How to Make Spinach Noodles at Home

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Have you ever heard of any junk food that is healthy too? Yes, you heard it right! Junk food can be healthy as well. I used to hate spinach in my childhood but when I came to know about this Spinach Noodles recipe, I thought it would not be that great.

Spinach Noodles

But when I tried it, I was surprised that how can it be so delicious?

I first heard about the Spinach Noodles from my mom when she went to a kitty party and tasted it there. She tried making it at home and she made it fantastic. I loved this recipe when I first tasted it and learned it from my mom.

This recipe of Spinach Noodles takes a lot of time if you want to make and cook noodles both at the same time. You can make these noodles in many different styles after they are prepared.  Now let’s jump to the first step of this recipe, i.e. Ingredients.

So the ingredients that you will need for making this recipe are in the box below. Take a look and hop in to your kitchen. But here are some other amazing recipes that you should definitely try.

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Ingredients For Spinach noodles

Baby spinach60 gm
Water150 ml
Bread flour350 gm
Salt¼ tsp

The ingredients are quite less in number and you will get them from any super market in your locality.

This recipe is very easy to make even though it seems difficult. But the time it will take to get prepared is quite a bit high. You have to work patiently when making this recipe. 

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation timeCooking timeTotal time
1 hr 20 mins10 mins1 hr 30 mins

So this will take time to make but all the time that you are going to invest is worth it. These noodles are very tasty when they are done and you will enjoy this recipe a lot.

Now is the most important part. Yes, we are going to make Spinach Noodles at home.

Spinach noodles Recipe

Spinach Noodles recipe
  1. Take a blender or home processor and put baby spinach along with water in it, and blend it a high speed until its completely smooth.
  2. In the bowl of strand mixer equipped with a dough hook extension, add the bread flour and salt.
  3. Switch the mixer at low speed and progressively put in two lots the spinach mixture, allowing the flour time to absorb the water with each addition. If you do this by hand, just swirl the liquid with your hands while you steadily add it.
  4. After 5 minutes of kneading, the blend will gradually shape a shaggy, green pastry. If the mixer fails to fit everything together, turn off the mixer and force the dough with the hands together.
  5. Continue to knead with the mixer for 10 minutes or by hand for 15 minutes after the dough has formed a relatively coherent ball (it may appear saggy) Resist the temptation of adding extra water since this will affect the noodle texture.
  6. Cover the dough with any bowl upside down and allow it to rest for 30 minutes. It will absorb moisture and will become more soft and stretchy.
  7. Knead it by hand for a few seconds after the dough has cooled, to eliminate any air bubbles. Make balls out of it and cut into halves.
  8. Take half of each dough, and spread over a floured surface to a thin sheet about 2 mm thick. Thoroughly flour the top, turn over, and even flour the other side. This you can do with a rolling pin or a pasta roller by hand.
  9. When cutting by hand, arrange the dough, so that you have more than 3 layers. Cut the noodles down to the thickness you think is good, with a sharp knife. Separate them softly with your hands while you cut the noodles and throw them in flour so they don’t adhere.
  10. Take a bowl and boil some water in it and cook the noodles in the boiling water for 3 minutes, keep checking if they are not too soft.

You have successfully made the Spinach noodles at home. Try this recipe at home and enjoy with your family and friends.

Nutritional Facts Of Spinach Noodles

This recipe is really healthy. As you know spinach is a good iron source and no other preservatives have been used in this recipe. But for you guys, here is the complete breakdown of nutritional elements of this recipe.

Carbohydrates60 gm
Protein10 gm
Fat1 gm
Sodium161 mg
Sugar1 gm
Calcium27 mg
Vitamin C4 mg
Iron 10 mg

How To Make Spinach Noodles at Home| Video

This Spinach Noodles recipe is quite confusing; I will recommend you guys to watch this video to clear all your doubts before making it at home. This will help you to make it better.

How to make Spinach Noodles - Fresh Chinese Spinach Noodles
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I hope you have liked this recipe and will definitely try at your home. Do tell us your reviews and what do you think about this recipe in the comment box below. Till then stay tune tuned for more such recipes.

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