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Waiting for a seasonal treat? Sonic Drive-In holiday menu is one of the most awaited holiday menus. You might not find your classic holiday turkey here. But folks! You know how much we love to halt at Sonic Drive-In to enjoy our seasonal quick bites. The question here is, are there any seasonal treats introduced on the menu this year? What are the menu items? Well! I have the answers to your questions. All you gotta do is, read this entire article. 

Sonic Drive In Restaurant

Sonic Drive-In has no plans to bring back its classic holiday items, holiday mint master shake and holiday mint master blast, on the menu. In fact, in spite of featuring any other holiday items on the menu, Sonic Drive-In has holiday-themed t-shirts, pajama sets, socks, and many more this year. Customers can buy these items from their official website or from the store. 

So there’s nothing to be upset about. Well! Most of us have been waiting for Sonic’s holiday menu and its iconic seasonal drinks. But trust me! Sonic Drive-In has a lot to cheer you up this holiday season. Wanna know what it is? Keep reading!

Why There’s No Holiday Treat On The Menu of Sonic Drive-In?

Sonic Drive In Oreo Mint blasts

Hang on! Where’s my holiday surprise? You might feel the same while going through the updated menu of Sonic Drive-In. The classic holiday drinks, mint master blast and shake, just went missing from the menu since 2017 and aren’t returning on the menu for this year. You won’t find any menu items featuring holiday flavors. That’s the bitter truth!

We don’t know the exact reason why Sonic Drive-In discontinued holiday mint master blast and holiday mint master shake on the menu. Both these drinks are super refreshing and filled with sweet and fresh flavors of mint and cream. The holiday mint master shake is a smooth combination of ice cream and a flavor of mint. This drink is topped with whipped cream and pieces of oreo.

The holiday mint master blast, on the other hand, is a smooth mixture of real vanilla ice cream and holiday mint flavor. This drink is topped with sweet whipped cream and oreo pieces. 

Both these drinks are affordable and can be enjoyed with every holiday meal. We hope to have these drinks back on the menu. The moment we receive any updates regarding the menu, we’ll update the fresh holiday menu prices here. Meanwhile, check out the table below to know the estimated prices of the dinks.

Holiday Mint Master Blast$ 4.59
Holiday Mint Master Shake$ 4.09

Now, let’s dive into what else we can expect from Sonic Drive-In this festive season!

Don’t be disheartened! Sonic Drive-In Still Got You The Best Holiday Goodies!

Discontinuing holiday mint master shake and holiday mint master blast might not be a fair deal for the fans. But you can enjoy your holiday season having some of the best menu items served at Sonic Drive-In. Some of the best-sellers of Sonic Drive-In can make a normal meal celebration meal. So, these are worth trying, especially on the holidays. I suggest you try the top five menu items of Sonic Drive-In. 

The best five Sonic Drive-In menu items are :

1. Sonic Drive-In Cheeseburger

Sonic Drive Cheeseburger

Sonic Drive-In Cheeseburger is a soft fluffy burger. It has a crispy beef patty and a layer of cheese melting under it. Sonic’s secret sauce adds more flavor to the burger. It has crispy pickles, ripe tomatoes, diced onions, and lettuce leaves assembled layer by layer in the burger. 

2. Sonic Drive-In Jumbo Popcorn Chicken

Sonic Drive In Jumbo popcorn chicken

Jumbo popcorn chicken by Sonic Drive-In is a breaded chicken fried to perfection. It has a crispy crust with a golden-brown finish. You can enjoy this chicken with buffalo sauce or honey BBQ sauce.

3. Sonic Drive-In Mozzarella Sticks

Sonic Drive In Mozzarella sticks

Sonic Drive-In has crispy mozzarella sticks that are super gooey from the inside. These are real mozzarella cheese bread and fried until it’s crispy on the outside. These delicious sticks are served with zesty marinara dip. 

4. Sonic Drive-In Oreo Sonic Blast

Sonic Drive In Oreo Sonic Blast

Oreo Sonic blast by Sonic Drive-In is a spoonable treat. It’s a delicious combination of vanilla ice cream and Oreo. This drink has small chunks of Oreo in it. It’s topped with sweet whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookie pieces. 

5. Sonic Drive-In Mocha Crunch Blast –

Sonic Drive In Mocha Crunch Blast

Sonic Drive-In’s mocha crunch blast is a mixture of chocolate espresso chunks, mocha fudge, and vanilla ice cream. It’s a delicious drink that’s loaded with chunks of espresso chocolate in it. 

The holiday twist! This year Sonic Drive-In has holiday-featured t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajama sets, beanies, socks, and more for you. You can buy all these items from the official site of Sonic Drive-In. Just click the link provided here and choose your favorite festive items. This restaurant brand is offering free holiday shipping on these items for a limited period of time. So hurry up and shop before the store runs out of these amazing holiday items.


That’s all about Sonic Drive-In’s holiday deal! You might not have Sonic’s holiday icons from the menu this year. But you can put on its holiday-featured comfies! If you’re still stuck on the idea of a holiday menu, I got the incredible holiday menus for you. You don’t need to look out for a holiday menu anywhere else. Check out the holiday menu on our website. We have a Starbucks holiday menu, Cheesecake Factory holiday menu, and many more. 

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