SuperMind Diet: 7 Snacks For Better Brain Activity

7 snacks for better brain activity

A few simple and quick-to-prepare snacks will increase intellectual activity, improve memory and speed up thought processes. They are especially useful for office workers, artists, and students. As a prior student, I used not only healthy snacks but advice from qualified writers to help me write my papers.

We offer a few simple and quick snacks that will increase intellectual activity, improve memory and speed up thought processes. These snacks can be arranged for yourself both at home and at work.

1. Walnuts + dried apricots + cranberries

The real bomb that activates the brain is walnuts. They contain lecithin, which can improve the brain’s functioning and activate memory. Just 5 nuts will cover the daily requirement of vitamin C, which plays an important role in speeding up thought processes. Try combining them with dried apricots, which, contain iron and vitamin C. This combo is especially healthy for the left hemisphere, which is responsible for analytical thinking.

To prepare a healthy and delicious energy bar, you will need 200 grams of dried apricots, 100 grams of walnuts, and the same amount of dried cranberries, some flax seeds, and/or sesame seeds. Cover the dried apricots and cranberries with warm water, and as soon as the dried fruits become soft, place in a blender until smooth. Add the chopped nuts to the resulting mixture, mix well, and put them into a baking tray. Put them in the refrigerator for a few hours., then cut into small portions.

2. Apples + peanut butter

Scientists have proven that the substances contained in apples can prevent a decrease in intelligence and memory loss, so a very simple and delicious apple snack will appeal to all sweet tooths and will be a useful substitute for sweets and cookies. 

Cut the apple into slices, and then spread a layer of peanut butter on each of them. 

3. Blueberry sorbet

Blueberries are rightfully one of the leaders in the content of anthocyanins-strong antioxidants. Adding this berry to the diet can improve memory and vision, which is especially important for people working in front of computer screens with a large amount of information, so treat yourself to a delicious blueberry sorbet with numerous health benefits 

To prepare it, you will need 500 grams of fresh or frozen berries, half a cup of sugar, a glass of almond milk, and 200 grams of coconut yogurt. If desired, you can add a little vanilla. Combine the blueberries with sugar, milk, and yogurt in a blender. Put the mixture in a container, and place it in the freezer. 

A small nuance: every half an hour, the container needs to be taken out and the contents mixed, so the consistency is right.

4. Chocolate variations

Flavanol, which is a powerful antioxidant found in cocoa beans, can improve blood circulation in the brain and protect it from oxidative processes. Also, cocoa beans are rich in magnesium, a deficiency of which can lead to thinning of the cerebral cortex. 

If you don’t have time at all, you can just eat a piece of bitter chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%, but we recommend experimenting a little. Try to melt it and, dropping strawberries or slices of sliced banana into it, enjoy the chocolate fondue. You can even make a chocolate shake by blending 2 ripe bananas, 2 cups of almond, or any other plant milk with 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder in a blender. On top of the finished drink, you can sprinkle cinnamon or grated bitter chocolate, decorate with berries or mint leaves.

5. Rice cake + hummus + tomatoes 

Lycopene, which is rich in tomatoes, is an excellent antioxidant and helps fight free radicals that damage brain cells and lead to dementia. It is known that this substance is better absorbed when it is consumed with products containing fat — for example, hummus with olive oil. 

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