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Starbucks Is Giving Away Reusable Red Cups On November 17th

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Starbucks is one of the most renowned and loved chains of coffee houses around the world. Their beverages, food, and baked goods are incredible! However, Starbucks cups and other merchandise are also something that most customers really love! You can get one of their famous reusable red cups this year for free!

Starbucks Reusable Red Cups

Starbucks is giving away its reusable red cups this year, beginning on November 17th. Although they have mentioned that the cups will be given out until supplies last, considering how much people love Starbucks, they are most likely to run out on the same day! This cup will be given away to anyone who orders from their holiday menu. 

It is not really the holiday season unless there is some gifting involved. I know this might sound like the best holiday gift for everyone who loves Starbucks merchandise! So, let us look at what exactly this giveaway is all about, along with the beverages you would have to order to claim one of these! 

How To Get A Red Cup From Starbucks? 

Starbucks Reusable Red Cups 2

Now that you know all about this giveaway, all that is left is how to get one for yourself. This giveaway is a part of their Annual Red Cup day. To claim one of these free cups and add them to your collection, you must order one of their handcrafted hot or cold holiday beverages. 

This offer is available at participating stores all across the United States, and you can get one regardless of which way you choose to order, as long as it is a beverage from the holiday menu. You can place orders in-store, via the Starbucks app, or via delivery. Another good news is that this cup is made with 50% recycled content. So, you’d surely be doing something great for the environment too! 

Moreover, if you bring back the reusable cup to Starbucks and place an order, you will get a 10 cents discount and 25 bonus stars for Starbucks Reward Members! Holidays surely cannot get happier than this! So, you better hurry and get one before they run out! 


Starbucks is doing a giveaway for the holidays this year: their reusable red cups. This is a part of their annual red cup giveaway, and the offer will be available at participating stores to get one of these. To claim the giveaway, you must buy a handcrafted hot or cold beverage from the Starbucks holiday menu. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will this giveaway happen for just one day? 

Although they have mentioned that the giveaway will take place until stocks last, there are very high chances that the giveaway will happen only on November 17th. 

Will all Starbucks stores across the country have this giveaway? 

All participating Starbucks stores across the country will have this giveaway. 

Is this giveaway only eligible for their holiday menu beverages? 

Yes, you can claim this giveaway only if you buy either a hot or a cold beverage from their holiday menu. 

Is it possible to claim the giveaway if you order a beverage online? 

Yes, you can claim this giveaway even if you order your beverage online via the Starbucks app. 

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