Delicious Sitaphal Mastani (Sugar Apple/Custard Apple Thick Shake)

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To the mothers out there it is such a heck every other weekend to make something new for the kids, right? A healthy, tasty something every-time to keep them going. Don’t worry just wave the magical words across your browser “TheFoodXP” find the best for your kid. Scroll down to find the healthy and kid-friendly in every other recipe be it a snack to the good time foods.

The Sugar Apples or the Sitaphal are the most healthiest thing you can give to your child; even healthy for you this tasty drink can be enjoyed by all. The Sitaphal Mastani blends down to a smooth textured drink due to its already sweet and creamy flesh. Here’s time for some real smoothie, no added flavors and purity to its core, to bring your taste buds alive. And the ice-cream and pulpy topping would just go to well with it. Enjoy the fruit and its innovation.

The song to make:

Add beat mix;

Add beat mix;

Pour and top;

It’s ready!

Important: Make a nice tuning and enjoy the kitchen time with your kid.

Ingredients for Sitaphal Mastani:

Ingredients Quantity
Sitaphal / Sugar Apple pulp 1 cup
Pasteurised whole milk, well chilled 1 lt.
Sugar ½ cup
Vanilla ice-cream ½ cup

How to make Sitaphal Mastani (Sitaphal/Sugar Apple/Custard Apple Thick Shake) | Recipe:

  • Grind the sugar to a powder.
  • Beat sugar and milk with beater till well dissolved and frothy.
  • Add pulp and ice-cream and beat further till thick and frothy.
  • Pour into individual glasses, top with a small portion of pulp.
  • Serve chilled.

In your glasses you obtain a soothing and peaceful sight of a yummy drink. Gobble down this beautiful delight down your throat, put up a finishing race with your kid; enjoy the moments of life.

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