Shake Shack Enters The Crypto Scene With Bitcoin Cashback Rewards

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With everyone hopping on a chance to get free bitcoin, it’s only fair that brands start using this for their benefit. Doing just that, Shake Shack is now offering its customers a chance to earn bitcoin. Crazy, right? I know! *In Monica Geller’s voice*

Shake Shack offers bitcoin rewards

So, what exactly is Shake Shack up to with this new deal? With cryptocurrency attracting millions of people, many fast-food brands are offering crypto rewards to increase their sales. 

Shake Shack, on Thursday, announced that it would be offering its customers bitcoin as cashback rewards. But there’s a condition. The customers will have to pay for their order via the Cash App.

The orders eligible for this reward will receive a 15% cashback in the form of bitcoin. With Shake Shack not accepting payments made using cryptocurrency as of yet, this is a big step for this restaurant chain.

For this deal, Shake Shack will be partnering up with Jack Dorsey’s Block. This offer will be available till March 15. The main motive of this deal is to see if it attracts younger customers or not, as told by the company’s chief marketing officer, Jay Livingston.

When asked about Shake Shack not accepting bitcoin as a form of payment, Livingston answered, “You’re always trying to place your bets on those things that truly will be meaningful and not waste resources on the ones that won’t.”

Livingston further commented on Shake Shack partnering up with Cash App for this deal, saying, “If we just started taking crypto right now at our kiosk, it would have very low adoption. But through someone like Cash App, who’s been promoting it, you will get some more people that want it, and that also want to learn.”

Shake Shack’s bitcoin venture makes it one of the latest restaurant brands to enter the crypto scene. So, get ready to fill up your wallets and use this deal to your benefit!

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