, along with their prices.

1. Gradient Bling Cups With Matching Ornaments 


The gradient bling cups with matching ornaments are available in two colors- teal and pink, in venti size. Their matching ornaments are sold separately. 

These cold cups with the Starbucks logo on the front face. The cups are priced at $22.95, and the ornaments are priced at $12.95.

2. Bling Cold Cups 


Just like the gradient bling cold cups, you also have the bling cold cups with ornaments available in two shiny colors. You can choose between gold and sangria colors if you want to make your holiday party drinks dazzle in metallic hues. 

These cold cups are available in 24 oz sizes. The cups are priced at $ 29.95, and the ornaments are priced at $ 14.95. 

3. Glitter Bubbles Cups 

Starbucks Glitter Bubbles Cups

 The glitter bubble cups are shiny metallic cups that will keep your beverage warm. They come in venti (24 oz) size.

The glitter bubble cup is priced at $22.95.

4. Glitter Floral Cups With Straws 

Glitter Floral Cups With Straws 

If you are looking to purchase a set of cups for gifting, you can purchase glitter floral cups with straws. This Starbucks offering is a set of 5 cups made to hold iced drinks.

The glitter floral cups with straw feature different winter floral designs and come in pink, green, and red colors. This pack of 24 oz size cups is available for $19.95 for all 5.

4. Jeweled Cups 

Jeweled Cold Cups (24 oz) and Jeweled Ornaments

If you love jewel tones, then you must purchase the new jeweled cold cups available in white, merlot, and azure colors with matching ornaments. 

They are the perfect party cups that are sure to grab many stares. The jeweled cups are priced at $22.95, and the ornament costs $12.95.

5. Color Changing Hot Cups 

Color Changing Hot Cups

The color-changing hot cups are always fun to have around. These cups are available in a pack of 6.

As the name suggests, these cups change colors when hot liquid is poured into them. This pack of 16 oz six hot cups is priced at $19.95. 

6. Enchanted Forest Cup

starbucks enchanted forest cup

Another cup to add some holiday magic is the enchanted forest cup. This cup is made to hold iced cold drinks.

This cup has a light pink base color and a floral design all over. This 24 oz cup is priced at $27.95.

7. Light Pink Lace Cup 

Starbucks Light Pink Lace Cup 

The light pink lace cup is only available at Starbucks-licensed stores, including those inside grocery stores, airports, hotels, and retailers. It is priced at $22.95. 

8. Mint Poinsettia Tumbler 

Starbucks Mint Poinsettia Tumbler 

Designed for hot drinks, the mint poinsettia tumbler comes in a 12 oz size. This tumbler comes with a minty green base color and features pretty red flowers.

Like the light pink lace cup, this tumbler is also only available at Starbucks-licensed stores. It is priced at $19.95. 

9. Shiny Mint Tumbler

starbucks Shiny Mint Tumbler

If you like to keep things simple, you can invest in a shiny minty tumbler that screams elegance. This tumbler has a shiny exterior that’s festive yet elegant. It also features the Starbucks logo.

You can carry grade-size hot drinks in this tumbler. This tumbler is priced at $24.95.

10. Ion Omber Tumbler 

starbucks Ion Omber Tumbler

A multicolor metallic tumbler would be a great addition to your Starbucks collections. This tumbler comes in a 12 oz size to keep your hot drinks warm. 

The ion omber tumbler is priced at $22.95. Get ready to dazzle everyone with this tumbler. 

11. Red Woodland Lace Mug 

starbucks Red Woodland Lace Mug 

Tumblers and cups are great, but to sip a hot cup of coffee while working at your desk, a mug, would make more sense. 

You can enjoy a warm drink by purchasing the 14-ounce red mug featuring a woodland Christmas motif. This mug is priced at $14.95. 

12. Gradient Candy Water Bottle 

Gradient Candy Water Bottle 

Stay hydrated this season with a Starbucks gradient candy water bottle. As the name suggests, this festive water bottle comes in candy colors like red and pink. 

This 20 oz bottle is priced at $24.95. 

13. Color Changing Cups


Do you love color-changing cups? Then get yourself the color-changing Christmas cups. These cups come in gold color. When hot liquid is poured into it, they turn silver.

These cups feature the Starbucks logo with a white floral motif. 

14. Snowman Cup

Winter means making snowmen! What if I tell you that you can also hold a snowman and drink out of it? Starbucks has also introduced snowman cups, dubbed the holiday snow mug.

It features a snowman face with a green hat, two eyes, a carrot nose, and a bright smile. This mug also has a white and green handle that looks like a Christmas candy cane.

15. Coffee Blends

Starbucks Coffee blend

Moving on from cups, mugs, tumblers, and bottles, Starbucks’s holiday 2022 lineup also features aromatic and flavorful coffee blends.  

Branded as the Christmas and holiday blend packaged coffee, this holiday lineup features a dark roast blend of Aged Sumatra, Guatemala, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea with notes of baking spices and a chocolate finish.

These coffee beans are available as whole beans, ground, and decaf.

Also available is a Starbucks Holiday blend. The holiday blend brings a balanced blend of sweet and toasty bright Latin American beans and rich Sumatran coffee.

When you sip into this coffee, you taste layers of sweet maple and herbs.

You can also try out Starbucks gingerbread, peppermint mocha-flavored roast and ground coffee, and iced espresso peppermint mocha coffee blends at home. 

Starbucks Gingerbread 

The Starbucks gingerbread coffee blend is a heartwarming treat having the aroma of cinnamon and cloves. 

This blend is available in packaged ground coffee (SRP $11.99 for an 11 oz. bag, $15.49 for a 17 oz. bag) at grocery stores and online.

K-Cup® pods (SRP $11.99 for 10 counts, $22.99 for 22 ct.) are available for sale at grocery stores and online

Peppermint Mocha Flavored Roast and Ground Coffee 

 The peppermint mocha-flavored roast and ground coffee hold rich chocolaty notes combined with minty freshness. 

This coffee blend is available in packaged ground coffee (SRP $11.99 for 11 oz. bag, $15.49 for 17 oz. bag).

K-Cup® pods (SRP $11.99 for 10 counts, $22.99 for 22 ct.) are available at grocery stores and online.

Starbucks Iced Espresso Peppermint Mocha

A ready-to-drink version of a peppermint mocha, this iced espresso peppermint mocha is full of minty and chocolate flavors.

It’s the perfect beverage to match the holiday spirit. This beverage is available for $2.93 (14 oz. bottle) at grocery stores and online.

Gift Card

A Starbucks gift card can make the holiday season a lot more special for your friends and family. It is a unique offering in the Starbucks holiday 2022 lineup that will surely bring a smile to the face of the receiver. 

Starbucks Cards or eGifts are designed in a variety of festive motifs. They can be loaded with amounts from $5-$100. 


So, I’m sure after reading the list of Starbucks holiday 2022 lineup, you must have made up your mind about buying a few items.

There are lots to choose from until the stock lasts. Please note the prices of drinkware mentioned above vary by retailer. 

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)

Has Starbucks introduced its holiday 2022 lineup?

Yes, Starbucks introduced its holiday lineup starting in October. They will be available through November and December until stock lasts.

What does the Starbucks Holiday 2022 lineup include?

Starbucks’ holiday 2022 lineup includes cups, mugs, tumblers, bottles, special coffee blends, and gift cards.

What types of tumblers are available in the Starbucks holiday 2022 lineup?

You can purchase tumblers to hold both cold and hot beverages. They come designed with attractive festive motifs.

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