Sidemen Announce The Opening Of Sides, Their Own Food Chain

If you keep up with the YouTube news, then you probably know about Sidemen, the group of British YouTubers that took the YouTube world by storm. They have more than 3 billion views on their main channel (yup, they have more than one channel. They have four, to be precise).

Sidemen Logo

They have done so much more than just making YouTube videos and that stands true with their newest venture, Sides. If you believe the tweet they put out, Sides is a food chain that ‘won’t leave you hungry’.

Before I elaborate on my last sentence, let me tell you a few things about Sidemen and more about their ventures and projects. Also, if you think this is a clickbait or a rumor, I have proof to prove otherwise.

But more on that later, let’s keep that on the side for now (*controls laughter, thinks made a brilliant joke*).

So, let’s dive in straight about who the Sidemen are and why they are so famous. I’ll also tell you everything about Sides, their food chain, which is also their newest venture. So, read on!

What Is The Newest Venture of Sidemen?

The Sidemen have a lot on their plate, literally as on 28 November 2021, they launched their food chain on named Sides. So, with other things, they are also proud owners of a restaurant chain that’ll serve you great food and sides. 

The menu was released on Uber Eats and Deliveroo after a build-up of a week. The whole week was filled with excitement as they revealed a new item each day. The menu lives up to the excitement with a range of fried chicken, sandwiches, salads, and of course sides.

There are seven sauces that go with the food and a choice of dips as well. There are vegan options for vegans as well. If you want the menu for Sides complete with the prices, we have the Sides menu right here for you.

So, you can eat some Sides wearing Sidemen Clothing watching The Sidemen show on the Sidemen Youtube channel (at this point, this could be a drinking game).

Don’t believe me? Here’s the announcement tweet they put out on the 14th of November.

When Will The Sides Menu Be Available?

As per the latest tweet from Sidemen on the official Twitter handle of the restaurant called ‘sides’, the menu is up on Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and other food-delivery platforms as of 28th November 2021. You can order your favorite Sidemen-approved ‘chicken with seven sauces’ in the comfort of your cozy blanket.

In the tweet they put out, they have mentioned that their menu will include vegan and halal options. Talk about inclusivity! Also, if you are a keen observer, you might see they have hinted at a lot more in the video they have tweeted.

The main focus of the video is freshly made delicious burgers along deep-fried golden chicken wings, waffle fries, and sodas to go with all that. There were also sauces that hinted towards the seven sauces they were talking about.

I don’t know about you but my expectations are up. Want to see for yourself, here’s the tweet.

What Are The Sides At Home Meal Kits?

As if the restaurant was not enough, Sides also launches their Sides at Home meal kits. What are the meal kits you ask? They are actually Sides ingredients that you can assemble and make your own Sides burgers at home.

In a tweet they put out on their official twitter, the said about the kits, “Choose between our famous CHICKEN or VEGAN Burger, for 2 or 4 people. Each kit comes with all the ingredients you need to create Sides at home, including a choice of your favorite Sides sauces.”

The kits are perfect for you if you love DIY-ing. The kits are available to order from plateaway. There are two options in the kits; chicken and vegan. You can order a kit of 2 or a kit of 4.

What Are The Promised And Probable Location For Sides?

In the same tweet, they have clearly mentioned that they are primarily launching Sides in the UK and the UAE. But I believe that this is just the start. When they have made strong roots in their promised locations, they might expand to the big food-centric locations as well.

There are 8 locations open in Dubai, 5 locations in London, and a Sides restaurant is up and working in Boxpark, Wembley, marking their first physical location in the UK.

Some names that come right to mind are the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. But we might have to wait for a little while for that. This trajectory is very similar to MrBeast who transformed his successful Youtube career into a booming restaurant business.

Will the Sidemen be as successful as their YouTube predecessor? We’ll just have to see.

A Briefer History of Sidemen

When a group of seven men started playing video games and named themselves “The Ultimate Sidemen”, I don’t think even they imagined that they’d go on to become the biggest Youtube sensation in the UK. 

Sidemen started as a group of six people in 2013, with Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji aka KSI and Simon Minter aka Miniminter being the first of the lot. Then, the other four joined; Joshua ‘Josh’ Bradley aka Zerkaa, Tobit ‘Tobi’ Brown aka TBJZL, Ethan Payne aka Behzinga, and Vikram ‘Vik’ Barn aka Vikkstar123.

Harry Lewis aka W2S, was the last to join when Josh Bradley invited him into the group in 2014. These are the Sidemen that we know today as a group. The age range of the group is between 24-29, so they all share a good camaraderie.  

They started playing video games but eventually moved on to making videos on Youtube, which proved to be a brilliant idea in their case. They have four Youtube channels active at present, namely Sidemen, MoreSidemen, SidemenReacts, and SidemenShorts.

If you are wondering how insanely popular they are, they have a total of 128 million subscribers collectively on their channels (phew! That’s a lot of people).

About the name of the group, Miniminter has elaborated on that in a video. According to their Wikipedia page, Minter said, “A sideman is basically someone’s bitch who just follows them around. I was basically JJ’s bitch who followed him around.” Well, that’s an interesting idea to name a group.

Nevertheless, it worked for them and how. In December 2020, their main Youtube channel reached a grand number of 10 million subscribers and each group member received the Diamond Play Button (which, if you don’t know, is kinda a big deal in the YouTube world). 

What Do The Sidemen Do?

Sidemen work on a lot of different content on their channels. Their content is not monotonous, and it is always refreshing. Maybe that’s the reason for their ever-growing popularity. They make challenge videos, sketches, video game commentaries, Mukbangs, reaction videos, etc., on their channels. 

But that’s not all they all do. In June 2018, they released their own web television series called The Sidemen Show. It is available exclusively on Youtube Premium. The show was a hit and featured a lot of celebrity guests. You can catch it on Youtube if you want. 

What Are The Sidemen’s Side Projects?


I have an answer for that question, I have multiple, actually. Since 2014, the Sidemen have had their own clothing line called Sidemen Clothing (pretty straightforward, don’t you think?). They have an official website for it and all that. 

As of October 2016, they have a released book as well called Sidemen: The Book. The book received a warm welcome and a hot reception as it was the number #1 best seller in the UK. It even got nominated for British Book Awards in the non-fiction category. 

They have also hosted a number of football events for charitable purposes and have collected and donated a lot of money. They also released a musical single in 2019 known as “The Gift” that also helped them add ‘Discography’ on their Wikipedia page.

In the same year, they also got nominated for Shorty Awards for Best Youtube Ensemble. 2019 was eventful for them as KSI won the boxing match with Logan Paul in the same year, adding ‘Professional Boxer’ to the list of his many accolades. 

How Influencers and Celebrities Are Coming To The Restaurant Industry?

With Sidemen venturing into the restaurant business, it makes me think how more and more influencers and celebrities are doing the same. It is somewhat like celebrities starting their own make-up line.

One of few examples of famous people that have ventured into the food business is MrBeast. Another celebrity that has joined the restaurant industry, even if it’s a ghost one, more recently, is DJ Khaled. The thing with make-up lines is that we don’t know that many, but restaurants, hell yeah!


So, this is all I know about Sidemen and Sides. Keep it all a-side, tell me in the comments how much you liked the article and how helpful it was to you. Also, I’ll keep track of any follow-up news and update you with the same. Till then, stay tuned for some amazing content only here @TheFoodXP. 

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