Healthy Tomato Juice Spiced | Blender Recipe

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It was my sister’s marriage and it was all hustle and bustle, I was too much busy for wedding function arrangements. Finally, the day came for which I had done a lot.

Spicy Tomato Juice

I was enjoying the wedding like dancing, eating, enjoying when I felt thirsty for water, I went to the counter of drinks and I take different kinds of shots but the shot I like was Spicy Tomato Juice and I love it.

Today, I will share Spicy Tomato Juice Recipe with my lovely shot lovers. QUICK HEALTH SPICED TOMATO DRINK, take care of our health and give our family the pleasure to see us live longer. A drink made for a healthier life. But there are many other drinks that we’ve covered in our blog. You should definitely check them as well.

1. Grape LemonadeThis drink not only taste refreshing but will look beautiful too because of the purple color it will give to the drink. This is a hit summer drink or an early spring drink.

2. Hawaiian Gingerly Carrot Juice It’s great for boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol and breaking down fat! I love the colour of this super orange juice, it’s naturally sweet-tasting, the ginger adds a spiced tangy depth.

3. Cantaloupe JuiceThis deeply refreshing Cantaloupe beverage, made from shredded ripe cantaloupe flesh, water, and sugar, is ready to beat even the stickiest tropical heat.

4. Blackberry JuiceThis Blackberry Juice is very healthy and tasty too. You will love this juice as it is- sweet and sour in taste. Being a good source of Vitamin C and fiber, this juice is good for everyone at your home. 

Spicy Tomato Juice Recipe

Tomato 6 units
Carrots3 units
Tomato Juice2 tbsp
Red chilly sauce¼ tsp
Green chilly½ tsp
Celery2 tsp
Black pepper powder¼ tsp
Salt1 tsp
Mint leaves15 units
Lemon juiceOf 1 unit
Mint, lemon and tomatoEnough for garnishing
Soda½ cup

These ingredients not only keep us fit but get a glow on or faces, keep us active all day, helps in proper digestion and the delicious part of it adds on to a taste in or lives.

How Much Time It Take?

Preparation TimeTotal Time
15 Minutes15 Minutes

Spicy Tomato Juice Spiced Recipe

Spicy Tomato Juice recipe
  • Peel your tomatoes and carrot and wash them.
  • Now cut your tomatoes and carrots and put them in a blender.
  • Then take a bowl and add tomato juice, red chilly sauce, green chilly, celery, black pepper powder, salt, mint leaves and lemon juice and mix them well.
  • Then put the mixture in the blender with the tomatoes and carrots.
  • Blend all the ingredients
  • Take two glasses.
  • Add it equally in both of them.
  • Add chilled soda to it, ¼ cup soda to each.

Using this Spicy Tomato Juice recipe, taste the extraordinary, delicious, spicy plus healthy drink of tomatoes. Stay healthy and add on years to your life and happiness to the ones you stay with.

Nutritional Information of Spicy Tomato Juice Recipe

Fat5 g
Sodium 197 g
Potassium 588 mg
Carbohydrates44 g
Protein 8 g

How to Make Spicy Tomato Juice Recipe | Video

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