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Do you know that Potatoes are also known as Spuds. A very few people know it and there is a place where you can have healthy spud salads. The name of the place is Spudbar. In this blog, I will tell you about the latest menu of Spudbar.

But besides their menu, I will also tell you about the how you can contact Spudbar, how much money you need to open a Spudbar franchised store and the nutritional breakdown of their food items. But let’s start with their history first.

SpudBAR is an Australian chain of Baked Potatoes that was founded by Clayton Thompson in 2000. The first store they opened in Fitzroy, Victoria. They have 21 locations in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

The reason why people love to go there is because of the healthy salads they serve to their customers.

Spudbar Menu Prices

Spurbar menu

Spudbar menu includes a wide variety of healthy spud salads combined with Pork, Chicken, Avocado, Cheese and many other salads. You can create your salads in Spudbar as well.

You can also order get a bunch of beverages with your salads as well. People love to go there because of the healthy food they are serving their customers and their staff is very friendly to their customers.

The price of the salads in Spudbar are also very a little bit expensive. But when you consider the quality and the taste they are providing, it is worth it. So without more, let’s check out the latest menu prices of Spudbar.


Pulled Pork$15.60
Chicken, Beetroot & Avocado$15.90
Mexican Chicken $15.90
Tuna & Avocado$14.60
Bacon & Cheese$13.90
Home Style Bolognese$14.40
Moroccan Chicken & Kale$12.90
The Classic$10.90
Fresh Vegie$11.90
The Festival $10.90
Hawiian $13.90
Chilli Bean & Salsa$13.90
Meatlovers $15.90

Snack Spud

Chilli Bean, Cheese & Corn Chips$8.60
Bolognese, Cheese & Mushroom $8.60
Corn, Peas, Tomato & Cucumber Yogurt$8.60
Pulled Pork, Peas & Corn $8.90

Create Your Own

Full Sized Spur $6.90
Snack Size Spud $5.90


Pepsi Max$4.00
Lipton Iced Tea Peach$4.50
Lipton Iced Tea Mango$4.50
Orange Juice$4.50
Charlies Coconut Water$4.50
Cool Ridge Water$3.00
Natural Mineral Water$3.50
Agrum Blood Orange Mineral Water$4.00
Orange & Mango Mineral Water$4.00
Raspberry Lemonade Remedy Organic Kombucha $5.00
Apple Crisp Remedy Organic Kombucha $5.00
Cherry Plum Remedy Organic Kombucha $5.00
Ginger Lemon Remedy Organic Kombucha$5.00
Pepsi $4.00
Charlies $4.20
Peach Remedy Organic Kombucha $5.00
Lemon, Lime & Mint Remedy Organic Kambucha $5.00
Cool Ridge Sparkling Water$3.50

Nutritional Breakdown of Spudbar

Nutritional Breakdown spudbar.com/nutrition

To check the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Spudbar menu, you can click on the link mentioned above.

Spudbar Franchising Cost

Spudbar franchise

Spudbar has 21 active locations across different parts of Australia. So if you want to open a franchised store, then this is how much it will cost you.


Important Links

Official Websitespudbar.com.au/
Locations spudbar.com.au/locations/
Secret Societyspudbar.com.au/secret-society/
Sign Upspudbar.cloudposhq.com/

Spudbar Contact Information

Spudbar Corporate Office Address- 294 Waverley Road, Malvern East, VIC 3145

Spudbar Corporate Phone Number- (03) 9571 0600

You can also contact the team of Spudbar by using the contact form on their website.

Social Media Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/SpudbarHQ

Instagram Account- instagram.com/spudbarau/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/Spudbar

Watch the Review of Spudbar

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