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Download Our Free 9 Recipe Cookbook By Joining FXP+

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Smashburgers Makes Two New Additions To Their Menu

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Summer is yet to come, but it seems like Smashburger is prepped and ready to have a “hot-food summer”! The question is, how? Well, love to be the one bringing you this news, Smashburgers is on its way to spice things up by introducing new “adult” chicken tenders as well as a new burger.

Smashburger Burger and Fries

With Smashburgers’ new refreshed menu released on Tuesday, one can say they’re already smashing the food scene! After making their Colorado burger available throughout the states, there are two new additions to the menu, along with the comeback of a seasonal classic.

First things first, let’s get to know all about the “Scorchin’ Hot” chicken tenders and the “adult” chicken tenders by Smashburgers.

The servings available for these tenders are five pieces and three pieces. Served with a choice of dips like Honey mustard sauce, BBQ sauce, and ranch, stomach delight is guaranteed!

The “Scorchin’ Hot” tenders have been inspired by Smashburgers’ very own sandwich, which goes by the same name. These tenders are slathered in Nashville “Scorchin’ Hot” seasoning. Things are about to get hot at Smashburgers!

The president of Smashburger, Carl Bachmann, during a press release, said, “As a culinary food-focused brand, we continue to take an aggressive approach into menu innovation and have continued to diversify our product portfolio with the launch of these two Chicken Tender offerings.”

Bachmann also added, “After the success of our non-burger offerings, like the Scorchin’ Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich, we wanted to offer our guests a more convenient way to enjoy some of Smashburger’s high caliber chicken products.” 

Moving on from the chicken tenders, Smashburgers has now provided a permanent spot to the Colorado burger on its nationwide menu. This has been a result of this food item’s popularity in the state of Colorado itself.

This delicious Colorado burger is served with grilled Anaheim chiles, Angus beef, pepper jack cheese, and melted cheddar on a nicely toasted spicy chipotle bun, along with mayonnaise. Hungry yet?

The last new addition to the Smashburger menu is the *drumroll* “Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich”. Being a seasonal item, this burger will only be available until the 19th of April. 

Make sure you get a taste of pacific cod slathered in batter infused with lager, topped with lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce, and America’s favorite American cheese.

These new introductions give customers the chance to try bold and fiery flavored food items. Not only that, the “adult” chicken tenders give you a chance of being both a kid and an adult at the same time.

You have Smashburgers to thank for this delicious curation of food items, all ready for you to order and devour!

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