Scrumptious Starbucks Coffee Cake Copycat Recipe

How would you feel if you could get the recipe for Starbucks coffee cake in your hands? Amazing, right? Well, the good news is, you can! Our chef has just whipped up a batch of the easiest coffee cake. 

How to Make Starbucks Coffee Cake At Home

This cake has a moist and tender crumb, while the topping is filled with a slightly sweet and crunchy streusel. The best part is that you can make this coffee cake within an hour and enjoy it daily without paying the hefty price. 

All you have to do is to be careful with the ingredients. Measure the components correctly, or else you will get a dry and tough cake. Also, don’t get confused between baking powder and soda. Be very careful with the ingredients. 

So, do you want to whip up a batch of this cake for the evening date? Try this delicious coffee cake at home in less than an hour. Refer to the guide below for the perfect texture and flavor. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

Is This The Exact Starbucks Coffee Cake Recipe?

Yes, this is the exact coffee cake recipe that Starbucks uses. It is wonderfully moist and tender. It’s the best thing to pair perfectly with a cup of coffee. However, the inside details of the recipe are closely guarded by the company and cannot be disclosed. 

So, the homemade version of Starbucks coffee cake can vary slightly from that of the restaurant. Nevertheless, this homemade version is open to customization to your preferences and taste buds.

You must follow this guide thoroughly to create a delicious, moist, and tender coffee cake.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Copycat Recipe

Why You’ll Love This Recipe?

This recipe is all you need to enjoy your evening. This coffee cake is chewy, full-filling, and easy to make. This homemade version is made with fresh and quality ingredients.

The best part is you can easily customize this dish per your choice and taste. The ingredients used in this recipe can be available easily in your pantry. Also, it’s an all-in-one cake recipe, so you don’t need to take out other utensils. 

Does Coffee Cake Have Coffee In It?

No, the coffee cake doesn’t have coffee in it. Instead, it is infused with cinnamon or nutmeg. 

Despite its name, the coffee cake doesn’t contain coffee as one of its key ingredients. Instead, “coffee cake” refers to a cake that can be enjoyed with coffee, making it an ideal companion to a warm cup of your favorite mug.

I know it’s misleading as some coffee cakes include coffee powder in sponge or crumble. But, this recipe is an exception. It has cinnamon, which is enough to yield the same flavors. 

Does Starbucks Coffee Cake Taste Like Coffee?

No, Starbucks coffee cake doesn’t taste like coffee, as its filling or glaze has no coffee flavor. The bread is supposed to be eaten with a cup of coffee. It is made with cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar for the uninformed. Trust me; it tastes fantastic with coffee. 

Homemade Starbucks Coffee Cake

Why Is This Coffee Cake Considered A Quick Bread?

Coffee cake is considered a quick bread due to its swift preparation process. Unlike any other yeast bread that needs proofing and rising, this quick bread is made with baking powder or soda, eliminating the time-consuming process. 

Also, this cake has a tender, moist, and crumbly texture that makes it quick bread. Above all, it is prepared with a muffin method faster than traditional bread-making. 

Equipment Required To Make Starbucks Coffee Cake?

  • Oven – Bake the batter in the oven until brown and crispy.
  • Large Bowl – Take a large bowl to mix all the ingredients for this coffee cake. 
  • Bowls – You will need two medium bowls to prepare crumbly topping and batter. 
  • Pan – Use a mini loaf pan to bake the cake batter until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. 
  • Cooking Spray – For greasing the pan, you can use cooking spray. 
  • Baking Sheet – You need a baking sheet to place the prepared batter into the oven. 
  • Whisk – For beating the eggs; you will be required to whisk. 
  • Measuring Cups – Measure the ingredients in the right quantities with a cup. 
  • Spatula – A spatula is needed to combine dry and wet ingredients for the cake.
  • Fork – A fork is required to mix the butter with other ingredients for the cake. 
  • Toothpick – Insert a toothpick inside the cake to check if the cake is prepared.
Starbucks Coffee Cake Ingredients

Starbucks Coffee Cake Ingredients

  • Butter – Use unsalted softened butter to prepare the batter for the cake. 
  • Eggs – Three large eggs are required to make the cake and mix all the ingredients. 
  • Yogurt – Use Greek yogurt for preparing this recipe. 
  • Vanilla Extract – Vanilla extract is essential to bring out the different flavors of this recipe. It will add flavor to the cake. 
  • Baking Powder – Baking powder will help you get a fluffy and soft cake. 
  • Baking Soda – It also acts as a baking agent. 
  • Flour – For this recipe, use all-purpose flour. It is also used to make crumble topping.
  • Light Brown Sugar – Use the golden brown color for the cinnamon streusel. 
  • Caster Sugar – Use caster sugar to prepare the batter to hold the batter.
  • Cinnamon – Use grounded cinnamon for the preparation of cinnamon streusel.
  • Salt – As we are using unsalted butter, it is necessary to add salt for flavors.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Ingredients Substitutions

  • Flour – Instead of plain flour and baking powder, use self-raising flour.
  • Sugar – Instead of using granulated sugar to prepare the batter, you can go for coconut sugar or honey to bring out the sweetness. 
  • Yogurt – Substitute Greek yogurt with applesauce if you can’t find Greek yogurt. It will add moisture to the cake and provide a slight apple taste. 
  • Eggs – Eggs bind the batter well. But, don’t worry, if you don’t have eggs with you. You can substitute it with flaxseeds or chia seeds to help bind the cake and provide moisture.
  • Spices – Feel free to experiment with spices like cardamom, ginger, or cloves to spice it up.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Preparation And Cooking Time

Preparation TimeCooking Time Resting Time Total Time 
20 Minutes 15 Minutes 10 Minutes 45 Minutes
Copycat Coffee Cake Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee Cake Recipe Steps

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 1

Step 1- In a large bowl, add melted butter.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 2

Step 2- Now, add half a cup of caster sugar.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 3

Step 3- Beat two to three eggs in a bowl.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 4

Step 4- Next, add half a cup of yogurt to the bowl.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 5

Step 5- Drizzle a few teaspoons of vanilla essence and give everything a good stir until well combined.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 6

Step 6- Now, sift one and a half cups of flour in a bowl and add cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 7

Step 7- Once the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed, combine them with prepared wet ingredients.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 8

Step 8- Mix the batter well until no lumps are found.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 9

Step 9- In a medium bowl, crumble butter cubes and half a cup of flour.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 10

Step 10- Next, add brown sugar and salt.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 11

Step 11- Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 12

Step 12- Mix the crumble mixture well until fully incorporated.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 13

Step 13- Pour the batter into the parchment paper-lined baking dish and top it off with the crumble.

Starbucks Coffee Cake Step 14

Step 14- Bake the batter in the preheated oven until crispy, moist, and brown.

Starbucks Official Coffee Bread

Step 15- Your Starbucks coffee cake is ready.

Tips To Make Starbucks Coffee Cake Better

This Starbucks coffee cake is perfect for the evening. But you can make it better by considering these tips: 

  • If your batter is thicker than expected, then don’t be afraid. Just mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients well with a spoon. Otherwise, you can add an extra egg or a little more milk to thin it out and make it easier to pour. 
  • One of the ways to make the perfect coffee cake is to use the muffin method. This method doesn’t require over-mixing the batter. However, a few lumps are acceptable. 
  • Don’t substitute margarine or anything else for the butter in the streusel. Butter will give you the best results.
  • If your streusel topping is browning too quickly, loosen the foil and move the cake to the lower third of the oven for the rest of the baking time.
  • If you do not have a muffin tin, you can use a mini loaf pan for preparing this coffee cake. 
  • Remember not to mix the ingredients for cinnamon streusel, as we need a crumbly texture.
Starbucks Official Coffee Bread

How Will This Coffee Cake Look And Taste Like?

This homemade version of Starbucks coffee cake is a delicious all-in-one cake that is relatively easy to make and flavorful. It has a slight subtle hint of sweetness that makes it perfect with coffee and tea.

When our chef presented it, it had streusel topping. It has added a delightful crunchiness with a slight sweetness. The best part is it’s pretty easy and tasty. 

Why Is My Coffee Cake Bitter?

Adding too much baking powder or baking soda while preparing the cake can lead to bitter coffee cake and make the cake rise beyond expectations.

Baking soda is an alkaline, or base, that has a bitter taste. So, using baking soda instead of baking powder is a big no. But what next? How to fix it:

  • Add Some Acid – One way to fix the bitterness of this cake is to add half a teaspoon of cocoa powder, lemon juice, apple vinegar, sour cream, or buttermilk.
  • Increase The Quantity – Another way to fix its bitterness is to raise the quantity of the ingredients. It will help retain its original taste. 

Why Is My Coffee Cake Chewy?

There might be a situation when your coffee cake is chewy. The reason can be overmixing the batter, mainly if it contains gluten. The result would be a tough, chewy cake. 

That’s why, our chef mentioned, “mix until just combined,” in this process. This specifies that you must stop mixing as soon as you see all ingredients are evenly incorporated.

How to Make Starbucks Coffee Cake At Home

Why Is My Coffee Cake Moist?

Achieving a moist coffee cake is all you need. There can be various ways to accomplish this. Some of them are:

  • Using butter, oil, or margarine plays a significant role in moistening the cake. So, be mindful while adding them. 
  • Don’t forget to add milk, buttermilk, or yogurt. If omitted, your cake will become dry and tough. 
  • Don’t overdo mix the sugar. If added too much, your cake will become overly sweet and brown. So, add little by little.  
  • Baking powder and baking soda is the key to the perfect coffee cake. But, ensure you don’t add much baking soda, or it will result in butter cake.
  • Beat two to three eggs to provide moisture. It will give you a tender, moist, light cake daily.

Is This Coffee Cake Healthy?

Unfortunately, this coffee cake is very unhealthy. However, using healthy and customized ingredients can make this fit. Still, if you wish to have it, take a look at the table below:

Calories 621 kcal
Total Fat 32.7 g
Saturated Fat 20.2 g 
Cholesterol 124 mg
Sodium 642 mg 
Carbohydrates 75.1 g
Dietary Fiber1.5 g
Total sugars42.3 g
Protein 8.6 g
Calcium 106 mg
Iron 3 mg
Potassium 205 mg
Starbucks Coffee Bread At Home

How To Properly Store This Starbucks Coffee Cake?

This coffee cake can be stored in an airtight container for four to five days. For this, transfer the leftover cake into a container and cover it with thick plastic wrap. But ensure it is completely cooled down before storing it in the wrap or container. 

Refrigerating method is highly preferable. However, you can store this cake at room temperature for 2 to 3 days. 

Other than this, you can also freeze this spongy coffee cake. For this, let the cake cool down completely, then wrap it with a cling film or cover an airtight container with plastic wrap. Now, store this cake for about fifteen days.  

What To Serve With This Starbucks Coffee Cake?

This homemade version of Starbucks coffee cake is quite fulfilling and perfect. You can pair it with coffee or tea to make it more interesting. Still, we’ve jotted down a list of recipes to serve with this cake. Some of them are:

  • Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato The most classic accompaniment to this coffee cake is macchiato! Its intense flavor harmonizes beautifully with the coffee cake. The caramel-ly and slightly bitter notes of this drink complement the sweetness and moist texture of the cake.
  • Starbucks Vanilla Latte This vanilla latte is another popular choice to enjoy with coffee cake. Its robust and slightly sweet flavor compliments best with the cake’s sweetness. 
  • Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milkshake – It is a classic choice to enjoy a comforting and balanced experience with a slice of cake. This creamy beverage complements the flavors of coffee cake.
  • Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino – Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino has a sweet, creamy, and chocolatey taste that best compliments this cake. If you are a chocolate and coffee lover simultaneously, it is heaven. It is a smooth coffee drink with chunky chocolate chip bites.
  • Starbucks Chai Latte Try this coffee cake with Starbucks chai latte. It is a perfect tea blended with cinnamon and other spices. The sweetness from the herbs and creamy texture make it ideal for an evening snack with coffee cake.
Starbucks Coffee Cake Recipe

Other Recipes To Try

So, it was all about the Starbucks coffee cake. It is straightforward to make and quite delicious. All you have to do is to go through this guide thoroughly and don’t rush with the steps. 

Other than this, if you want to try more Starbucks copycat recipes, try Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino, Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, Starbucks Chai Frappuccino, Starbucks Smoked Butterscotch Latte, and Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

Recipe Card

Starbucks Coffee Cake Recipe

Want something to enjoy with your hot coffee mug? Here is a whole recipe for the Starbucks coffee cake. This coffee cake has an exceptionally sweet, rich taste and a moist and dense texture. Let us prepare this delicious dish in a quick time. 
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Resting Time 10 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Copycat Recipes
Cuisine American
Servings 10
Calories 621 kcal


  • Oven
  • Pan
  • Baking Sheet
  • Cooking Spray
  • Large Bowl
  • Bowls
  • Whisk
  • Measuring cups
  • Spatula
  • Fork
  • Toothpick


  • 6 tablespoons Unsalted Butter
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • 1 ¼ cups Greek Yogurt
  • 1 ½ teaspoons Vanilla Essence
  • cup All-Purpose Flour
  • 2 teaspoons Baking Powder
  • ½ teaspoon Baking Soda
  • 1 ½ teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
  • cup Light Brown Sugar
  • 1 ½ cups Caster Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Salt 


  • In a large bowl, add melted butter.
  • Now, add half a cup of caster sugar.
  • Beat two to three eggs in a bowl.
  • Next, add half a cup of yogurt to the bowl.
  • Drizzle a few teaspoons of vanilla essence and give everything a good stir until well combined.
  • Now, sift one and a half cups of flour in a bowl and add cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
  • Once the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed, combine them with prepared wet ingredients.
  • Mix the batter well until no lumps are found.
  • In a medium bowl, crumble butter cubes and half a cup of flour.
  • Next, add brown sugar and salt.
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  • Mix the crumble mixture well until fully incorporated.
  • Pour the batter into the parchment paper-lined baking dish and top it off with the crumble.
  • Bake the batter in the preheated oven until crispy, moist, and brown.
  • Your Starbucks coffee cake is ready.


Calories: 621kcal | Carbohydrates: 75.1g | Protein: 8.6g | Fat: 32.7g | Saturated Fat: 20.2g | Cholesterol: 124mg | Sodium: 642mg | Potassium: 205mg | Fiber: 1.5g | Sugar: 42.3g | Calcium: 106mg | Iron: 3mg
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to store Starbucks coffee cake recipe?

When wrapped properly at room temperature, you can keep this coffee cake for about 2-3 days. It can also be stored for a week in a refrigerator. 

What does the Starbucks coffee cake taste like? 

Starbucks coffee cake has a rich sweet flavor infused with cinnamon flavor. It has a moist and dense texture. 

Does Starbucks coffee cake taste like coffee?

Starbucks coffee cake does not include coffee as an ingredient during the cake preparation. Instead, it is enjoyed with a hot coffee mug. 

What makes a coffee cake a coffee cake?

Coffee cake is a single layer cake with a sweet, cinnamon-infused flavor, and streusel top made from flour, butter, and sugar. Streusel can also be layered inside of the cake like a filling. Fruit variations are prevalent, with blueberry being the most common.


If you are looking for a delicious festive holiday dish, prepare this heavenly, tasty recipe for coffee cake. Try this Starbucks coffee cake and surprise your guests. 

If you want to try other festive recipes, check our website for delicious and easily prepared recipes. 

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