So Much Sushi | Slot Review in 7 Steps

So Much Sushi

The only thing better than anime that Japan has given to the whole world is Sushi. Anything related to Sushi is loved in Japan. That is why I am going to tell you about a very popular Japanese game known as So Much Sushi.

This game came as a sweet surprise to me. Let’s reframe the sentence – this game came as a pleasant surprise because I am not OK with the word sweet, and surprisingly the world seems to be obsessed with it. Why don’t we let the terms be? Why insert ‘sweet’ at every place? 

This article deals with the game So Much Sushi that thankfully exists amidst all the candy crushes, candy heroes, and too many candies. You will get to know all the fun features of So Much Sushi, including its mobile-friendly, simple yet great graphics, etc., and a detailed review of the game from our side. 

A friendly piece of advice that you even don’t ask for is waiting for you at the end. Get ready to have a detailed discussion about this game (So Much Sushi) of Sushi’s of all sizes and fall in love with it because – the size doesn’t matter (that’s what he said, LOL!). A detailed table has also been shared that addresses all your queries regarding the game.

So Much Sushi | The Game You Should Not Miss

The following is everything you should know about this game – 

1. What the Fish!

A big cheer to the gambling software company Microgaming for coming up with this cuisine-based game, unlike the usual sweet-centered games manufactured for the audience with a sweet tooth. What are you laughing at? This agony is for real. What can be more frustrating to people like me (who don’t have a sweet tooth) than the fact that there is no specific word for their taste preferences? I have never heard the opposite of sweet tooth.

Fun fact – This is google’s answer for the ‘meaning of sweet tooth’: an excellent liking for sweet-tasting foods. This is google’s answer for ‘opposite of sweet tooth’: sour, tasteless, sugarless. Does something else need to be said? And for those of you wondering how it matters anyway, all the stuff, whether candy or Sushi, is merely on the screen. Let me tell you that it matters.

The very thought of seeing a food item of your preference on the screen is exciting. That’s pretty much it. But, seeing something that you don’t like eating does quite the opposite. In simpler words, it is very similar to watching porn. If you enjoy fantasizing about the masseuse category, you won’t feel like watching BDSM and vice-versa. 

2. On Your Marks, Get Set, Game Play

1BetDecide the total wager
2CoinsChoose the coins to bet
3Coin SizeSelect denomination
4SpinStart the game
5Auto PlaySpin the reels for a preset number of times uninterrupted

3. Too Tasty to Handle 

This game of five reel slots (5×3 setup) and twenty-five fixed pay lines provides you five main delicious symbols (fish, rice, seaweed, etc.) along with lower values like J, 10, K, A, and Q. 25 pay lines ranging from $5.00 to $100 per spin are there.

Other high-value symbols include Sushi roll and nigiri, with nori seaweed pouch of cod roe. A bottle of sauce would be the SCATTER symbol, and the so much sushi logo would be your WILD symbol. 

While the wild symbol will magically act as a multiplier (though temporarily) if you manage to get three or more of them on the reels, the scatter symbol helps you by triggering the free spins provided you manage to get 3, 4, or 5.

4. The Sexy Sushi

With the option of symbol splitting, you can improve your winnings in the game. High-paying symbols will be the natural cherry on the top. Did you know that a combination of 25 symbols can be made on one pay line after splitting? 

Since Sushi is the protagonist in this game, no extra points for guessing that it is the best payer, a 640x increase in your stake is commendable, isn’t it?

5. The Fantastic Freebies

If you are lucky enough to have more than three scatter symbols (yes, the soy sauce) on your reels, this fanciful feature of free spins will get triggered, and a selected symbol will decide the number of free spins you win, the range of spins being eight to sixteen. See the higher symbols replaced by the selected symbol in front of your eyes (during the bonus round).

The optimum number of spins is eight; see your stake rising 32000 times! A piece of friendly advice – if you seek entertainment (or less profit), you may choose higher spins but choose the lower spins if you long for a big win.

6. Features of So Much Sushi

An ideal pick for the mobile user is to stick on a couch or a chair in front of your PC to play this. Best game to play with your younger siblings. 

An easy-to-play game with a back-to-basics approach just like its cousins So Many Monsters and So Much Candy.

Simple and effective gameplay without unnecessary animations and heavy introductions. Simple effects and clean graphics for people like me who like to keep everything minimal.

7. The Tell-All Table

Sr. No.QueryAnswer
1Slot TypeVideo Slots
7Maximum Coins Per Line20
8Minimum Coins Per Line1.00
9Maximum Coins Size0.2
10Minimum Coins Size0.01
11Free SpinsYes
12Scatter SymbolYes
13Bonus GameNo
14Autoplay OptionYes
15Wild Symbol Yes

In a Nutshell

So when are you planning to try your hands on this game? Also, do you have a sweet tooth or another one that does not have a name? The ones belonging to the last gang are invited over a bowl of soup because coffee is too overrated, I believe. Waiting for you at the cafe with my bowl of Mushroom soup. 

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