5 Spiked Coffee Cocktails That Will Keep You Hyped

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Coffee is sometimes referred to as the elixir of life. Ok, maybe that should be water; who knows? As a die-hard coffee lover and drinker, I can’t even think of starting the day without a decent jolt of caffeine. Coffee will always be second to none.

Spiked Coffee Cocktails

Coffee isn’t only about waking up in the morning, though. It’s sort of a calming ritual for many people. You make coffee just as you’re about to sit down to write or paint. Coffee has also become a hangout ritual.  

Now-a-days, coffee is being used as a tasty alternative to the terrible concoction of Red Bull and other drinks of that ilk. I can only describe those drinks as a crime against humanity.

Some people even mix coffee with energy drinks. These power-coffee drinks are supposed to keep you going through the day or night partying. But my guess is that they taste chemically and probably like lighter fluid.

Spiked coffee cocktails are great because they provide the relaxing effects of alcohol to help calm your nerves, but without putting you to sleep. Other than that, they are absolutely delicious. I mean, no nerves and the motivation to go on; it’s just perfect.

So, let me tell you about it. Here are five creative coffee-tinged cocktails to keep you on your toes and give you something fun to look forward to.

1. Whipped Coffee 

Whipped Coffee

A year ago, dalgona coffee, or whipped coffee, was having a moment on the internet, with thousands of people making it at home to cheer themselves up at the height of the pandemic. This viral coffee was frothy, delicious, and strong.

But maybe it wasn’t adult enough. Well, now, this creamy concoction can be made with a more adult twist. How, you ask? By adding a bit of happy juice, of course (I am talking about alcohol, in case you’re wondering).

You need to start off by whipping up equal parts instant coffee or espresso powder, white or brown sugar, and one or two small tablespoons of hot water. Keep whipping until you’re left with a creamy, fluffy, lightly colored caffeine cloud. Then, add it to cold or hot milk with a dash of vodka or rum.

There’s your cup of spiked whipped coffee that will give you a dose of caffeine and also calm your nerves down.

2. Spiked Coffee Pods

spiked coffee pods

If you’re not up for creating a creamy cocktail like the one listed above, you have another, more automatic option available. These handy machines do all the work, and you won’t need anything specific if you don’t have the time to create a flavor from scratch.

Looking at the display of these coffee pod machines, it’s clear that there are abundant flavors you can enjoy. There are Kahlua-infused coffees for you to try, and if the alcohol content isn’t high enough for you, you can add another swig on your own for a pick-me-up (*tries to wink awkwardly*).

The coffee pods come in different flavors and different proofs of alcohol. You can get pods for cocktails like Irish coffee, spiked dry cider, mint patty coffee, etc.

3. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is probably the OG of spiked coffees. It’s probably the only coffee cocktail a lot of people are aware of. This whisky, coffee, and cream cocktail is simple yet genius.

This warm classic is great for cold winter evenings. You mostly need a healthy shot of Irish whiskey, strong black coffee as your base, sweetened with a bit of brown sugar, and top it off with freshly whipped double cream. The caloric content may be slightly higher than you’d like, but it’s worth it.

4. Italian Coffee

Italian coffee

This is another regional, highly specific coffee cocktail. The Italian coffee cocktail has a bitter edge with a creamy finish. It calls for Strega, an herbal liqueur popular in Italy, and hot black coffee. Just mix the two, and half the work’s done.

Add a bit of whipped cream on top. If you want, you can add some nutmeg and chocolate shavings for some extra taste. Just like that, it’s ready!

5. Coffee Martini

espresso martini

Put your Irish whiskey to some more good use. Shake up some coffee martini. The coffee martini has it all; the bitter notes and caffeine punch of coffee, the sweet notes of vanilla and chocolate, and the smoothness of cream.

Just mix some Irish whiskey with coffee, vanilla extract, and creamy chocolate. Cover the rim of the martini glass with some coffee powder and pour your frothy coffee martini into it. Sip your cares away.


If you’re looking for a way to enhance your enjoyment of coffee without feeling extra jittery, these cocktails are fun for you to try. It would help if you also looked for inspiration from your local bartender or go crazy experimenting on your own in the kitchen.

These are pretty hard to mess up, so improvisation is welcome. Let me know in the comments which cocktail was your favorite. I’ll see you next time!

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