How to Make Sous Vide Potatoes at Home

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Julbi Pandoh
Julbi is a Punjab native who enjoys nothing better than making something special from a bunch of ingredients for her husband and daughter. This is what she loves to do and no one can deny the fact how much a Punjabi loves food. And we can see that in Julbi’s enthusiasm for food.

My mother has a recipe book on which I saw the Sous Vide Potatoes Recipe. I was trying to make it but I was not able to make it perfect. I asked my mother about the mistakes I was doing while making Sous Vide Potatoes.

Today, I was making Sous Vide Potatoes for myself. I was repeating those mistakes which I was doing but suddenly, I remembered the instruction given by my mother. By following her instructions, I made it and it came out to be the best Sous Vide Potatoes.

I thought to share Sous Vide Potatoes Recipe with my lovely people over here. So, you cannot make those mistakes what I was doing? But first, let’s gather the ingredients for Sous Vide Potatoes Recipe from supermarkets.

Ingredients For Sous Vide Potatoes

Yukon Gold Potatoes1 Pound
Unsalted Butter2 tbsp
Extra Virgin Oil1 tbsp
Minced Fresh Thyme1 tbsp
Kosher Salt2 tsp
Freshly Ground Black Pepper1 tsp

Now let’s see how much time we have to wait for sous vide potatoes.

How Much Time It Will Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 Mins60 Mins70 Mins

Finally, we have arrived at the last stage that we all are waiting for. That is the Sous Vide Potatoes Recipe.

Sous Vide Potatoes Recipe

Sous Vide Potatoes recipe
  1. Set the cooker of anova sous at 190°F.
  2. In a vacuum seal bag, add all the ingredients to set.
  3. With the help of the water immersion technique. seal the vacuum sealer and put the bag in water for 60 minutes.
  4. After 60 minutes, remove the bag from the water bath and transfer all the ingredients from bag to a platter.
  5. Serve Immediately.

Finally, Sous Vide Potatoes are ready. Make them at your home and I bet that you will all love it.

Nutritional Facts Of Sous Vide Potatoes

Since we all know that Potatoes are a very great source of carbohydrates and many people love to have potatoes as a part of their diet. So for all the people who are worried about the health benefits of the Sous Vide Potatoes, I’ve mentioned a nutritional breakdown below


How To Make Sous Vide Potatoes at Home|Video

When I was trying to make Sous Vide Potatoes for the first time, I saw a video on YouTube regarding its recipe. I’ve added a video of the recipe of Sous Vide Potatoes, so it’ll be easier for you to make it at home.

Video By EatNomiku

I hope you’ve liked this recipe of Sous Vide Potatoes. Do make this at your home and share your reviews on the comments section below. We’ll bring you more recipes like these in the future.

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