Six Sea Foods You Must Try in Sydney

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Australia is one such country that is known for its immense coastlines and Seafood. Any seafood lover would like to visit the country to explore the amazing cuisines and the variety of Seafood served in various parts of the country. Being surrounded by the sea, it has a lot of variety of sea life to offer the inhabitants and the people visiting from all over the world.  

Six Sea Foods You Must Try in Sydney (1)

Australia is a place where you can find high-quality, fresh Seafood, along with world-class restaurants and chefs for serving exceptional cuisines. Let’s know about some of the best Seafood you can try in Sydney, Australia:

There are endless options to try Seafood and the best you will get in Sydney. Let’s have a look at some of the popular Seafood available widely in Sydney:

  1. Salmon:

The authentic Salmon is hard to get, and Australian restaurants serve many dishes made from oily and rich fish. However, it is fantastic for seafood lovers. Whether served with mashed potatoes, Japanese sticky Salmon, or mayonnaise, it is packed with nutrients and perfect for any healthy dinner or lunch. It is simple and easy to pan fry, baked, raw, canned, grilled, or create patties.

  1. Oysters:

Bringing happiness to the homes with a glass of champagne and a dozen oysters. They are known as the divine gems in the ocean and are perfect for starting your evening. Oyster Kilpatrick, one of the traditional dishes in Australia, allows the freshly shucked oysters to be served with crispy smoked bacon, balsamic vinegar, butter, and Worcestershire sauce for a delicious and sophisticated appetizer. If you are buying the Oysters, always look for reputable fishmongers or wholesale food suppliers, as they are only considered good if their source is food. Also, their cooking time is really quick; the chef needs to keep a close eye on the pan or griller to not overcook. 

  1. Prawns: 

One of the iconic seafood dishes in Australia. Caught in the waters of Australia, the wild-caught prawn are considered quite healthy. They are not only good for the mind and body, but they are also delicious.

It is perfect as a starter or part of the main course as they are quite tasty to consume by anyone. They work great in pasta dishes, curries, and risotto and are perfect on their own with the variety of dipping sauces available readymade in the market. So if you are looking for the crunch or the loaded flavor provided by the wild king prawn or the wild banana prawn mild sweetness, the Australian prawn serves just right to your catering.

  1. Wild Tuna:

It is quite famous among sushi fans, and the wild Tuna is one of the beautiful fish that carries a lot of flavors and can pair well with many ingredients. Raw or cooked with the seasoning and other flavors, Tuna is a crowd-pleaser for years. 

If you are looking for a light dinner or cutting back on meat, then fresh or wild Tuna can be on your menu. Meaty fillets and streaks of Tuna cook quickly on any stovetop or grill, and the usage of seasonings and sauces can increase its subtle flavors to the right amount. High-quality, wild Tuna is quite delicious and usually eaten raw in sushi rolls or thin slices and even used in burgers at many places. 

  1. Farmed Barramundi: 

They are quite popular in Australia and are also farmed locally. Also being one of the quintessential fishes, the Farmed Barramundi are enjoyed in the whole country. The fish is prepared and cooked in many ways. The while fish is oily, buttery, and flaky. It has high oil content, which is rich in Omega 3 and has a delicate and mild flavor. Its succulent texture allows it to be a part of many cooking styles like smoking, grilling, baking and steaming. 

These are some of the major Seafood available in Australia, and there are many varieties of crab, fish, prawns you can enjoy with sauces and dips. Also, many popular restaurants are known for their amazing recipes; on your visit, do not forget to taste the amazing Seafood served here and do catch with loved ones with locally grown wine coupled with your favorite Seafood.

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