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How to Make Smoked Eggs at Home

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Are you bored at home? Need a perfect snack to make this evening better? Here is a super yummy dish for you. All you need is some eggs and a barbecue. This exciting meal will give you energy and it will leave that long-lasting taste on your taste buds! For the perfect evening, the dish to uplift your mood is Smoked eggs.

Smoked Eggs

Yes! Smoked eggs is a perfect evening snack and one can enjoy it with friends and family. Smoking is a traditional method used by our ancestors and now it is also used by some meat industries to prepare smoked meat and fish. Smoking is better because it provides that long lasting smoking aroma and flavour to the dish. Even normal eggs are so yummy, just think about smoked eggs how yummy they can be?

Wood chips are used for smoking but the most preferred wood is oak and it leaves that smoky, sweet flavour in the eggs. For smoked eggs, you don’t need to worry about the ingredients. Eggs can be easily available at any nearby store. Smoking is used for the better flavouring, browning and cooking of eggs. Along with the better taste, smoked eggs raise the HDL level in the body. HDL is also known as Good Cholesterol and it is perfect for the body. It also contains Choline, which is not easily available in other food products. Moreover, it can also reduce the risk of Heart diseases.

I don’t think there could be a better snack than smoked eggs, because it is yummy as well as healthy and a snack with so many health benefits is difficult to find, so let’s move ahead for the ingredients to make smoked eggs so that you can cook it and have this wonderful experience of this yummy snack. But here are some other amazing recipes that you should definitely try.

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Ingredients for Smoked Eggs

Ingredients Amount
Salt/ Ground Pepper1/2 tbsp

You can get these ingredients from any nearby store and start cooking. As you know, smoking is a time consuming process and for smoking, we need patience. So let’s check how much time we need to make this amazing snack.

How Much Time Will It Take?

Preparation TimeCooking TimeTotal Time
10 minutes20 minutes30 minutes

Now you know the ingredients and the timings that you need to make these smoked eggs at home. So let’s check out the steps that you need to make these Smoked Eggs at home.

Note: You need to set the temperature of barbecue at 120 C.

Smoked Eggs Recipe

Smoked Eggs recipe
  1. Put oak wood chips in the barbecue and some charcoal.
  2. Set the barbecue at 120 C.
  3. Make sure the temperature is maintained.
  4. Place eggs in the barbecue and cover them properly so that smoke can enter inside the eggs.
  5. Remove the lid after 20 minutes and check them
  6. Cool them in ice before peeling.
  7. Check the consistency; they should not be fluffy.
  8. If the eggs are dried properly, serve them on a plate and season them with salt or ground pepper.

Note: You need to set the temperature of barbecue at 120 C.

Your smoked eggs are ready. You can have them with any sauce or season them with salt and pepper. You can feel the smoke by just smelling it. That aroma will leave a perfect taste of smoke in these eggs and you will love this snack!

Nutritional breakdown of Smoked Eggs

Not only taste but the nutritional content of smoked eggs is excellent so let’s check the nutritional breakdown of smoked eggs.


How to Make Smoked Eggs at Home | Video

We have added this video for your better understanding. You can check this and make this snack easily at home.

Video by Pitmaster X

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