Sonic Drive-In Halloween Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

Sonic Drive-In is one of those places that is known for their service style. However, this chain is also quite known for their menu items and, of course, their special holiday sweet treats! So, this year on Halloween, do make sure you check out Sonic and let us have a look at the Sonic Drive-In Halloween Menu with prices, in this article. 

Sonic Trick or Treat Blasts

Before we begin with the Halloween menu, let me tell you that the prices may differ as per location when it comes to their holiday menu. The prices mentioned in this article are from the general menu of Sonic Drive-In, which can vary at certain places. 

Sonic Drive-In has an extensive menu with a lot of fast food options to choose from. So, on popular demand, this year Sonic Drive-In has brought back their delicious Trick or Treat Blasts in two flavors. The prices of these blasts, depending on the flavor you choose, come up to $ 6.99 – $ 7.49. 

If you feel you would like to know the menu price for these blasts at your nearest location, you can check out the prices on the Sonic Drive-In official website, along with their android and iOS app.

I have also included a section on how exactly you can order your food from Sonic Drive-In. For now, before I begin telling you about their Halloween menu, let me give you a little bit of information about this fast food restaurant chain. 

Sonic Drive-In is a drive-in restaurant chain that was founded in 1953. As of now, this chain is among the top 50 quick-service fast-food restaurants in the United States.

This chain is known for their service style, of course, along with their delicious menu items. They specialize in most fast food options like burgers, fries, hot dogs, slushes, and of course, their delicious blasts! 

Sonic Drive-In Halloween Menu With Prices

Sonic Drive In Restaurant

By now, you all know that the regular menu at Sonic Drive-In features delicious options, of course, along with some sweet treats. As it is Halloween, which is the perfect time to enjoy sweet treats, Sonic Drive-In has taken their delicious blasts to the next level! 

The Sonic Drive-In Halloween menu features two of their special blasts, which are Trick or Treat Blast- Vanilla and Trick or Treat Blast- Chocolate. Sonic Drive-In has had these options on their Halloween menu before, for anyone who may recall the same. 

These menu options were such a hit when they were introduced that now they have been reintroduced for this spooky season! These blasts consist of all the sugar rush you may need on Halloween. 

1. Trick or Treat Blast – Vanilla

Sonic Drive-In makes some of the best blasts you may ever try. These are always made with fresh ice cream and hand-blended. The vanilla-flavored Trick or Treat Blast is made with fresh vanilla ice cream blended with bits of oreo cookies, MnM minis, and snickers to make it a completely indulgent treat!

The starting price of this Trick or Treat Blast is given below. 

Trick or Treat Blast – Vanilla $6.99

2. Trick or Treat Blast – Chocolate

Is vanilla too plain a flavor for you? This Halloween, would you like to indulge in some chocolate, too, along with candy? Then you should try the Trick or Treat Blast – Chocolate from their Halloween menu!

This blast is made with fresh, creamy, and indulgent chocolate ice cream also blended with oreo bits, MnM minis, and Snickers! Check out their starting price for this blast below. 

Trick or Treat Blast – Chocolate $7.49

How To Order From Sonic Drive-In Halloween Menu? 

Sonic Menu

Halloween is a time to go out and enjoy. But that does not necessarily mean going out for meals! So, I am sure that many of you would rather like to enjoy your Trick or Treat Blasts at home than outside. Let me help you with how exactly you can enjoy these sweet treats at home. 

To order the Truck or Treat blasts from Sonic Drive-In at home, you can easily place your order on their official website, android app, or iOS app. Other than that, you can also place your order via food delivery platforms like UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, and also Seamless. 

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For Halloween this year, Sonic Drive-In has launched two delicious Sonic Blasts. These include Trick or Treat Blast- Vanilla and Trick or Treat Blast – Chocolate. So, enjoy your holiday by pairing these drinks with the perfect Halloween-worthy treats from Sonic’s menu.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Sonic Drive-In Halloween Menu [FAQs]

Are there any Halloween deals at Sonic Drive-In? 

Yes, Sonic Drive-In does have some deals other than the Trick or Treat Blasts on Halloween. 

Are these Trick or Treat blasts available at all Sonic Drive-In locations? 

No, the Trick or Treat blasts from Sonic are available only at certain locations. 

Will the prices of the Trick or Treat blasts be the same at every Sonic Drive-In location?

No, the prices of the Trick or Treat blasts can vary from one location to another.

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