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Sprinkles Ice Cream restaurant

Are you looking for an ice cream parlour for your kids in the city and you don’t know which is best, then you came to know about Sprinkles Ice Cream and you want to more about the parlour and now you come to my blog, then you are at the right place because in this article I will provide the detailed information about the Sprinkles Ice Cream menu.

Besides the menu, I will also tell you franchising details, contact information, and the nutritional breakdown of the items present on the Sprinkles Ice Menu. But first, I will start with Sprinkles Ice Cream History.

Candace Nelson, Charles Nelson is the founder of Sprinkles Ice Cream they started this in the year 2005 in Beverly Hills, California. It is a California based bakery chain and their first store is in Little Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

As you can guess from the name, the company is famous for its variety of ice cream options. The reason why people love to go there is that they serve each flavour of ice cream with different twists.

Sprinkles Ice Cream Menu Prices

Sprinkles Ice Cream menu

Sprinkles Ice Cream Menu includes a wide selection of sweet treats like ice cream sandwich, shakes, sundae, accessories, cookies, toppings and sauce, espresso and drinks, ice cream, and cupcakes.

They have a very humble and loving staff with awesome nature and all their products are fresh always with some beautiful innovation to make their customers smile.

The thing which makes them different for others is that they have cupcake atm in which they have almost 600 cupcakes and like we use atm machines for money people use cupcake atm to have cupcakes.

Sprinkles Ice Cream menu prices are similar to ice cream brands and also very affordable. Most of their prices lie between $1 to $ 9. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Sprinkles Ice Cream prices.


Sprinkles Sandwich$ 7.95
Cookie Sandwich $ 8.95


Sprinkle Shakes$ 9.95
Shake or Malt$ 9.95
Float $ 8.95


Cupcake Tower$ 15
Cupcake Tray$ 25
Cupcake Mix$ 14
Bakery Toy$ 15
Doggies Cupcake$ 3
Candle$ 1
Frosting Shot$ 1.50
Gift Card$5-200


Sprinkles Sundae$ 7.95
Double Scoop Sundae$ 7.95
Triple Scoop Sundae$ 9.95
Cookie/Brownie$ 8.95
Sprinkles Shot$ 5.50


Chocolate Chip$ 3.50
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip$ 3.50
Peanut Butter Pretzel Chip$ 3.50
Salted Oatmeal Cornflakes$ 3.50
Snickerdoodle$ 3.50
Brownie$ 3.50

Toppings and Sauce

Brownie Crumbie$ 1
Caramel Sauce $ 1
Cookie Crumble$ 1
Chocolate Chips$ 1
Cupcake Crumble$ 1
Fresh Whipped Cream$ 1
Gummy Bears$ 1
Hot Fudge$ 1
Marshmallow Cream $ 1
Rainbow Sprinkles$ 1
Toasted Almonds$ 1

Espresso and Drinks

Red Velvet Mocha4 4.50
Vanilla Latte $ 4.50
Latte$ 4
Americano $ 3.50
Soda $ 3
Organic Milk$ 3
Water $ 3
Tea$ 3
Apple Juice$ 3

Ice Cream

Butter Pecan $ 4.95
Cap n Crunch $ 4.95
Coffee$ 4.95
Cookie Dough$ 4.95
Mango Sorbet$ 4.95
Mint Chip$ 4.95
Peanut Butter Cup$ 4.95
Red Velvet$ 4.95
Rocky Red$ 4.95
Strawberry$ 4.95
Vanilla Bean$ 4.95
Seasonal Offering$ 4.95


Banana$ 4.95
Black and White$ 4.95
Carrot$ 4.95
Chocolate Marshmallow$ 4.95
Coconut$ 4.95
Dard Chocolate $ 4.95
Gluten Free Red Velvet$ 4.95
Red Velvet $ 4.95
Salty Caramel $ 4.95
Sprinkle $ 4.95
Strawberry $ 4.95
Sugar FreeRed Velvet$ 4.95
Vanilla $ 4.95
Vanilla Milk Chocolate$ 4.95
Vegan Red Velvet$ 4.95
Seasonal Offering$ 4.95

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationmyfitnesspal.com/nutrition-facts-calories/sprinkles/

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Sprinkles Ice Cream menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Sprinkles Ice Cream Franchise Details

Sprinkles Ice Cream franchise

Sprinkles Ice Cream has around 36 locations in cities like California, DC, Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida and Arizona. But if you want to open a Sprinkles Ice Cream store, then you can’t. Because Sprinkles Ice Cream doesn’t provide franchise opportunities to individuals. If they will start to offer franchise opportunities in the near future, we’ll let you know.

Important Links

Official Websitesprinkles.com
Gift Cardsprinkles.com/gift-cards/
Careers sprinkles.com/career/
Bake Shopsprinkles.com/sprinkles-cupcakes-bake-shop
Online Ordersprinkles.com/order-online/

Sprinkles Ice Cream Contact Information

Sprinkles Ice Cream Corporate Address: 9635 S. Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90210, US

Sprinkles Ice- Cream Telephone Number:  (888) 220-2210

Sprinkles Ice Cream Contact Email Address:  [email protected]

Social Media Handle

Facebook Page: facebook.com/sprinklescupcakes/

Instagram Account: instagram.com/sprinklescupcakes/

Twitter Handles: twitter.com/sprinklescupcakes/

YouTube Channel : youtube.com/sprinklescupcakes/

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