Smokin’ Joe’s Menu With Prices [Updated July 2024]

Many of the people want Pizza which is originated from their country and if you are an Indian, then you must have that thought in your mind and you are searching for a chain that is India-based and ended up going to Smokin’ Joe’s then you are ta the right place.

Smokin' Joes restaurant

Smokin’ Joe’s has got a huge lineup of tasty pizzas for you, including veg, non-veg and Jain pizzas. Apart from the pizzas, you can also order pizza sandwiches, garlic bread, chicken wings, chocolate lava cake and beverages.

Because in the coming lines, I will provide you information related to the menu items and their prices. But first, I will start with the history.

It was founded by a Parsi Entrepreneurs in 1993. They have more than 58 outlets in many cities in India. Their first restaurant opened on Carmichael Road, Mumbai, on 21 July 1993. Smokin’s Joe’s has its headquarters is located in Nepeansea Road, Mumbai.

One of the biggest reasons why people love Smokin’ Joe’s is because of its calm and relaxing atmosphere. Music played at Smokin’ Joe’s will relax your mind and the staff is very humble and helpful.

Smokin’ Joe’s Menu Prices

Smokin' Joes menu

Smokin’ Joe’s menu involutes pizza, burgers, pizza sandwiches, super side orders, desserts, and many more things but the thing which I personally like about them the most is that you can have every dish in vegetarian and non-vegetarian style.

The most popular thing on the Smokin’ Joe’s menu is their range of pizzas. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza available. Their pizzas are present in four different sizes- regular, medium, large and maha (extra-large).

The Smokin’ Joe’s Menu is a treat for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They use fresh produce to make their products as best and as tasty as possible.

The Smokin’ Joe’s menu prices are quite affordable as compared to other Indian fast-food chains. Their prices depend on the type and the size of the food item you are buying. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Smokin’ Joes menu with prices.

Veg Pizzas

Plain Cheese₹105₹205₹355₹820
Ultimate Vegetarian₹185₹335₹455₹1,340
Veggie Surprise₹185₹335₹455₹1,340
Crisp ‘N’ Lite₹185₹335₹455₹1,340
Spicy Veg₹185₹335₹455₹1,340
Mixed Veg₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Deluxe Margherita₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Classic Veg₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Supreme Veg₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Smokies Five₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Corn Feast₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Satay Veggies₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Four Cheese Pizza₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Minty Paneer₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Veggies₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Chettinad Veggies₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Tandoori Paneer₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Paneer Chilly₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Zesty Paneer₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Schezwan Veg₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Black Pepper Veggies₹245₹335₹455₹1,340
Five Pepper Fiesta₹245₹335₹455₹1,340

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Non-Veg Pizzas

Roast Chicken₹185₹335₹455₹1,340
Spicy Salami₹185₹335₹455₹1,340
Hot Chicken₹185₹335₹455₹1,340
Tuna Feast₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Meat Feast₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Satay Chicken₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Chicken Tikka₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Butter Chicken₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Chicken₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Chilly Chicken₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Schezwan Chicken₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Black Pepper Chicken₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Zesty Chicken₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Chicken Manchurian₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Barbecued Chicken₹310₹580₹745₹2,320
Smokin’ Joe’s Special₹310₹580₹745₹2,320
Minty Chicken₹310₹580₹745₹2,320
Chicken Chettinad₹310₹580₹745₹2,320
Meat Lovers₹310₹580₹745₹2,320
Chicken Bonanza₹310₹580₹745₹2,320
Fiver Pepper Chicken Fiesta₹310₹580₹745₹2,320

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Jain Special₹105₹205₹355₹820
Jain Margherita₹105₹205₹355₹820
Jain Americana₹185₹335₹445₹1,340
Jain Spice Delight₹185₹335₹445₹1,340
Jain Vegetariana₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Chat Paneer₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Deluxe₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Bell Pepper Fiesta₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Corn Feast₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Tandoori Paneer₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Classic Veg₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Supreme Veg₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Smokies Five₹245₹470₹620₹1,880
Jain Five Pepper Fiesta₹245₹470₹620₹1,880

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Pizza Sandwiches

Cheesy Veggie₹160
Vegetarian Delight₹160
Paneer Tikka₹160
Honey Pepper Chicken₹190
Bacon ‘N’ Cheese₹190
Spicy Chicken₹190

Make Your Own Pizza

(Price Per Topping)

Make Your Own PizzaRegularMediumLargeMaha

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Super Side Orders

Cheesy Dip₹25
Cheesy Jalapeno Dip₹25
Garlic BreadPrice
Garlic Bread₹90
Garlic Bread with Cheese₹130
Chilly Cheese Toast₹130
Corn and Jalapeno Garlic Bread₹140
Veg StartersPrice
Potato Wedges / French Fries₹70
Nachos with Cheese and Salsa₹150
Non-Veg StartersPrice
BBQ Chicken Wings₹145
Capsicum with Salad Vegetables in Mayonnaise₹80
Roast Chicken with Pineapple, Capsicum and Salad Vegetables in Mayonnaise₹100
Chocolate Mousse / Brownie ₹100
Chocolate Lava Cake₹100

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Milk Shakes₹150

Nutritional Information Of Smokin’ Joe’s


To check the nutritional information of Smokin’ Joe’s click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Franchise Detail Of Smokin’ Joe’s

Smokin' Joes franchise

Smokin’ Joe’s has more than 66 stores in India and Oman and in India regions, like Mumbai,  Pune, Surat, Nasik, Aurangabad, Lonavla, Chandigarh, Jammu, Srinagar, Yamuna Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Goa and Indore have their stores. So, if you want to buy their franchise here is the cost.

Franchise Fee Rs.3 Lacs
EquipmentRs.5.55 Lacs
Furniture and FixturesRs.12.5 Lacs
AdvertisementRs.2 Lacs 
Expected Investment20,00,001 – 30,00,000

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Smokin’ Joe’s Contact Information

Smokin’ Joe’s Headquarters Address: Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza Private Limited
20, Matru Ashish, 39 Nepean Sea Road,  Mumbai 400036

Smokin’ Joe’s Headquarter Phone Number: 022 2367 9727 / 2367 9728

Smokin’ Joe’s Headquarter Fax Number: 23679728

Smokin’ Joe’s Email: [email protected]

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